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When Qiao Anhao opened the bathroom door, Lu Jinnian came into her sight, just having finished his shower. He was dressed in pajamas and was sitting on the bed, the side that he usually slept on. With both hands behind his head, he rested, eyes closed. Qiao Anhao averted her gaze before even catching a glimpse of his expression. Lowering her lashes, she walked towards her vanity table. The table had a mirror that faced the bed. Every time Qiao Anhao looked into it, she could catch brief glimpses of Lu Jinnian. Initially, she stole only quick peeks, but after confirming that Lu Jinnian never once opened his eyes, most likely asleep, she dared to admire him quietly in the mirror. Lu Jinnian's face was imprinted into Qiao Anhao's mind; she could remember every detail distinctly even with her eyes close. Ever since the first time they met thirteen years ago, she had never stopped getting butterflies just by looking at his face. With his eyes shut, Lu Jinnian seemed to be less cold, the frosty aura that he seemed to emit had also dissipated, softening his features. Mesmerized, Qiao Anhao forgot to apply her facial cream, causing it drop on the floor. Even if it was just a one sided crush, just being able to watch him up close like this was enough to spread joy and warmth to every cell of her body. If his eyes were open, Qiao Anhao would have never dared to look straight at him like this. She often fell into a trance, mesmerized by his looks, and that could easily expose her feelings for him. Qiao Anhao's features softened, turning gentle as she continued staring at him. Impulsively, she lifted her hands, caressing Lu Jinnian's reflection, starting from his eyes, then moving to his nose bridge, and stopping on his slightly pinkish lips. The memory from three months ago resurfaced, the feeling she of when she had kissed those lips. Even though it had been three months, the memory was still crystal clear. She remembered everything: his soft warm lips... Qiao Anhao's heart rate quickened, her fingers continuously stroking the reflection of his lips. But just as she was about to sink into her own "one sided love" universe, a phone suddenly rang, indicating an incoming message. Lu Jinnian furrowed his brows, seemingly annoyed by the disturbance. Momentarily shocked, Qiao Anhao instinctively retrieved her hands back, hurriedly applying the cream she had dropped earlier.

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