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On the train. The townsfolk had their heads down and were using their phones when suddenly, someone cried out loud. "Yang Xiao Liang really got beaten up." "That can't be, where did you hear this from?" "It's trending on Weibo! It's already been the top trending topic for a while." "I'll go and take a look." As of today, the hottest topic of discussion on Weibo was Master Lin's predictions. Among these predictions, the one that caught the most attention was the one involving Yang Xiao Liang. Trending on Weibo. Those eager reporters took photos of Yang Xiao Liang getting beaten up and uploaded them to Weibo. The netizens went crazy. "It looks so cruel, why are we so excited?" "Big news! A local male idol has suffered from facial disfigurement!" "Where did this Master Lin come from? His predictions are too good!" "Everyone, go and check out Master Lin's Weibo. It's been invaded by the local male idol's fangirls! "D*mn, Master Lin must be some kind of deity!" ... Lin Fan scrolled through his Weibo. "What the h*ck are they blaming me for? I'm not the one who got him beaten up. These fangirls are way too scary." Lin Fan had already expected to receive countless praise and compliments, but to his surprise, there were also a bunch of fangirls scolding him. "Dumb*ss master! If he knew that our Liang Liang would get beaten up, why didn't he warn him?" "Do you know how hard working our Liang Liang is? How kind and compassionate he is?" "Among all the celebrities, our Liang Liang is the nicest to his fans!" "Liang Liang has provided financial support for a poor student in the past. Which other celebrity has ever done that?" "F*ck this sh*tty master, there's no end to his trickery." "I've already made a police report. Someone must have ordered people to beat our Liang Liang up! ... Lin Fan was extremely annoyed. Are these people ret*rded? "I didn't warn him? Didn't I already say it on Weibo? And now they're blaming me. How unreasonable!" At this moment, Autumn Sword Fish Killer was sitting in front of his computer posting a thousand comments per minute on Lin Fan's Weibo page. This was even more id*otic than his fans. Then, Autumn Sword Fish Killer let out a sly smile. "Regardless of whether this Master Lin is really a dumb*ss, it's unfortunate that he had decided to mess with me. Right now, the number of praises and insults are roughly the same. If I step in, I can definitely tip the scales. However, this is really draining." Just as Autumn Sword Fish Killer was feeling troubled, a client's profile picture popped up. When Autumn Knife Sliced Fish saw the message, his eyes gleamed. Somebody wanted this mess cleaned up. Looks like Yang Xiao Liang's company is finally making its move. Autumn Knife Sliced Fish immediately opened his main troops' chat and prepared to embark on his final task. "Completely crush Master Lin." Once this task was sent out, the internet trolls started to make their move. ... In reality, everything was calm and peaceful, but there was a mess on the Internet. Master Lin's Weibo exploded. Many celebrities and successful people had noticed Lin Fan because he was trending. Some of these successful people have strong beliefs in fortune-telling. When Master Lin caught their attention on Weibo, they were impressed. Many of them gave orders to track down Master Lin, in hope that he could read their fortune in person. In the hospital. Yang Xiao Liang was lying on his bed looking depressed as if he had never thought that something like this could happen to him. "My face, what did the doctor say about it?" Yang Xiao Liang's greatest worry right now was his face. Since the beginning, he had relied on his looks to earn his living. If his face was gone, he would be finished. His manager comforted him, "Liang Liang, you will be fine. The doctor said that your face won't be disfigured, you just need some time for treatment." This was also a piece of good news to his manager. If Yang Xiao Liang's face was disfigured, his future as a star would be gone. This Yang Xiao Liang had no particular talent or skill, he wasn't good at singing. If you take away his looks, he may as well just be a sandbag. "That bodyguard has already been sent to the police station. No matter what, we have to get compensated for this incident. "Look, your fans are all rooting for you." The manager took out his phone, opened Weibo and placed it in front of Yang Xiao Liang. Yang Xiao Liang was initially furious but upon seeing his fans standing up for him, he was cheered up considerably. Still, he could not forgive this Master Lin. "Send out a message, let the internet trolls destroy Master Lin's image." "Don't worry, the company is already on it," said the manager, and then as if he just remembered something, he added, "Liang Liang, everything that the bodyguard said about his daughter dying, was it really true?" Yang Xiao Liang's expression changed slightly for a moment, then he quickly shook his head, "Those are just lies." "That's good." The manager nodded, "If there's anything, you have to tell me." "Yep, don't worry. You can trust me," Yang Xiao Liang smiled timidly and replied. He then proceeded to post on Weibo. "Thank you to my fans for your concern. This tragic incident won't defeat me. The doctor said that I will be fully recovered after a period of treatment. As for that Master Lin, how he predicted what would happen to me is something only he himself will know." Upon posting this message, countless fans instantly replied. "Liang Liang, I can rest easy now that I know you're fine. When I saw the photos of you, I was worried sick!" "Rest well and let your injuries heal, Liang Liang. We will take care of demanding justice for you." "Liang Liang will always be the cutest and the kindest in our hearts!" "Liang Liang, I've already snuck out of my house and boarded the bus to visit you at the hospital. You have to stay strong!" Yang Xiao Liang had a large fanbase. Compared to the biggest superstars, he was either on par or had even more fans. Yang Xiao Liang smiled as he read those comments. "Those fans would really do anything for me," he thought. "Aren't these people insulting you?" Fraud Tian had no idea what Lin Fan was laughing about. He stood by Lin Fan's side and watched. "Yes, they are insulting me, but there are also some people praising me," said Lin Fan cheerily. "Damn, you have a really big heart, kid. A whole page full of people flaming you and you can still laugh so happily." Fraud Tian then asked curiously, "But what is this? Why are so many people leaving comments here?" "Fraud, what age are you stuck in? This is Weibo! Even the old folks know about it these days," said Lin Fan. "Ahhh, looks like I'll have to give it a try when I have the chance. But all these people are scolding you, why don't you scold them back?" Fraud Tian asked curiously. "There are so many people. Would you want to help me to scold all of them?" "Pass the phone to me. So what if there's a lot of people? All you need is courage. If you have enough courage, you don't have to be afraid no matter how many people there are!" said Fraud Tian smugly. Lin Fan gazed at Fraud Tian, then passed the phone to him. Lin Fan thought, "Go ahead since you're so 'courageous'. There are over a hundred comments, have fun scolding them all."

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