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Qiao Anhao waited for herself to fully calm down before raising from the sofa. Taking a set of clothes, she headed to the bathroom. She left the tap streaming into the bath while she removed her makeup in front of the vanity table. When she was about to squeeze toothpaste onto her toothbrush, she vaguely heard footsteps outside amid the splashing water. She froze, her hand unconsciously tightening her grip on the toothbrush. She stood at the sink area for a long while before pushing the bathroom door open. Outside, Lu Jinnian was sitting on the sofa. Qiao Anhao had felt uneasy the whole night, not knowing if he was going to come back. Only when she saw daybreak did she finally calm down, knowing it was too late for him to come back. At this moment, she was not prepared to face him. Her heart sank, the familiar sense of fear and anxiety creeping up on her, overwhelming her. Hearing the door being pushed open, Lu Jinnian turned his head slightly, his gaze sweeping past Qiao Anhao without any emotion evident. She trembled when he glanced at her. Unconsciously, she looked away, quickly lowering her head. Even though she knew that she would be ignored if she spoke to him, after a slight hesitation, she still asked warmly, "You're back?" All she gave him was the tip of her head... She didn't even want to look at him... Lu Jinnian clenched his lips, looking away coldly. Ignoring Qiao Anhao's words, he lifted his hand to unbutton his suit. Qiao Anhao was used to being ignored by Lu Jinnian, but this time, probably due to the events three months ago, she could distinctly sense the frost radiating off him. She grew increasingly more nervous. Wishing she could escape, she squeezed the toothbrush tightly. Finally, when she could no longer withstand the pressure, she blurted out an excuse, "Erm... my bath should be ready, I'll go bath now." Lu Jinnian continued to ignore Qiao Anhao, causally tossing his suit onto the sofa before taking long strides out the door of the master bedroom. Only after a long while after Lu Jinnian had left did Qiao Anhao come back to her senses. She shut her eyes, taking in a deep breath before heading back to the bathroom. If she could, Qiao Anhao would have hidden in the bathroom till Lu Jinnian left Mian Huan garden. However, despite that, she still came out. When she opened the bathroom door, Lu Jinnian came into her sight, just having finished his shower. He was dressed in pajamas and was sitting on the bed, the side that he usually slept on. With both hands behind his head, he rested, eyes closed.

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