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A whole lot of people screaming in pain, how miserable. The passersby were all shocked by the scene in the stall. Was this f*cker filming a movie? He took down more than ten people on his own and not to mention that he had completely destroyed them. While he himself wasn't hurt, the people that were lying on the ground were either holding onto their legs or arms, screaming in pain. Fraud Tian exhaled slightly and took a cigarette out of the pocket of the teenager who was still under his feet. He lowered his head and lit it up with a lighter. Then he took a deep breath and exhaled a large amount of smoke.; "This cigarette tastes good." Fraud Tian closed his eyes and said calmly. "D*mn it, he's owning it." Lin Fan looked at Fraud Tian in disbelief. He did not know that there was this side to Fraud Tian. He was actually a martial arts expert. The way he was smoking the cigarette with that hint of tranquility, he gave off the vibes of a highly skilled loner. "You... You guys..." Zheng Wan Qin looked at the scene and became even paler under her face thick with foundation. "I'll take it all out on you!" The frightened Zheng Wan Qin charged towards Lin Fan while making threatening gestures. Lin Fan was slightly taken aback. But he abruptly raised his head in a ferocious manner with a menacing look. "18 Palms of the Descending Dragon!" *Slam!* "Remember me! I am also an expert. Do not belittle me." Lin Fan said calmly. The defeated Zheng Wan Qin laid there motionlessly. She looked lost but suddenly became very frightened. Then, she started crying. Her thick make-up streamed down her face and she looked like a ghost. "The police are here...!" The surrounding crowd cheered. "Sorry, please excuse me." When the police were almost at the scene, Fraud Tian immediately threw his cigarette away and lied on the ground, screaming as he held onto his thigh. "Help, the mafia hit me!" "My leg and my arms are broken... broken..." Lin Fan looked at how Fraud Tian reacted and was completely stunned. It was as if his face had "admiration" written all over it. "Awesome!" Then, Lin Fan followed suit. He lied on the ground and pretended to be badly injured. "D*mn it!" Wu Bao Jun looked at what had happened and started to scold profusely. These people were inhumane. They were the ones who got whacked. What was wrong with them? Liu Xiao Tian was praised again by his superior today and he was in a good mood. He had rushed down upon hearing the news of a fight from the public. When he had arrived at the scene, he was shocked. He quickly went forward and asked, "Little Boss, what happened to you?" Lin Fan screamed and shouted but when he heard the familiar voice of Chief Liu, he was secretly ecstatic. Oh, not bad, it's someone that I know. "Chief Liu, these unlawful people came to my shop and whacked my employee and me," Lin Fan acted as he spoke. "Police officer, these people were so arrogant and cocky. They had the cheek to bully such an old man like me in broad daylight. Does the law still exist in this world?" Fraud Tian replied cleverly as he had many years of experience when it came to situations like this. Liu Xiao Tian looked at everyone and was taken aback too. He did not know what was going on until he saw Wu Bao Jun. "Wu Bao Jun, what are you up to again? This time you're hitting innocent people in public. Are you trying to provoke us on purpose?" Liu Xiao Tian was familiar with Wu Bao Jun. When he was still a city enforcement officer, he knew about this man. Wu Bao Jun and his men had done a lot of bad things. Now that Liu Xiao Tian had become a team leader in the police force, he naturally wanted to teach these guys a lesson. "Chief Liu, they're maligning us..." Wu Bao Jun cried. We did not even hit them, it was them who KO-ed us. We didn't even have the chance to retaliate. "You don't have to say anything. Arrest them all." Liu Xiao Tian brushed him aside and went over to Lin Fan. "Little Boss, please follow me, along with your employee. Don't worry, we will definitely give you a satisfactory answer." Liu Xiao Tian was still a little doubtful about what had happened as he could tell that something was unusual based on the injuries he assessed. But Wu Bao Jun was the leader of a mafia gang and that was a fact. The cases that were on his record could be printed out to be a whole stack of papers.; Some crying noises could be heard. The teenager who was really cocky got hit by Lin Fan's Foshan Shadow Kick and he could barely speak as his face was extremely swollen. He could only make crying noises. At the police station. As it was being handled by Liu Xiao Tian, the outcome was quickly determined. Wu Bao Jun and his gang were the ones who started the fight and even injured people. Furthermore, the police had found six dangerously sharp blades and tools. The situation looked serious. Lin Fan was barely injured but somehow Fraud Tian's arm and leg were dislocated. When asked if they wanted to pursue the matter further, Wu Bao Jun pleaded in fear. For this incident, it could have been settled privately with money. But if they were to pursue the matter, they could be jailed for three months to a year. Also, he had a large number of pending cases. This may cause him to serve an even longer prison sentence. But Lin Fan was a kind-hearted man. He naturally did not pursue the matter and opted for a private settlement. Actually, it was Liu Xiao Tian who suggested to Lin Fan to opt for a private settlement. After all, Wu Bao Jun had been around for quite some time. He would have had connections to help him. Hence, there was no need to blow things up to increase the tension between both parties. In the end, they just had to pay twenty thousand dollars and Liu Xiao Tian got to punish Wu Bao Jun and it served as a warning to prevent him from going overboard. In Wu Bao Jun's heart, he felt that he was innocent. They were actually the victims but they had such a bad criminal record. Liu Xiao Tian sent Lin Fan off and at the entrance, he said, "Little Boss, my superior wanted me to thank you for the sentence you had written for him." "Alright, that's good. Chief Liu, we shall make a move. Thank you for helping us today." Lin Fan replied. "It's my duty to handle it professionally. Don't mention it." While they're on the way back... "Fraud Tian, you were so good at it. Why didn't you mention this before?" Lin Fan was shocked at how good Fraud Tian was. Previously, Lin Fan had calculated Fraud Tian's fortunes before but did not notice it. Now that Lin Fan had calculated again, he realized that the incidents only happened in the later part of his life which he had missed out on previously. "Low-key, I gotta stay low-key." Fraud Tian said calmly and then he saw the red dollar bills in Lin Fan's hands and said, "I helped you a lot today, you see, these twenty thousand dollars..." Fraud Tian rubbed his palms together. He explained that he had worked extremely hard and he deserved to get a share of the money. "Of course, if not for you, I would have died today. But look, now that our business is improving, we would have to spend a lot of money in future. So, I'll just... give you a thousand dollars first. As for the remaining amount, I will give it to you at the end of the year with your bonus." Lin Fan painfully removed a thousand dollars from the initial two thousand dollars that he had wanted to give Fraud Tian. After giving the money to Fraud Tian, Lin Fan did not give Fraud Tian any opportunity to negotiate. He quickly changed the topic. "Fraud Tian, how did you manage to dislocate your arm and leg? That was incredible." "Haha, just a small trick." "Then..." ... Gradually, they walked further and further. Lin Fan was happy that he managed to change the topic successfully.

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