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Just then, Lu Jinnian seemed to have remembered something. His eyes lowered slightly. Exerting more strength, he pulled Qiao Anhao's chin upwards. Lifting her face, he stared into her eyes. With a tone as cold as ice, he hissed, " Qiao Anhao, if I remember correctly, on our wedding night, like a lofty woman, the first sentence you said was not to touch you! Now what? Just two months into the wedding and you can't wait to climb into my bed?" Lu Jinnian remained expressionless, frost and indifference coating his gaze. As he spoke, he strengthened his arm on her neck, slowly emitting a dangerous air that left people trembling. Qiao Anhao's original anxious state intensified under his interrogation. Even her toes were trembling. She bit down on her lip, stunned for a long while, unable to say a word. Lu Jinnian also stopped talking, seemingly patient. Silence fell on the room, and Lu Jinnian continued to look unwaveringly at Qiao Anhao's pretty face. Qiao Anhao was a bundle of nerves as she felt her thoughts being read by Lu Jinnian. Her heart raced and just when she couldn't withstand the pressure any longer, Lu Jinnian spoke, breaking the silence, "Or have you always wanted to be in my bed..." Qiao Anhao trembled in shock. Had he found out about her feelings? Panic flashed across her eyes. Trying desperately to hide her feelings, she blurted out, "I want a role in 'To the end of time'!" Lu Jinnian stopped mid-sentence, unable to continue. Qiao Anhao may have spoken too fast, causing him to be lost in a trance. For a long while, he stood silent. She felt as though her heart was about to leap out of her throat. She struggled to calm down, staring straight at Lu Jinnian's flawless face. Keeping her composure, Qiao Anhao continued, "As you know, its been more than half a year since my debut but I haven't taken on any substantial roles. Since you hold so much authority in this industry, just a word would definitely secure me a role in 'To the end of time'." Qiao Anhao froze briefly. After about five seconds, she pressed her lips into a tight line. Slowly, she continued, "Yesterday night was my payment." Registering her words, Lu Jinnian's pupils shrunk sharply. As though trying to suppress his anger, the fingers on her neck started trembling. The next moment, he burst into laughter, " Qiao Anhao, are you trying to play with me?" Lu Jinnian chuckled, a short laugh no more than two counts, before the smile disappeared. He glared sharply at her, and with a cruel tone soaked in frost said, "So you want to play with me? Alright, I'll make sure to break you!"

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