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There is no sound outside the door, and Karin raises a hand and takes off the man's mask in front of her, which does not disappoint her. The man hidden under the mask is exactly whom she wants to see at this moment.

"Who are you?"

The man stares at her sharply, and seems to have a stranger feeling than when they first met two years ago.

"Don't you remember me?" She slowly takes off her mask, "Troy Charlie..."

The atmosphere instantly condensed, and the man in front of her is shocked, "It's you? How could it be you?"

"Sorry, I don't want to disturb you. But I have something emergent" Karin explains.

"Please sit down."

Charlie points to the European-style sofa behind him. The simple and clear colors with luxurious decoration, as well as the luxurious ornament, she guesses that this should be his bedroom.

"I've been looking for you, you know?" He sits across from her, staring at her with a gentle gaze, totally different from his coldness just now.


Karin is a little embarrassed. If Charlie knows that she has fled intentionally that day, she would have felt shamed now.


"I am an international student at the University of Zurich."

Charlie briefly stumbles: "So, did you hide it last time?"

"It wasn't intentional. I never thought that Mr. Charlie would give me anything, but I'm ashamed now, because... I need your help."

"It doesn't matter, you can say and I will help you."

Karin recounts Billie's story briefly to him. After he hears it, he says nothing and takes out his mobile phone. After explaining it in fluent German, he hands up the phone and says to her, "Don't worry. Before dark, you can see your classmates."

She doesn't doubt his ability at all, and she comes to him because she believes in him.

She gets up and thanks him: "Thank you, Mr. Charlie."

"You're welcome, what's your name?"


"Karin..." he repeats, "How did you get in?"

"I begged someone to bring me in. I have come to find you before. Your housekeeper would not let me in..."

"If you want to find me, you can tell your school headmaster directly that they will contact me. Today I organize this dance for a purpose. If I hasn't pulled you in in time, you would be very dangerous."

Charlie never imagines that after looking for her so many times, she would appear on this special day today.

"Have you been hunted after again?" She asks.

He grins and nods, "Yes."

Karin is speechless. She wonders why the man in front of her who could control everything would be hunted after all the time? Now he is in his own house, and this is the second time they meet. The first time happened two years ago, and he was chased after and now they meet again two years later, and he is still being hunted after. Is it a destiny?

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