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Wen Chan was a legendary reporter in the entertainment industry. He had no resources but somehow was the mastermind behind the juicy articles of many superstars. Recently, he exposed a male superstar's visit to a dirty massage parlor. When the news had been exposed to everyone, it caused a great uproar and a lot of netizens were furious. Then, the situation went haywire because of the netizens' crazy pursuit which twisted the facts of what had happened. Meanwhile, Wen Chan couldn't be bothered with what was happening because he received a large sum of money. But the people within the entertainment industry all knew that this superstar really went to a dirty massage parlor. Today, Wen Chan was full of zest because he had wanted to expose another piece of juicy news. It was something he had prepared for a long time. He believed that it would definitely cause another uproar if it was reported. He laughed out loud as he thought of becoming more famous. In front of his computer. Wen Chan uploaded all the evidence from his USB into the computer. As long as he had the evidence, the person he was going to expose would have no way to deny it. Upload completed! With a click of his mouse, the big piece of news was uploaded onto the Internet. Two hours later... Wen Chan kept refreshing Baidu and the nosy reporter's group that he was in. Especially when he saw the nosy reporters reading the news, he smirked. "Brother Wen, impressive! It's a brilliant piece of news!" "Brother Wen, is this real? Make sure it doesn't end up as an unexpected mistake." "I, Wen Chan, have so many years of good reputation. Since when have I made any mistakes?" Wen Chan replied. Then, Wen Chan went to look at his own Weibo but he became a little doubtful as there was something wrong with the situation. When this piece of news was uploaded, it would definitely become the top searched result on Weibo. However, Wen Chan was shocked as it was only the third most searched result. That was impossible! This was especially so because he had not;heard of the first two headlines before. 'What the great Master predicted about Chen Yu and Tian Xin six days ago.' 'Just one prediction and it caused Zhou Li Yun to miss the fashion show.' "What the hell are these?" Wen Chan scolded in anger. Then, he clicked on the two headlines and was shocked. "It must have been a leakage. How could anyone have predicted this?" Then, when Wen Chan took a look at his own Weibo comments, he exploded with rage. "Didn't expect Master Lin to have predicted it correctly. It's unbelievable!" "It's definitely a big piece of news but I don't understand how Master Lin could be so powerful." "Damn it, I was still raging when I saw the comments on Master Lin's page. Didn't expect to have it hit myself in the face." ... Wen Chan almost spat out blood when he saw that at least eight out of ten discussion threads were about Master Lin. His work had been nullified by Master Lin. Wen Chan couldn't take it anymore and started scolding on Weibo. "@Fortune teller old driver Master Lin: shameless f*cker, how dare you steal my news? I have been following it for half a year now. Just wait for a letter from my lawyer." Wen Chan couldn't tolerate it anymore as he scolded profusely. After a while when he had settled down, he was stunned. Does this chap really not know who I am? Plus, my documents are only kept in the USB to prevent any hackers from stealing it. How did this guy obtain the information? Could it be his wife that leaked the news? Wen Chan began to overthink. Lin Fan's Weibo had erupted with comments. "What the hell, Master Lin actually got it right." "Master Lin, I was wrong. I shouldn't have flamed you along with those ignorant fools." "^ can you be any more shameless? It was clearly you who led the haters to flame him." "From today, I only admire Master Lin and nobody else." "I'm pleading and begging for Master Lin's address. I want to visit him personally." Lin Fan's Weibo has had many netizens' close attention but instead of a large number of them flaming him, it was now full of praises. He's indeed a god! When Autumn Sword Fish Killer saw the piece of news, his face changed. How could it be so accurate? For Zhou Li Yun to miss out on the fashion show, that was considered to be a lucky guess. But for this piece of news... It was so unbelievable that it completely stunned Autumn Sword Fish Killer. This... This... When Autumn Sword Fish Killer saw Wen Chan's Weibo, his eyes lit up. "Leakage, it must have been a leakage." Then, Autumn Sword Fish Killer immediately called his fanboys to attack Lin Fan's Weibo. Autumn Sword Fish Killer hated Master Lin to the core. It was Lin Fan who caused him to be embarrassed on several occasions. It was all because of him that caused him to rage on so many occasions and even had a pimple outbreak on his face. Everything was caused by that b*stard. Inside the shop. Lin Fan looked at his Weibo. Regarding these discussions, he had already predicted it before. The Autumn Sword Fish Killer Trolls kept pestering Lin Fan which caused him a lot of trouble, but it only lasted for a while. But what's with this Wen Chan threatening to send me his lawyer's letter? That's crazy. I had predicted everything on my own. *Ring, ring* Someone had messaged him on Weixin. "Master Lin, you're too good. You really predicted it." "To think that Wen Chan said you stole the information, how shameless." Chen Xin Yi sent him two Weixin texts. Chen Xin Yi was shocked at how Lin Fan had predicted accurately. But what amused her was that Tian Xin's affair didn't become the top searched news because of Master Lin. People were mostly discussing about Master Lin. They did not say much about Chen Yu and Tian Xin. Perhaps these two superstars still couldn't figure out if it was a good thing or a bad thing. Lin Fan then replied, "No worries, the truth will speak for itself." Due to the situation on Weibo, Lin Fan felt that there was a need to send out another Weibo. Everything that was happening involved his popularity. If he could turn it in his favor, then it would have been better. "Let the truth speak for itself. Master Lin's predictions are always accurate." "Wang Bing Yan will have no chance to star in 'The Forbidden Tomorrow' and will be replaced by someone with the surname Yang." "The National football team will lose 3-0." "Yang Xiao Liang will end up in the hospital after getting beaten up." ... Lin Fan sent out the posts on Weibo without worrying that he would end up predicting incorrectly." Everything was by the will of the Heavens. For the netizens on Weibo, they were all excited about what was about to happen.

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