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After the long flight and a meeting that lasted the whole afternoon, Lu Jinnian looked exhausted. Sitting in his office, he casually took out the phone he had on silent while listening to his assistant report his schedule. Just as he was about to lock his phone, a message came in. Lu Jinnian smoothly clicked it open, "'To the End of Time' filming completed. There'll be a celebratory banquet tonight at 8 pm in Jing Chen hotel. Do drop by if you have the time!" Lu Jinnian stared at the message for about five seconds before lifting his head indifferently. He nodded towards his assistant, acknowledging his report. Lu Jinnian's assistant had been working for him for many years, hence he was well acquainted with his boss' aloof personality. Unperturbed by Lin Jin Nian's lack of concern, he continued, "Mr. Lu, there are about six hours before the airplane takes off. Would you like to have dinner in the city or at the airport?" "In the city," Lu Jinnian replied faintly. Before his assistant could ask about the location, he continued, " Jing Chen hotel." When Lu Jinnian and his assistant finished their meal, it was already 8.30 pm. They footed the bill before proceeding to the main door. Just as they reached it, Lu Jinnian stopped. His assistant stopped immediately as well. "Mr Lu, is something wrong?" Lu Jinnian remained silent for awhile and just when his assistant was started debating whether or not to repeat the question, he replied, "Wait for me in the car, I have something to do upstairs." He stood at the main door for a few more seconds before turning towards the lift. - As part of the crew in 'To the End of Time', Qiao Anhao was naturally at the dinner. The minute she reached the city, she had hurriedly bathed, changed her clothes, done her hair, and applied light makeup before rushing to Jing Chen hotel. Despite preparing in record time, Qiao Anhao was still late for the dinner. When she reached, 'To the End of Time' director was already on the stage, addressing the crowd, expressing his gratitude. Since everyone was focused on the director, no one noticed Qiao Anhao's late arrival. She stood in the crowd, looking around before making a beeline for her manager Zhao Meng. After the director's brief speech, the dinner began. Since it was a banquet, socializing and alcohol were customary. Qiao Anhao wasn't an A lister in the industry but her pretty face, perfect figure, good personality, and eloquence allowed her to shine, so she fit in perfectly. Qiao Anhao was starving by the time she greeted everyone in the banquet. Without hesitation, she pulled Zhao Meng towards the buffet area. She filled her plate before randomly sitting down near a window. After a few bites, the originally boisterous banquet hall suddenly fell silent. Qiao Anhao lifted her head in curiosity as she continued to munch on her food. Following the direction of the crowd's gaze, she saw Lu Jinnian. -

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