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One day, Xu Jiamu accidentally told Qiao Anhao that Lu Jinnian had someone he liked. So the next time she had bumped into Lu Jinnian, she couldn't help asking him who that girl was. Even though Lu Jinnian had shown signs of irritation to her several times before, it had never been like that day. Even after so many years, she could still distinctly remember that moment. With a forbidding expression, he snarled, "Why would you care who I like? It definitely isn't you!" That was when she finally understood that Lu Jinnian must really hate her. Even though she never found the reason for his hatred, from that day onwards, she started to avoid him. Just as she had told Zhao Meng, they stopped interacting from that day onwards. The few times when they had met, there wasn't much talking, and whenever they were forced to talk, his words were always hurtful. Because of her deep love for Lu Jinnian, Qiao Anhao paid attention to his every word. Because of her deep love for him, he could easily hurt her vulnerable feelings. Over time, she started to fear his presence, fear interacting with him, for every time he spoke, his words would trample all over her heart. She always thought that as long as they didn't interact much, the two of them would just part ways, becoming strangers. One day, though, fate dramatically forced them to become a couple. Only the heavens knew how happy she had been when she realized that they were going to get married. She was fully aware that Lu Jinnian hated her. That's why on their wedding night, she had made it clear to him that she would not interfere or affect his life and neither would she let others know about their relationship. Because of her love for him, that night three months ago, she had seduced him with the help of alcohol. "He must have really hated me a lot to have been that angry after sleeping with me," she mused. It was never her intention for him to think that the role was her aim, but she had had no choice, she could only use a materialistic and cheap image to explain her actions. Because he had once said: no matter who he likes, it wouldn't be her. Tears welled up in the corners of her eyes as she relived the moment he'd said that. After Lu Jinnian left, Qiao Anhao didn't fall asleep till day break. - For the next few days, she didn't see or hear from him again.

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