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At a random corporate office in Shanghai. Wang Ming Yang was helplessly smiling to himself. He wasn't angry because of Lin Fan's incident but he felt that Lin Fan would definitely remember this for a long time. But after all, he himself got beaten up as well. They haven't had much interaction after befriending each other and Wang Ming Yang thought about treating Lin Fan to a meal. At the same time, they could have a chat to strengthen their friendship. "Mr. Wu, I'm sorry. Master Lin has a new set of rules and in order for him to read your fortune, he requires you to go down personally," Wang Ming Yang said. Wu Yun Gang was an old and successful entrepreneur cum CEO. He was based in the country's capital and his net worth was in billions. He was extremely wealthy but it was still something he couldn't fully control. "Mr. Wang, did you tell him my identity?" Mr. Wu said monotonously through the phone, with a hint of surprise and disbelief. Wang Ming Yang lay down on his seat made from quality leather and laughed. He then said, "Brother Wu, he is my friend. If I were to tell him about your identity and status, wouldn't it be a little awkward for a friend like me? Do you want to come to Shanghai? My friend is extremely accurate with his fortune telling, I believe you've read about it before." "Nah, it's okay. It's merely just a fortune reading session that I can do without. Previously, I heard that you've received extremely good advice from him and now you're doing well. I would like to just tap on your good luck," Wu Yun Gang casually said but his tone sounded a little angry. When Wang Ming Yang heard the way he spoke to him, he was a little unhappy. He said, "My friend already said that you'll definitely regret if you don't come and have a look." "Regret? Brother Wang, I, Wu Yun Gang, have never regretted any of my decisions. You shouldn't trust these things too much in future. I'm hanging up." Wu Yun Gang laughed sheepishly and said. After hanging up the phone. "Hey, it's fine if he doesn't believe me. I wonder what would exactly happen to him and I'm looking forward to seeing it." ... "Master Lin, you mean I should only go for the interview on the last day?" Liu Ang Xing asked curiously. Lin Fan just nodded. He just looked at his career prospects and he was bound to have bad luck for the coming 2 days. He wouldn't be successful in whatever that he was going to do, especially for something major like an interview. But Liu Ang Xing was predicted to be pretty lucky on the third and last day of the interviews and he would likely be successful in the things that he does. "That's right, you are destined to have good fortune on the last day. The success rate would be the highest." Lin Fan said. "If I were to go for the interview during the first two days, does it mean that I would definitely fail it?" the interview was extremely important to Liu Ang Xing and he had to clarify things before he made a decision. "Yeah, it would be the best for you go on the last day, Lin Fan said. Liu Ang Xing trusted Lin Fan a lot and he just nodded at his words. Then he suddenly said, "Master Lin, I have a friend that's supposed to go for the interview with me. Are you able to read his fortune too?" "This is his picture." Liu Ang Xing took out his friend's curriculum vitae (CV) from his bag. His friend's picture was attached on top of it. Lin Fan took a glance at it and he was pretty interested. Liu Ang Xing's classmate had a similar fortune reading as him. He would be extremely unlucky on the first two days of the interview. This type of situation wasn't common. After thinking about it further, he believed in Lin Fan even more. Nowadays, many schools were built on lands that used to be cemeteries. One has to be lucky enough to suppress the negativity. Naturally, there were different levels of negativity in various parts of the school. Those places that are more unlucky would cause one to be more unfortunate. After further fortune-telling, he realized that the school hostel that Liu Ang Xing was living in was a place with the highest amount negative energy in the school. Whether he would be fortunate or not, it would depend on his luck as the levels of misfortune would vary. "Your classmate is the same as you. He should go on the last day with you," Lin Fan said. "Thank you, Master," Liu Ang Xing said sincerely to Lin Fan as he really believed his words. When Liu Ang Xing had left, Lin Fan quickly stuffed the two red dollar bills into his pocket and thought to himself that it was easy money. "Was the person on the phone earlier Millionaire Wang?" Fraud Tian asked as he was lying down on the table. "Yes," Lin Fan said and nodded. He wanted me to help his friend with fortune reading but I rejected him. Fraud Tian was the first person to call him Millionaire Wang as he thought of the 1 million dollars that flew away. He then heaved a sigh of sadness. Then, Fraud Tian regretfully said, "It was such a large sum of money, why didn't you agree to it?" Lin Fan frowned and asked, "What kind of person am I?" "You're a divine teller," Fraud Tian said as he was full of admiration for Lin Fan. Everything that he had predicted was so accurate; it was as if like he was a living God. "That doesn't mean I can just take his money. I am a divine fortune-teller and I have to take some pride in that. He didn't even come personally for me to fortune read for him. Isn't that disrespectful to me? It's like my status has been lowered," Lin Fan said. "That's true, what we do here can't be measured by money and we have to be proud of what we're doing," Fraud Tian said as he nodded in agreement. But Fraud Tian still helplessly shook his head and said, "Anyway the money's still gone..." Lin Fan was speechless, "..." At a random university. Liu Ang Xing was extremely nervous. He didn't expect the Master Lin that went viral on Weibo was actually so close to his school. Furthermore, he approached him for a session of fortune telling and Master Lin was also confident that he would do well. This boosted his confidence tremendously. Meanwhile, back at the hostel. Liu Ang Xing saw that his classmate, Xu Hao Jie was looking at the interview preparation materials for that particular company. "Hao Jie, I'm back. I've printed our curriculum vitae (CV). Do you know who I went to look for?" Liu Ang Xing smiled and asked. "Who?" Xu Hao Jie asked without even looking at Liu Ang Xing as he continued to focus on the screen. "It's Master Lin!" Liu Ang Xing exclaimed. He felt that he was extremely lucky to have just paid $200 for Master Lin's insight. From Liu Ang Xing's point of view, Master Lin was really famous. If he were to look for him again in future, it would be even harder and perhaps he might not even be able to afford the fees. "Who is Master Lin?" Xu Hao Jie asked. "What the, you don't even know Master Lin? He's the viral fortune-teller on Weibo and he's predicted many things which had come true. Anyway, that's not surprising since you're not interested in Weibo," Liu Ang Xin said excitedly. Xu Hao Jie made a random sound to acknowledge Liu Ang Xing's words and then he said, "I hope tomorrow's interview would be a success." "No, don't go tomorrow. I have helped you to ask for Master Lin's advice as well. We would be unlucky for the first two days and it's best to go on the last day to have the highest chance of success," Liu Ang Xing said. Xu Hao Jie wasn't a believer of such things and he said, "I don't believe in that. I have taken a look through the company's sample interview questions, I am confident that I'll succeed. Furthermore, going for the interview on the last day would leave a bad impression on us." "Hao Jie, you have to believe me. Master Lin is really accurate," Liu Ang Xing anxiously said. "Don't believe in such things. What era are we in now and you still believe in this? It would be the same interview any day of the week. Anyway, I'm going for the interview tomorrow. If you believe his words, go on the last day then," Xu Hao Jie wasn't going to take his words seriously as he felt that it was just a scam. Liu Ang Xing felt really helpless as he trusted Master Lin a lot but Hao Jie wasn't a believer of such things. Furthermore, he was so stubborn about it and there was nothing he could have done to change his mind.

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