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Having worked for Lu Jinnian for many years, his assistant could easily decipher his mood based on the smallest expressions. Whenever he clenched his lips so tightly, he was most likely not in the best mood. But he was feeling fine after dinner, so how could there be such a change? Did something happen just now? Even though he had his suspicion, the assistant couldn't muster enough courage to ask about it. He continued to drive steadily, only asking in a business like tone, "Mr. Lu, do you want to go directly to the airport?" Lu Jinnian remained quiet. Silence suffused the car. Lu Jinnian had a cold personality that prevented others from getting too close, and at that moment, he was emitting so much frost that the atmosphere in the car became suppressive and suffocating. The assistant continued to drive forward, no longer speaking, purely focusing on the road while anxiety slowly engulfed him. As the car steered from the second to third lane, the clear weather suddenly changed and it started pouring. To calm his own nerves, the assistant spoke again. "It's raining," he said. As the words fell, the rain intensified, rain droplets smashing furiously onto the car, producing a loud rhythmic "pa" sound. Lu Jinnian continued to remain silent. Upon the second rejection, the assistant gave up, shutting his mouth. The rain continued to strengthen, blurring the vision ahead, and the car slowed. Just as the car was about to turn towards the airport, Lu Jinnian suddenly said, "Stop the car." His voice was not loud but it was enough for his assistant to hear. He immediately slammed the brakes, stopping the car. The assistant turned back towards Lu Jinnian. "Mr. Lu, is something wrong?" Again, Lu Jinnian stayed silent, both eyes staring out the car window at two students in uniforms. Both the girl and boy were running hurriedly through the rain. They ended up hiding under a building. After about two minutes, they left in a cab but Lu Jinnian's gaze remained glued to the spot under the building they had hid under. The assistant was bewildered. Impatient, the assistant asked again, "Mr. Lu?" Still, Lu Jinnian remained silent. However, he seemed to be in a trance, his thoughts straying to a memory from many years ago. It was also raining heavily that day, and he and Qiao Anhao had both ran to the same old building for shelter.That was the first time they met. Both not saying a word, they looked at each other only to realize they were from the same school from their uniforms. "Mr. Lu?" After a seemingly long time, the assistant's voice sounded once again. Lu Jinnian's brows twitched slightly. He turned his head slightly, his deep gaze calm, emotionless.

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