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"What's most unbelievable is that when Huan Ying Entertainment company was facing bankruptcy issues, he took out all his savings to buy it. Everyone thought that he would go down together with the company, but in just three short years, he actually developed Huan Ying into the biggest Entertainment company in the country. Which A lister in the industry isn't from Huan Ying nowadays?"; "But I heard that he has an aloof personality, doesn't like interacting with others and likes to do everything by himself. Though in terms of looks, ability, and acting skills, he's definitely at the top. He's no doubt worthy of the "Nation's Husband" title bestowed on him. I wonder who this "Nation's Husband" will marry in the end..." "Now that you mention it, he debuted at 18... so he should be 28 now. Reasonably speaking, even if he doesn't get married, he should at least have a girlfriend, why haven't there been any gossip?" "Yes! Girlfriend aside, he doesn't even have a female that he's intimate or close with. Such a mystery! Or maybe he doesn't like girls..." ... Listening to their endless chatter, Zhao Meng couldn't hold back her curiosity. Lifting her head, she asked Qiao Anhao, who was directly in front of her, stirring her cup of coffee, " Why is he back in Bei Jing? Isn't his movie still ongoing?" Even though their marriage was kept a secret, Qiao Anhao still told Zhao Meng, who was not only her manager but also a long time best friend. Hence, Qiao Anhao immediately understood who she was talking about even though Zhao Meng didn't specifically mention Lu Jinnian. Her hands stopped momentarily. Looking up and into her friend's eyes, she shook her head, saying honestly, "I don't know." "You don't know?!" Zhao Meng looked incredulous. "Miss Qiao Anhao, are you even his wife? He didn't even call to notify you when he came back from Rome?" Qiao Anhao continued to shake her head. "He didn't." Just then, Zhao Meng suddenly remembered that when her friend had bumped into Lu Jinnian, he didn't even bother looking at her. At that time, she had thought that they were trying to cover up their marriage, but now, she realized that it wasn't the case. Zhao Meng frowned, continuing, " Are you guys like that in private? How often do you two talk?" Qiao Anhao looked down, not speaking. She and Lu Jinnian weren't interacting in private. In the five months they had been married, they spoke three times, the last time being the scolding from three months ago when she climbed into his bed. Thinking of that, her lips curved upwards slightly. Ignoring Zhao Meng's first question, she answered the second one, "We haven't talked in three months."

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