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The tense atmosphere in the car makes people sweat, perhaps because of the small space, or because of someone's joke.

Fortunately, when the destination arrives, Karin hurriedly thanks him and got off the car like a flee.

"Saturday's promise, don't forget it."

Charlie reminds her in real time. She nods, and does not dare to look into his eyes. Until his car disappears into the air, she is relieved...

"Karin, I seemed to see Charlie just now. Am I dazzled?"

No sooner she steps into the coffee shop, than the idiots rush to her, asking impatiently.

"I don't know..."

She hurriedly shakes her head and goes to the dressing room to change in the working clothes. When she comes out, she hears a complaint, "Hey, I must have missed him so much. He hasn't been here for nineteen days."

"No! It should be twenty-one days. You took a two- day's off."

Karin takes a breath, the idiots are too crazy, even remembering Charlie hasn't been there for a long time. How could they feel if they know Charlie has had dinner with her.

For two days, she goes to the bathroom. All she has in mind is the agreement with Charlie. She had been annoying at why does he have to take her to the auction? She has never participated in any commercial activities at all. She knows nothing about what to wear, what to say, and what to do.

On Friday evening, she receives a courier and opens it. It turned out to be a delicate dress. It must he who sends the dress. Charlie is so determined that she has to go with him...

On Saturday afternoon, she has no class. Holding her dress in her hand, she hurries out of the school gate. Robert stands in front of Charlie's limo and opens the car door for her.

"Why haven't you changed clothes?" Charlie looks at her in surprise.

"Please, do you want me to dress like a queen in the school?"


The car passes in front of a hotel and he shouts, "Stop."

Robert stops the car and Charlie turns to the woman around him, "Come in with me to change clothes."

She obediently gets out of the car and follows him into the hotel. The lobby manager greets them warmly. It seems that Charlie is the most popular person no matter where he is.

"I'll wait for you outside and I'll come out when you get changed."

She nods and closes the door of the VIP room.

For the first time in her life, she wears a gorgeous dress. Karin looks at herself in the mirror. Her complexion is fair and smooth, and her figure is graceful.

She pulls the dress up. It is a bit difficult for her to adapt to this kind of open-backed dress for a while. She is awkward for a long time before she goes out hurriedly. Charlie hears the sound, and slowly turns his eyes and looks her up and down. His lips seem to smile.

"Don't lower your head." He approaches abruptly and raises her chin with his fingers." Just look at me like this."

Karin is going to faint, and it is difficult to calm down in the face of Charlie, not to mention that he also does such an ambiguous behavior...

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