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Chapter 1 Bringing the 'Nation's Husband' Home (1)

Everyone tries to do their best to love another, but more often than not, they forget to tell each other "I love you". When Lu Jinnian's phone alarm sounded, Qiao Anhao was the first to rouse. Turning sideways, she realised that she had fallen asleep in Lu Jinnian's arms! After about two seconds, the events from the previous night started coming back to her. Thunderstruck, she jumped off the bed and ran towards the toilet in a panic. Qiao Anhao's vigorous actions together with the phone's alarm woke Lu Jinnian. As he opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was Qiao Anhao slipping into the toilet. Even though it was just a glance, he could clearly tell that she was completely naked, kiss marks marking her tender white skin. Snippets from the night before started returning to his mind. Qiao Anhao had climbed into his arms, kissing him, caressing him, slowly undressing him... Lu Jinnian furrowed his eyebrows. Scanning the room, he took in the mess on the bed, male and female pyjamas closely tangled together, a small bright red patch staining the bedsheets... Lu Jinnian had too much alcohol the night before, which caused him a splitting headache. But this did not hinder his thought process. In just about a second, he figured what had happened between the two of them. It was not a dream! Everything was real! Lu Jinnian's eyes darkened as he clenched the blanket. The next second, he yanked it open and marched towards the bathroom, his face a mask of anger. Qiao Anhao shut the bathroom door, taking deep breaths. She had also drank alcohol the night before. Intoxicated, she had climbed into Lu Jin Nian's arms. Thinking that it was a dream, she had daringly kissed him, before successfully seducing him. Not once had it occurred to her that it wasn't a dream. Both Qiao Anhao and Lu Jinnian have been married for about two months. However, it was not a marriage of love and the public was not aware of their coupling. The following two weeks after they had married, they had effectively avoided each other with tacit understanding. Once they were out of the house, they automatically regarded the other as a stranger. But now, she had broken their agreement ... How will he react? Just the thought of it made her shudder in fear and panic. After a long while, Qiao Anhao reached towards the shower with trembling hands. Just as she was about to calm herself with cold water, the shower door flew open. Lu Jinnian charged in angrily. Grabbing her arm, he yanked her back. Reaching forward once again, he grabbed her neck, pushing her towards the wall behind. Frustrated, Lu Jinnian did not control his strength and Qiao Anhao could feel pain throbbing down her back when he pushed her against the wall. Instinctively, she inhaled sharply. But before she could finish her inhale, Lu Jinnian snarled, "Qiao Anhao, I never knew you had the ability to take advantage of me, how could you climb into my bed when I was drunk?!"

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