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The man understands what she means, but he is so shocked. What kind of girl is she?

"I may be a bad person, do you believe me?" He reminds her in real time.

"It's too late, go up first!"

Karin takes the lead in getting into the quilt. After a brief surprise, the man also lays down.

The originally bland night, a strange man is lying beside her, her nervous palms sweating, and her body can not help shaking.

"Actually this can't blind their eyes."

Karin hesitates, and immediately understands what he means.

Her heart is struggling for what to do, chastity and justice confronting her. In the end, she chooses the latter. She takes off her shirt with trembling, laying back naked. Her cheeks instantly turn red. This is the first time she is naked in front of a man, a stranger.

With a sound, the door is kicked open, and a group of people like the bandits break in. They are all tall and strong, holding guns in their hands, wearing black suits, black sunglasses, and staring aggressively at the bed.

At almost the same moment, Karin rolls over and presses on the man's body, clinging to the man's shoulders tightly with her hands, putting her face on his face, pretending that the two are intimate, and she deliberately showed her naked back.

"Damn it, we bump into something..."

A killer laughs jokingly, and then a few others laugh as well.

"Search for him carefully."

Karin deliberately pretends to be frightened and hugs the man under her. Fortunately, the killers search the bottom of the bed, but they do not lift the quilt, leaving them with their final dignity.

"Nothing, next!"

With an order, the killers go for the next room. the door is still open, and a cold current invades her bone marrow...

Her heart thumps, her body seems to be burned by fire, and a wonderful sensation is flowing in her blood. She picks up the coat on the ground and wraps herself in quickly, looking intently at the man next to her, but finds that the beads of sweat ooze from his forehead, and his deep eyes are full of forbearance, thinking that he is scared. She doesn't know that this is the primitive reaction of a man...

There is a harsh whistle outside, and he sat up quickly and said gratefully, "I must leave immediately now. See you!"

He tears off a piece of finely-colored jade worn around his neck, puts it into her hand and says, "Thank you for your saving me. If you have any difficulties, come to me with this!"

Dressed neatly, he opens the window and jumps out. Karin looks at the jade in her hand. All of a sudden, the man disappears. Before she could not tell whether this is a dream or reality, the closed window is pushed open again. The man who has just disappeared is back, and he hurriedly tells her, "Remember my name is Troy Charles of the Zurich Charles family!"

Karin wakes up like a dream, rushes out of the suite, rushes to the deck, and a yacht in the distance is far away. She sighs slightly. Who can remember...

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