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Arriving at the auction site, before they enter the hall, there is a flash of magnesium light on her face. She hides behind Charlie in panic. She has only one thought in her heart that she could not be photographed.

"Please, please..."

Robert stops the reporter, and Karin is still hiding behind Charlie. A handsome face without makeup is blocked by his wide shoulders.

Charlie doesn't seem to mind her dodging, or he doesn't want her to be exposed.

Sitting on the front seat and finally escaping the reporter's tracking, Karin breathes a sigh of relief and looks around secretly. This is an auction hall that can accommodate hundreds of people to participate in the auction. They are also successful people who are both rich and powerful. Many of them are accompanied by participants, but others' female partners seem to be calm. Only she is cramped like a headless fly...

At the beginning of the auction, the auctioneer steps onto the podium and makes a few welcome speeches. Then, he returns to the theme, "Today we are auctioning a precious bowl from a monk from the Ming Dynasty in China."

The two staff members take a retro wooden box to the exhibition hall, and take out the auction good. Karin, who is sitting in the front row, whispers in exclaim, "It's so fragrant..."

It looks like nothing more than an ordinary bowl. The potholes on it are hard to imagine as a precious cultural relic if it does not emit a mysterious fragrance.

"This bowl still has a strong aroma after hundreds of years, and it emits not ordinary scent, but a kind of floral fragrance that can be calm. Our starting price is 5,000 Swiss francs."

"What!? 5,000 Swiss francs?" Karin's expression is incredible.

Others have already started to bid, Charlie says, "Do you like it? I'll bid it for you."

"No! No!" She refuses without thinking, extremely serious.


"I'm not too ugly to meet people, so... I don't need to look good." She says without smiling.

Charlie refuses to accept her reason and signals to Robert to raise his number plate.

As soon as Robert raises his card, there is an uproar in the audience. He claims this thing at ten times the price of others and they are bound to get it.

Karin is shocked with cold sweat, and looks at the man around her, and finds that he not only possesses perfect facial features, but also a strong style rarely seen by ordinary people.

"Mr. Charlie, I don't need it, I really don't need it."

She emphasizes very firmly, for fear that he could not see the determination she has, but Charlie doesn't even respond for half a word except to laugh it off.

The auction object is finally auctioned by Robert. Karin stares blankly at the fragrant bowl on the stage, thinking that she is a poor student, holding such an expensive cultural relic, and returned to school... Will the classmates definitely think she's gone to the grave...

On the way back, she quietly puts her chin on the window of the car and does not speak, Charlie suddenly laughs.

"I've never seen it before, a girl does not happy for receiving gift."

Karin slowly turns around, looks directly at him and asks, "Is there anything you can't get as long as you want to get?"

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