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Hearing this, Lina panics. She stammers, "Is... is our service not good for you?"

"No, it's my personal decision. It has nothing to do with you."

He takes out his wallet and says lightly, "I'm not used to people standing beside me when I pay."

"Oh well." Lina leaves.

"A total of... 120 francs." Karin whispers, lowering her head.

"I'll wait for you at the place where you get off." Charlie takes out a few hundred francs and puts it in front of her. He gives her a meaningful look and turns away.

"Wait a minute, I haven't changed your money yet..."

"No need to change." He glances at her and goes straight out.

As soon as Charlie leaves, the cafe is like a messy nest. Several waitresses are arguing in the foreman to change jobs. Lina has been confused about why their most distinguished guests should give up their distinguished service and worries about whether there is a problem with the service.

After she is off wok, Karin hurriedly changes her clothes and disappears immediately.

Running to the place where she got off the car, Charlie's limo stops suddenly in the middle of the road. She looks around from side to side, ensuring that there are no acquaintances, hurries forward and opens the car door.

"Mr. Charlie, what's wrong with you?" She asks calmly.

"Call me by my name. Your politeness will make me feel distance."

There is a distance between you and me... Karin protests in her heart, but she answers, "Oh, yes."

"Are you afraid of me?" He surveys her. "Why do you look so nervous?"

"No, you have said that we are friends, and I am afraid of what you did..."

Charlie suddenly leans forward, and she hides in panic. He smiles, "Look, you say you are not afraid of me."

Karin couldn't say how hard she is to hold back his charm...

"You suddenly moved forward, I thought what you were going to do." She explains with a blush.

Charlie starts the engine and says, "Don't feel pressure, just treat me as an ordinary friend."

The car is driving in the colorful night. For a period of time, both of them stop talking. But Karin at last couldn't help saying, "Can I ask, where are you taking me to?"

"We are going to have supper."

"Can I ask again, where to go for supper?"

"Where do you want to go."

"Then..." She pauses, thinking whether she should continue to ask.

"If you have any questions, ask them all at once."

With his permission, Karin clears her throat and says carefully, "Why do you... have to let me have supper with you?"

Charlie is a little surprised, and she hurriedly explains, "I mean, there should be many people willing to accompany you for supper, and Robert can also accompany you."

"I seem to have answered this question for you before." He miles and reminds her, "I am not familiar with others."

Not familiar? What's the reason for this? Before he knows her, doesn't he have to handle some businessmen? Karin really wants to ask this question, but for a long time, she couldn't dare to ask.

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