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The reporters looked towards the direction Lin Fan pointed at and were all stunned when they saw the few shiny words. They just realized that these words were so flashy. It said, "Divine Master Lin." In the minds of the reporters, it was as if they had seen ten thousand images flashing across their faces. "Little Boss..." "Call me Master Lin." Lin Fan was trying to get used to being a fortune-teller. From then on, he was no longer the scallion pancake man that everyone knew him as. He was Master Lin that nobody had heard of. The reporters finally had something juicy to write about when they got back to the office. Especially for one of the reporters which as from the UC news department that was known for their unexciting 'breaking news', he was so emotional that his face had turned red. Big news, big news indeed. He had even thought of the title of the article. "Breaking news! The Master of Four Phases Master Lin helps Mr. Yang to win the first prize of the double-colored ball lottery." ... "Master Lin, what did you base your calculations on when you predicted that Mr. Yang would win the first prize?" a reporter asked. Lin Fan smiled and replied, "Actually you've already mentioned the answer. Everything was done based on my own prediction and calculations." The reporter was taken aback by Lin Fan's reply. There was no difference between him replying or not as he still didn't obtain a substantial answer. "Master Lin, everyone knows that street fortune-telling is full of rubbish. Could it be that you have some form of spiritual connection or power?" another reporter asked. "I was born with this natural talent. As for the others on the street, I wouldn't know if they're scammers, I wouldn't want to comment on that. As for me, I'm able to predict every single thing." There he was, confident and arrogant. Lin Fan felt like he had the world in his hands; he felt invincible. "Master Lin, don't you think your words were too unbelievable? In this modern age with such advanced technology, aren't you afraid of the media's potential criticism?" a reporter asked. "Haha, I'm not afraid. If anyone's not happy with what I've said, they can come to me or leave their birth eight characters with me. I can tell them about their entire life." Lin Fan smiled and did not take the reporter's words to heart. The current mission on hand was to become a well-respected Master Lin. Lin Fan had hoped for more people to find trouble with him so that he can make use of them to blow up his popularity. The reporters were getting increasingly interested. It was indeed a strange incident to report. This information would add flair to their article about the dual-colored ball lottery winner. While Lin Fan was being pestered by the reporters, something happened at the house which he rented. "Old Man Zhang, are you looking to buy a washing machine?" At the entrance of Old Man Zhang's house, a passerby looked at how busy he was and made a casual remark as he laughed. "Yeah, my daughter ordered it on the Internet or something. I already told her there was no need for it but she still went to buy it. Looks like I just have to use it," Old Man Zhang smiled and replied. He was actually really proud of his daughter. I could beat my chest and proudly say that it was bought by my daughter. "You gotta be careful when you move it. Master Lin said you'll face something bad today!" a Neighbour shouted as he walked away further. "What Master Lin? This brat is just spouting rubbish! How about saying that something disastrous would happen to me every single day?" Old Man Zhang waved his hand and did not think much of his words. If this small devil could be called a master, what would you call the best fortune-teller in the world have to be? "Ugh, it hurts..." At the next moment, his scream could be heard. The neighbors quickly rushed out of their house without hesitation. Their relationship with Old Man Zhang was considered to be decent. Upon hearing his scream, they stopped whatever they were doing to help. "Old Man Zhang, what's wrong?" "Old Man Zhang...?" ... When the crowd had arrived at his house, all they saw was Old Man Zhang lying on the ground with the brand new washing machine beside him. Old Man Zhang was really sweaty and his right leg looked out of shape. "My leg is killing me!" Old Man Zhang screamed as he breathed deeply. "It looks like a fracture." "Don't move, Old Man Zhang. Someone quickly! Call the ambulance!" The neighbors scrambled to help Old Man Zhang. Old Man Zhang suddenly thought of Lin Fan's words as he was lying on the ground. He could not believe that it really happened. "Could it really be that accurate?" As Old Man Zhang thought about it further, he was in greater disbelief. Then, the neighbors beside him started to discuss it. "That can't be right, yesterday Lil' Fan really did say that Old Man Zhang would face a disaster today." "Yeah, Lil' Fan told Old Man Zhang to be more cautious and do not love anything heavy. Today, the moment Old Man Zhang went to shift something heavy, he fractured his leg." "We can't confirm that. Lil' Fan had reminded him yesterday. Surely Old Man Zhang did not keep his words in mind. If not, how could things have turned out this way?" The crowds suddenly thought of what had happened while they were trying to help Old Man Zhang. They were all present at that time when Lin Fan had reminded Old Man Zhang. However, they did not think much of his words too. Then, Aunt Zhang came from a distance away and when she saw what had happened, she frantically asked, "Old Man Zhang, what happened to you?" "Aunt Zhang, you're back. What Lil' Fan said was true. Old Man Zhang fractured his leg while moving the washing machine." Aunt Zhang walked over to Old Man Zhang and when she saw the condition of his leg, she was extremely shocked. The injury looked pretty serious. "Old Man Zhang, why didn't you believe in Lil' Fan's words? He is truly a talented man. Look, now you believe him right?" Aunt Zhang mentioned. In her heart, she started to trust Lin Fan even more. Whatever he said really came true, he was indeed a living god. "I believe him now, I really do. When Lil' Fan gets back, I will surely clarify things with him." Old Man Zhang said as he was cold sweating from the pain. "Alright but when the ambulance arrives later, you'll be in the hospital for some time. A fractured leg needs a rather long time to recover. If you had listened, this wouldn't have happened." Aunt Zhang shook her head and said. Aunt Zhang was an old lady and with regards to fortune-telling, sometimes she'd believe in them. But for Lin Fan to predict everything so accurately, it was the first time she had witnessed something like that. Looks like Lil' Fan was really a capable man. His words really came true. ... Meanwhile, at Red Star Primary School. Lin Fan was quickly surrounded by a huge number of people. The reporters felt like they had witnessed something extremely magical for the first time. There were all sorts of lottery winners in history. Some had a sudden urge to buy a ticket, some had the feeling that they'd win and some... there were so many different types of winners. But for today's situation, it was one of a kind - someone had won the first prize based on fortune-telling. Even if it was to be told to others, nobody would have believed it. But for these reporters, it was a rewarding day. They were still in some sort of disbelief. For someone to believe this, the person must be an idiot. To them, it was just luck. Thereafter, Mr. Yang and the reporters left. The remaining passer-bys surrounded Lin Fan. They all had wanted to have their fortunes told by Lin Fan. But what turned Lin Fan off was that these people just wanted to know if they would win the lottery. In Lin Fan's opinion, weren't they just trying their luck? If it was really that easy to win the lottery, the lottery ticketing center would have closed down long ago. ...

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