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At this hour, there wasn't a single person at the gates of Red Star Primary School. Everyone was hiding far away. The power of the lightning was truly terrifying. To the ordinary people, it was a truly mysterious power. Once you were struck, there wouldn't be a need for hospital wards; it was instant death. Those who did manage to survive were very few, and they had to possess some kind of mysterious divine power. "Don't come near us, brat. You must have angered the gods! Don't drag us down with you!" Fraud Tian saw Lin Fan walking towards them, and was so frightened that he jumped. This was way too strange. The lightning struck twice in a row, and each of them struck so menacingly. "Oh my god..." Lin Fan looked at the crowd in front, cowering in fear of himself and felt annoyed. It was all just a misunderstanding, there was no need to be so frightened. "Hey guys, don't you want some scallion pancakes?" Lin Fan asked. "Not today, boss. I'll buy from you again tomorrow." "Yeah, yeah, me too," "You should be careful, boss. I think it's best if we leave this cursed place quickly, in case the lightning strikes again." The crowd mumbled in agreement and then scurried away. The scallion pancakes were important to them;but it was not as important as their lives. Who knew if the lightning would strike again? The new fortune-telling classification still required more experimenting. After the task was completed, he now had 12 Encyclopedic Points. Lin Fan scanned through his Encyclopedia and saw that there was nothing he could do with these 12 Encyclopedic Points. In order to choose a class of knowledge himself, he needed at least 1000 Encyclopedic Points. A mere 12 points were really useless. All he could do was slowly accumulate more points. It was 6 o'clock. Mr. Yang got off from the public bus and walked towards the school. He was an English teacher and the form teacher of the best third-grade class. He lived a meaningful and altruistic life, helping less fortunate students. Since becoming a teacher, he had already provided financial support for 32 financially needy students. To Mr. Yang, it was a blessing to be able to help so many people. However, life couldn't always be so perfect. One day, Yang Yong Kang discovered that his wife had been cheating on him with one of his colleagues and was furious. Eventually, they got divorced, and he claimed custody of his 2 children. At least his 2 children were hardworking and studious, and they managed to get accepted into reputable local universities. To Yang Yong Kang, his life's greatest mission had been completed by raising his children well. At this moment, Yang Yong Kang was just passing by the lottery stand outside the school. He reached into his pocket and found two coins. "Mr. Yang, you absolutely have to buy a lottery ticket when you come to school." The scallion pancake hawker's voice rang in Yang Yong Kang's head. "That little boss really likes to fool around. These lottery tickets are all rigged, there's no way I can win," Yang Yong Kang prepared to walk straight into the school, without buying any lottery tickets. But just as Yang Yong Kang was about to go, a loud and distinct voice rang out from the noisy lottery stand. "This season's grand prize is $15,000,000! Who knows who will be the lucky one to claim it!" The crowd of lottery addicts started an enthusiastic discussion. Yang Yong Kang pondered for a moment, and then laughed to himself, "Oh well, since I only have $2 in my pocket, keeping it with me wouldn't be useful at all. Let's just buy a ticket, and if I don't win, I'll have the Little Boss repay me." Of course, Yang Yong Kang was only joking. "Boss, give me one lottery ticket," Yang Yong Kang had never been to a lottery stand and was unfamiliar with how lotteries worked. "What number do you want?" The lottery stand owner replied with a smile. "Just give me a random number." "Alright, this number has high odds of winning the small prize." The ticket was printed out in just a few seconds. Yang Yong Kang took it from the owner and placed it in his wallet as he walked towards the school. ... Due to the lightning strike, the customers were all scared away, and Lin Fan had no choice but to close his stall early. Just within these 2 days, he had earned $4000 from selling scallion pancakes. This, in Lin Fan's eyes, was hard to believe. "Selling scallion pancakes like this is really not a bad idea. If I carried on like this, becoming rich wouldn't just be a dream. It's just that this Encyclopedia's rules are really annoying." "Not doing fortune-telling is not an option. How troublesome!" After keeping his stall into the apartment, Lin Fan sat at the entrance by the road and curiously observed the people that were walking past. "Miss Wang, 28 years old, will become a famous star at Ah Mei Hair Salon near the city's west bridge. She has a hoodlum boyfriend who is mean and rarely kind. She will get plagued with illness in her later years..." A gorgeously dressed lady in high heels walked pass Lin Fan. A pungent smell struck his nose, causing him to sneeze uncontrollably. "Famous star?" Before Lin Fan could respond, she started giggling to herself, as if she had understood. Lin Fan never had anything against this line of work. It was an honest way of earning money, relying on one's own ability. It was much better as compared to many other jobs. One by one, many people had passed by and Lin Fan came up with a conclusion. There were people from all walks of life, they had different jobs and careers, but some would die painful deaths, while others would suffer tragically in their later years. And the reason behind it was how they lived their lives. Kindness begets kindness and evil begets evil. This saying was indeed very true. However, life can't always be smooth sailing, and obstacles are aplenty. As long as someone doesn't commit any despicable sins, he would have a happy ending to his life regardless of all the obstacles that he has to face. On the other hand, people who commit evil sins may seem like they live comfortable and extravagant lives, but that is only temporary. In the end, karma will always get them. Of course, these reflections weren't thought of by Lin Fan but were recorded in the encyclopedia. "Lil' Fan, you're back so early today?" asked an Aunty as she walked pass Lin Fan, holding her granddaughter's hand. "Oh, Aunt Zhang, that's right. I'm not feeling too well today, so I came home earlier," said Lin Fan with a smile. He then used his fortune-telling vision and took a look at Aunt Zhang's granddaughter. Upon looking, Lin Fan's face turned pale. Pearl Mao was Aunt Zhang's granddaughter, but right now, an ominous energy surrounded her, almost as if the death god himself was there. "My god, what's going on? How could it be, that a little kid like her possesses such an ominous energy?" Lin Fan was dumbfounded, and couldn't think straight. "What's wrong, Lil' Fan?" Aunt Zhang inquired cheerily. "Aunt Zhang, I know how to read fortunes, and I just read Pearl's fortune," replied Lin Fan. "Oh? Lil' Fan, you had this kind of ability?" Aunt Zhang had always believed in fortune-telling, and at this moment she didn't care whether or not Lil' Fan really knew about fortune-telling but was just curious to listen. "Then please take a good look at my granddaughter's fortune." Aunt Zhang also enjoyed chatting with youngsters, especially a handsome young chap like Lin Fan. Lin Fan then understood the reason behind everything. "This is all repayment for his sins." It was all because Pearl's father dated many girls when he was young, and almost every one of them got pregnant with his babies. In the end, all of them ended in abortion. The burden of all these sins had been passed down to Pearl. "Aunt Zhang, things don't look too good," said Lin Fan sternly. Aunt Zhang had been expecting Lil' Fan to praise her granddaughter. She would never have expected this youngster to say something negative right off the bat, and her mood instantly changed. However, she held her temper in and asked, "What doesn't look too good?" "Aunt Zhang, don't be mad, I am absolutely not bluffing you, but if you listen to me, everything will turn out fine." Lin Fan saw a displeased expression on Aunt Zhang's face and knew at once that she was angry. After all, who wouldn't be angry after hearing something like that? However, Lin Fan was a warm-hearted guy. To him, if he didn't make use of it to change lives for the better, his fortune-telling power would be redundant. Since speaking too directly would cause him to get struck by the lightning and he would become handicapped. All he had to do was say it in an indirect manner.

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