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Something was brewing on Weibo. Lin Fan had become the most controversial Internet star on Weibo. Despite this, Lin Fan wasn't bothered. He stood at the door, cheerfully and nonchalantly, inhaling the fresh air. At this moment, Lin Fan's eyes lit up as he saw a familiar face. Not far away, Lu Zi Yi was walking down the street with a girl, hands held together. However, he seemed a little worried. Then he realized that perhaps he followed Lin Fan's instructions. Lin Fan read their fortunes with a look at their faces. They were quite suited for one another. There would be a few conflicts in their relationship, but nothing major. In a relationship, occasional quarrels can help to deepen the feelings for one another. However, the girl's expression didn't seem right, she looked hostile. Little did Lin Fan know that this girl had been interrogating Lu Zi Yi the whole time. "So this is the guy who tricked you?" asked Lu Ya Jie. "Ya Jie, he didn't trick me. Master's predictions are fairly accurate, and the money I paid was willingly given. You're not thinking about demanding the money back, are you?" Lu Zi Yi said timidly. "Tricking people is a skill too. Since he relied on this skill to trick you, of course, I won't ask for the money back," replied Lu Ya Jie. "That's good, so why are we here?" asked Lu Zi Yi. "For you to buy shoes, so you won't look so suspicious anymore," Lu Ya Jie said. "My wife, you're too good to me," Lu Zi Yi was touched. When the couple passed by, Lu Zi Yi turned to Lin Fan and flashed a smile of gratitude. Lin Fan smiled back. Who knew he was a henpecked husband. Half an hour later. Lin Fan returned to the shop. "How is it, Fraud?" Lin Fan asked while laughing at Fraud Tian, whose face was red with anger. "These brats are too much! If it was in real life, I would teach them a lesson!" Fraud Tian was furious. Lin Fan took over the phone and said with a chuckle, "I told you that you can't argue with them. You didn't believe me. You've been scolding them until now, just how many people..." Lin Fan looked at his phone and was stunned. He raised his head and looked over to Fraud Tian. "These were all sent by you?" Initially, Lin Fan had only posted a few times using his Weibo account, but now there were over 30 posts by his account. "Who else could it be? These brats even said that they would come and find me, but I don't believe them. What can they possibly do to me?" Fraud Tian said smugly. Lin Fan scrolled down to read through Fraud Tian's posts and was dumbfounded. "I'm at my shop at Shi Li Street, it's called "Master Lin". Come find me if you dare." "Hmph, I've traveled all around the country for over 30 years. You think I'd be scared of you?" "You kids have time to come and scold me on behalf of some idol. Why don't you go and take care of your parents properly instead?" ... Lin Fan's breathing was becoming faster as if something scary was about to happen. When he looked at the comments left by Fraud Tian, he saw the replies below as well, which disturbed him. "Wait there for me. How dare you order people to beat our Liang Liang? I'm coming to get you right now!" "I'm on the bus already." "I'm rushing there now." ... Even if there were more replies, Lin Fan didn't bother to read them all. He took his clothes immediately, "Fraud, I'm going to the toilet. You watch the shop." "Alright, I'll just take a breather here," said Fraud Tian impatiently. Without hesitation, Lin Fan exited the shop. He hid behind a corner nearby and watched. "Fraud, what you brought about yourself, you have to deal with yourself. A bunch of ladies will be coming, I'll leave it to you to handle them." Lin Fan had seen how fangirls behaved since young. They were a frightening bunch, and he wouldn't be surprised if they really came to find him. An hour passed. Lin Fan felt that something wasn't right. Those fans should have been here by now. When he checked his Weibo comments again, he was dumbfounded. "You f*cking liar. That shop doesn't exist on Shi Li Street" ... Shi Li Street? What was that? Was there such a street in Shanghai? "Damn..." Lin Fan was surprised. Who knew this Fraud Tian was so cunning. "He scared me into hiding for a whole hour. This man is so scheming." When Lin Fan returned to the shop, Fraud Tian gazed at him, "Why did you spend so long in the toilet? I would have gone to find you if there was someone else here to watch the shop". "Hey Fraud, where is this Shi Li Street?" asked Lin Fan curiously. "Oh, it's a street back in my old village," replied Lin Fan, "Did you really think I was stup*d? How could we reveal our location at a time like this? We wouldn't know if there would be some id*ots who come looking." When Lin Fan saw that shameless smile on Fraud Tian's face. He wanted to pin him to the ground. On Weibo. Yang Xiao Liang's fangirls and Internet trolls had completely invaded Lin Fan's Weibo. The Weibo users who believed in Lin Fan were completely helpless. They were greatly outnumbered. However, just at this moment... Another big news came in. Autumn Sword Fish Killer was orchestrating the invasion after he saw the news and trembled with rage. "How the f*ck am I supposed to clean this up now?" Yang Xiao Liang's fangirls also froze when they saw the news. Their heads were in a mess. This can't be; it must be some kind of lie. How could the Liang Liang that we've been protecting all this while be such a person? Yang Xiao Liang's fans had always loved him, for his talents and for his personality, but when the news dropped, their unwavering hearts wavered. "Is this still the Liang Liang that we adore?" ... The Weibo community was also stunned when they saw this news. Shamess! Despicable! Obscene! Contemptible! Sinister! ... None of those words were enough to express the rage they felt towards him. In the hospital. The manager had been on Yang Xiao Liang's side the whole time, and Yang Xiao Liang had been able to relax and be carefree. Even though he got beaten up, he gained popularity from this incident. The manager's phone rang. When he answered the call, the phone exploded with noise. "Is there something wrong with Yang Xiao Liang? How can he hide something like this from us? You have to let him solve this problem by himself." "Boss, what's wrong?" The manager was anxious after being shouted at. "Look at Weibo yourself." *Beep.* He had hung up. The manager's face was already pale. When he saw the news on Weibo, his face turned as white as paper. "What is it? Did something happen?" Yang Xiao Liang asked, smiling. The manager showed Yang Xiao Liang his phone. Yang Xiao Liang was shocked. "It can't be..."

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