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Some time after Lu Jinnian had left, Qiao Anhao slowly lifted her head, staring at the the side of the bed that he had been lying on. Moving the big teddy bear away, she buried her face into his side, breathing in his scent, feeling the warmth he had left behind. Qiao Anhao took in a deep breath greedily before caressing the blanket that still carried his warmth with her face, bitterness spreading through her heart. Even if he had said such cruel things, she still couldn't help being in love with him. Yesterday night at 'To the End of Time' banquet, Zhao Meng had been right. They were never like this in the past. Back then in school, Lu Jinnian was generally quite close to the guys, but he would avoid girls at all costs. And at that time, she was one of the few girls that were on speaking terms with him. However, he talked to her not because she was special but because of Xu Jiamu. The Xu family and Qiao family were very close, and she had grown up with Xu Jiamu. Lu Jinnian was Xu Jiamu's half brother of the same father, which meant that Lu Jinnian was the legitimate son of the Xu family. Not affected by the problems from the previous generation, Lu Jinnian and Xu Jiamu had a close relationship and got along well together. Qiao Anhao had became one of the girls that spoke with Lu Jinnian through Xu Jiamu. However, they were only on talking terms which primarily consisted of greetings out of courtesy such as "Hello" and "Good bye" . Back when she was younger, without so much worries, she would always actively pursue her love. Even though she wasn't the kind of girl who could daringly confess to a guy, write love letters, or deliver chocolates at Valentine's, she would secretly look for him. Occasionally, in the school field or on the way home, she would catch up to him, greeting him casually while suppressing her feelings. He would either reply with a greeting or just nod his head, but that was enough to leave her basking in happiness. More than once she had dreamed of a future with him, but she could never muster enough courage to confess. As such, their lukewarm relationship persisted, while her feelings hidden deep within her heart grew each day. After she entered university, for a reason she did not know, Lu Jinnian started to treat her with hatred and disdain. Initially, she had thought she was too sensitive because of the love she harbored.

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