Home / Chapter 3 The Old Friend Seems to Come Back
Two years later.

Starbucks Cafe on No. 1 Street.

The setting sun lights the sky, Karin puts on her working clothes, and begins to work with great energy.

It has been three years since she has come to Zurich, and the consumption here is so high that she has to rely on part-time work to support her most basic expenses.

This cafe is introduced by a friend. She is doing cashiering work. For economics students, it can't be easier.

Just after seven o'clock, it is the busiest time in the cafe. Seven or eight people are waiting in line for coffee.

"A cup of Blue Mountains and a cup of sugar-free black coffee."

The old man opposite says to her in English, she nods, and answers with a smile: "Okay, please wait."

Half of the people who come here for coffee are British men. This is what she most pleased with, because it can relieve the loneliness of being a foreigner in a foreign country.

"A total of 12 pounds."

She looks at the rear of the team casually, and suddenly, a handsome figure catches her attention.

"Please change." The old man hands her a 15 pounds.

Hr eyes follow the figure and walk out of the cafe. She completely ignores the work in front of her.

"Miss, I'm in a hurry."

The old man reminds her and she looks back and says sorry, "I'm sorry."

The flashing back is strange and familiar sometime. She seems to have seen somewhere. She is so mad that she is so absent-minded in her work.

The sense of familiarity is becoming more and more intense. She suddenly thinks of a person and chases after him, attracting customers who line up for coffee...

"Karin, what are you doing ?!"

Lina, the foreman of the cafe, holds her, and points to the cashier: "Do you know what you are doing!"

"Lina, please help me with it. I have an urgent matter and come back immediately."

After that, she rushes out and stands by the bustling road. The large and small vehicles keep flowing in front of her, but the figure is like a gust of wind in her memory, without a trace...

Is it an illusion? Why does she have such an illusion today after two years?

She goes back to the cash register, adjusts the status, and smiles to each customer again.

When she is about to leave work, Lina comes to her and asks meaningfully: "Honestly explain why you ran out tonight?"

She lowers her head awkwardly, "Nothing. I saw someone who looks like a friend of mine."

"Troy Charlie, right?"

Looking up in shock, Karin gives her a surprised look, "Lina, do you know him?"

"How could I know him, but I am just used to seeing the waitresses here who adore him. You are not the first person become out of control when seeing him, so rest assured, I won't tell the boss, just..."

Lina deliberately pauses, teasing teasingly, "The next time when you see a beautiful man, you need be calm."

"You misunderstood me, actually..."

Karin is trying to explain what happened two years ago, but stopped by Lina: "Fine, don't explain, I understand."

After that, she leans over her ear and says half-jokingly and half-seriously, "One advice for you, don't have any illusions about him, he isn't interested in girls."

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