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The memory from three months ago resurfaced. She remembered getting strangled by Lu Jinnian after climbing into his bed... "Qiao Anhao, are you trying to play with me? "Good, Qiao Anhao, you want to play? I'll play till the end!" The grip she had on the chopsticks unconsciously tightened, and her heart pounded. He must have been very angry that day to have said such things. For the past three months, she had been hiding from him. Despite her efforts, she still met him in the end. Dressed in a well-fitted black suit, Lu Jinnian's tall and trim physique was accentuated. As the bright lights in the banquet hall fell on his face, his originally exquisite facial features became three-dimensional. His sharp nose bridge, thin lips, strong brows were dazzling. The entertainment industry was saturated with good looking people. One could easily pick out an entertainer that would stand out in the crowd. However, Lu Jinnian was not just that, he possessed a unique charisma that would capture anyone's attention, easily making him the focal point anywhere. Silence fell in the room the minute he arrived. 'To the End of Time' director was the first to come back to his senses. With a glass of wine in hand, he enthusiastically welcomed Lu Jinnian, "Mr. Lu..." The atmosphere gradually heated up after the director had spoken. Even though it was clear to everyone that their greetings wouldn't be reciprocated, it didn't stop them from greeting him. Lu Jinnian strolled towards the seating area as though no one had spoken to him. Even though it was just a short stroll, hewas still able to captivate everyone's attention. The director held onto the wine, fawning all over Lu Jinnian with a smile plastered on his face. Qiao An was eating in the seating area. Initially, when she was still a distance away from him with the crowd shielding her, she had the courage to look at him. But as he came closer, she only dared to sneak occasional peeks. When Lu Jinnian was finally about to reach her, she didn't even dare to lift her head. Cautiously, she remained in her seat, motionless, no longer moving her chopsticks, no longer as carefree as before. "Chairman Lu, why didn't you inform us that you were coming? I could have gotten someone to escort you..." When the director's words reached Qiao Anhao's ears, she distinctly felt Lu Jinnian walking towards her. Unconsciously, she tightened the grip on her chopsticks and straightened her back into a rod. As she focused on her plate of food, even her chewing started to slow, becoming careful. When Lu Jinnian finally walked pass her and Qiao Anhao was preparing to heave a sigh of relief, she realized that he had sat down in a chair behind her.

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