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After about a week, Lu Jinnian's movie's promotional news hit the entertainment magazines. That was when Qiao Anhao found out that he was currently in Rome, filming. The days flew by calmly, and it was the end of April in the blink of an eye. It was half a year since Qiao Anhao had entered the industry, but she still remained unaccomplished, without much fame or popularity. Even if she had gotten a role in 'To the End of Time' because of Lu Jinnian, the production was still being edited and was not on air. Besides, the promotional videos were starred by the more popular actors. Hence, Qiao Anhao remained unknown without any new casting offers or endorsements, wasting precious time. Regardless, Zhao Meng continued being a responsible manager, tirelessly seeking out audition opportunities for new films. The entertainment industry was always complicated: good looks and capabilities may not necessarily land a role. Hence, for the past month, out of the eight auditions Qiao Anhao had gone to, all ended in failure. And today, on the ninth audition, she continued her failing streak. "Qiao Qiao, it's already been a month and you haven't gotten a single decent role, not even as a side character that barely shows her face. At this rate, we're both going to starve." In contrast to Zhao Meng's irritation, Qiao Anhao remained calm. She sat beside her friend, casually scrolling through her phone. In a nonchalant tone, she replied, "Haven't we been fine in the past when this happened?" Just as Qiao Anhao said that, she coincidentally stumbled upon "Lu Jinnian" who was the top hit for weibo. She stopped talking momentarily before continuing as though nothing had happened, "Even if I starve, I won't let you starve." "I know that you'll still pay me even if you don't get a job, but Qiao Qiao, at this rate, you're going to deplete all the inheritance left by your parents," Zhao Meng remarked while sneaking looks at Qiao Anhao through the side mirror. When she saw "Lu Jinnian" on her phone screen, she continued, "Qiao Qiao, why don't you try asking Lu Jinnian for another role? You should make full use of him, since he treats you so badly. Besides, his money has nothing to do with you, your parents left you early on in life and you were brought up by your uncle. Do you really intend to sever all ties with him and go back to your uncle?"

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