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What Lin Fan didn't know was that his Weibo had attracted the attention of many people. There were people who just wanted to watch the show. Fanboys, nosy reporters, and superstars... The main thing was that the two major events that Lin Fan had predicted both came true. Although it was still rather controversial, many people were completely in awe of Lin Fan. Lin Fan returned home, opened his Weibo and realized that many people had messaged him privately. Although most of the messages weren't important questions, two of them stood out to Lin Fan. Zhou Li Yun: "Fortune-teller, how did you know that I was going to miss the fashion show?" Lin Fan furrowed his brows as he felt that the model had a rather rude tone towards him. Then, Lin Fan immediately replied, "Please be respectful and call me Master Lin." The other message came from Wen Chan. Who the hell was Wen Chan? Lin Fan wondered but laughed when he saw the message. This was f*cking amusing. "You stole my information. I want to sue you. What's your name and address? You shameless thief..." Lin Fan replied immediately, "Full name: Cocky man. Address: north latitude: 39, 54 minutes and 26.37 seconds, Longitude: 116 degrees, 23 minutes and 29.22 seconds." Wen Chan was far away in Beijing, staring intently at his computer screen. When he saw the reply, he didn't even realize that it was a joke. "Arrogant man? What kind of name is this?" Then, he read the message and half-smiled. How dare he test my geography skills? He must be asking for trouble! When Wen Chan entered the coordinates on the Internet, he started to rage. "F*cking dog, what the hell is this Tian An Gate." Then, he looked at his name and raged even more. "Just you wait." The next day... When everyone had awoken, Weibo had another piece of shocking news that morning. "The great director Hu's latest film 'The Forbidden Tomorrow' will have the up and rising actress, Yang Tian taking the lead actress role. Wang Bing Yan did not qualify for it." This morning, countless people were shocked at what they had seen on their phones. They felt that the world has gone a little mad. It's accurate again! It's really accurate again! Then, many netizens flooded Lin Fan's Weibo, leaving a large number of comments. "Master Lin, I'm on all fours." "Too accurate, just too accurate! Divine fortune-teller, please tell me your address. I have to visit you personally." "D*mn, d*mn, d*mn! I'm too emotional and speechless." "I've lost my admiration for everyone in this world except Lin Fan." "I only hope Wang Bing Yan is alright, she got dumped just like that despite her fiery affair with Hu Da." When the news had been published, the superstar Wang Bing Yan freaked out completely. Normally for news like this, even if it wasn't predicted, it would still cause some uproar. But now this news had become the third most searched article. The main reason was probably Master Lin's prediction. Three out of three predictions came true. The Internet had gone wild. "Master Lin, don't let me find out your identity..." the pretty Wang Bing Yan said angrily as she held onto her phone, wearing her pajamas. When everyone was still freaking out over this news article, another one came along. 'The National football team got thrashed 3-0.' It came true again! It shocked a countless number of people once again. Some were big fans of the National football team didn't know about Master Lin's prediction. But as they were searching on the Internet, they stumbled upon his prediction about the game. Many fans were unclear of what was going on but when they saw the prediction, they started to complain. "D*mn, exactly the same. If I had known, I would have bet more money." "Filled with regret, no affinity to win." "Haha, thanks, Master Lin. Your prediction allowed me to earn so much money." "What the hell, ^ you're so lucky." ... The person who was the most shocked was Autumn Sword Fish Killer. He had sworn to give his whole life to the Internet and he was busy every day. He had to clean up the mess of so many scandals. And after finishing with one, he often rewards himself. He made a bowl of instant noodles and added two eggs. It was kind of a luxury to Autumn Sword Fish Killer. Autumn Sword Fish Killer had saved a considerable amount of money from his profession but was a thrifty man. He used to date girls but he always broke up with them in the end. Even he knew that the main reason for his breakups was his lack of time. But regarding these, Autumn Sword Fish Killer did not take it to heart. He had given his entire life to the Internet and he wasn't particularly bothered about other stuff as he still had his 'loyal' hand to 'accompany' him. The piping hot noodles were delicious. Autumn Sword Fish Killer opened his Weibo while he was eating. "Hmm, let's see how badly my Trolls destroyed your Weibo, Master Lin." When Autumn Sword Fish Killer had refreshed Lin Fan's Weibo, he was dumbfounded. The entire page was filled with good reviews and comments. The number of people commenting actually added up to over seven hundred thousand. There were many familiar usernames, weren't they his Trolls? He had wanted them to flame Lin Fan's Weibo but why did they cover up the mess instead? Just when Autumn Sword Fish Killer angrily opened his chat group and was prepared to give his orders, the content in the group stunned him. "This Master Lin is so d*mn accurate. I believed him and betted 3-0 on the game and won a sum of money for myself." "Awesome, this divine fortune-teller actually predicted Wang Bing Yan missing out on her main role and the loss of the national football team. How could anyone not believe him?" Autumn Sword Fish Killer opened the relevant web pages after reading the messages. He jumped when he saw the two headlines. "Huh?!" Autumn Sword Fish Killer jumped and screamed, unknowingly flipping over his bowl of noodles over his crotch. Boiled mushroom! (in reference to his genitals) Too good... Lin Fan was in his stall laughing at his own Weibo. Everything was developing according to his plan. He just had to wait for his popularity to reach a certain level before he could start on his work officially. Then, he can finally send out his address to get endless customers. Then, his second task would've been completed. He wondered what was on the third page of the Encyclopedia. He was looking forward to it. Then, he realized that most of the Weibo discussions were all asking the same question. "Master Lin, will the handsome Yang Xiao Liang really be beaten up till he ends up in the hospital?" "Same, I wanna know too." "Yang Xiao Liang's so disgusting. If he really ends up in the hospital, I will become a loyal fan of Master Lin." But some of the discussion threads amused Lin Fan. Those were created by the fans of Yang Xiao Liang, used to diss Master Lin. "You're the one that's gonna get beaten up." "F*ck your whole family, I hope they get beaten up." "Bunch of id*ots. My idol 'Liang Liang' is so handsome, you bunch of ugly fools are just jealous of him." ;... Lin Fan wasn't even bothered by those threads. He sent out a message on Weibo. "For the last event, just wait and see. Master Lin has never predicted wrongly before." Lin Fan didn't care about who he had offended. His shop had a pro fighter, whoever comes to cause trouble would know of his power.

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