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When Qiao Anhao first fell in love with Lu Jinnian, her dreams were constantly filled with him. As time went by, she became afraid of seeing him. Whenever he was near her, she would be drowned in fear and anxiety. And these feelings only intensified after the events three months ago... At this very moment, Lu Jinnian was sitting behind her. All her senses heightened as she grew aware of his voice and his breath. Her palms got soaked with sweat from her anxiety. Lu Jinnian and the director's conversation centered around movies and dramas. Even though Lu Jinnian didn't say much, Qiao Anhao's heart trembled at his every word. No longer able to withstand the pressure, Qiao Anhao put down her chopsticks, threw the excuse of toilet to Zhao Meng, and stood up. But the moment she stood up, Lu Jinnian stood up as well. Was it a coincidence or was it deliberate? The washroom was behind Qiao Anhao and the dining hall exit was behind Lu Jinnian. Hence, just as she turned, he turned as well. Their gazes collided. Just a glance at Lu Jinnian caused Qiao Anhao to frantically lower her head, avoiding his eyes. The two of them now have been married for five months but the news had never been publicized. To the public, the two of them were strangers to each other. Qiao Anhao clenched her fists tightly, trying to calm her rapidly pounding heart. Attempting to act like everyone else, as though they were indeed strangers, she greeted him politely, "Good evening, Mr. Lu." Lu Jinnian remained straight-faced, not moving, his gaze uncertain, giving the impression that he hadn't heard Qiao Anhao's greeting at all. After a long while, he suddenly blinked. Turning, he took a detour before taking long strides out the dining hall. From the very beginning, he hadn't taken a single glance at Qiao Anhao, as though the woman in front of him wasn't the wife he had married five months ago. Lu Jinnian had a cold and aloof personality that made it difficult for others to get close. His authority in the entertainment industry further instilled fear in others, forcing them to behave carefully around him. The moment he left the dining hall, the atmosphere gradually heightened, returning to the boisterous affair of before his arrival. But because he had come, people naturally started gossiping about him. "Lu Jinnian is indeed a legend of the industry." "He's not just a legend, he is an unbelievable miracle. For the past ten years since his debut, there wasn't any gossip or backlash." "He has also built his own empire from scratch. It's said that he entered the industry as a poor boy without any background. After four years, his fame skyrocketed, and he clinched the "Best Male Actor" award for six consecutive years. Out of the ten movies voted online as classics, he appeared in six, in only two of them not as the lead."

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