Home / Chapter 20 She Does Not Want To Be The One Admired by Others
The fog in front is heavy, and a ringtone of mobile phone cut through the night's silence.

Karin looks at the number, makes a snoring motion towards Charlie, and pressed to answer button.

"What time is it, aren't you coming back?!" Billie asks, almost roaring.

"I am coming..."

"Be honest to me, have you made a boyfriend?"

"Not yet." She blushes. "I have to go."

Quickly cuts off the phone, she twists her hands in distress.

Charlie asks, "Your classmate?"

"Yes, the one who you rescued last time."

He suddenly chuckles, and Karin raises an eyebrow in confusion, "What are you laughing at?"

"Do you know what you impressed me with?"

"I don't know." She shakes her head.

"Fight for justice."

Fight for justice? She is in a maze, and Charlie continues, "The first time we met, you covered for me; the second time was you asked for help for your friend? Are there all girls from your city warm-hearted?"

"Of course not." She smiles embarrassingly, "No, don't think I was calm in the face of those killers two years ago. In fact, I was scared to death."

"I do not believe that."

Charlie looks straight ahead, "In my opinion, you are very different."

Karin turns to him in shock.

She takes out a small album from her backpack, "I'll show you a picture of my grandmother."

Charlie stops the car, and looks at the woman in the photo. She is wearing a purple dress, small and exquisite, and sitting in front of the small window with a timid smile on her face.

"Look, this is a typical old-fashioned woman in London. She is gentle and subtle, quiet and virtuous."

Karin puts together a photo album, "So many wonderful women in the world, She is just an ordinary kind woman who is always concerned about others. She lives for love, for affection, for righteousness. But if I can choose, I don't want to be such a woman."


"Because her life is too complicated. It is already sad to not be with her beloved, and it is even more tragedy for her beloved to die."

She takes a deep breath, "That will not be my pursuit."

Charlie is shocked by what Karin says.

He stares deeply at her, speechless for a long time, and thoughtful.

It seems that the atmosphere is a little embarrassed. Karin changes the subject, "Do you think women look good in cheongsam?"

He nods, "Yes, it has a different charm."

"In my dormitory there is a cheongsam that my mother made for me. I'll wear it to you when I have a chance the other day."

"Good." Charlie grinned.

As soon as the words come out, she wishes to bite her tongue. At that time, her mother's words are still lingering in her ears, "Karin, Mom doesn't make it well. If you wear this cheongsam in front of the person you love in the future, he will laugh at Mom's skills.

Did she say she will show herself in a cheongsam? Oh my gosh, forget it...

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