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People started to crave for the scallion pancakes as the aroma filled the air. The aroma of scallion oil and dough filled the air and every breath each person took was a pleasure.; This indescribable taste... The long wait was worth it! *gulp* The old man was so excited for the pancakes and just as he took his first bite, he started to praise Lin Fan repeatedly. "With such skills, Little Boss shouldn't have to be afraid of being unemployed! No matter how many I eat, I will never get sick of them." "It's just like a work of art!" Lin Fan heard that and smiled to himself. Then, he thought of the Encyclopedia which mentioned about gaining Encyclopedic Points when he explained the Encyclopedic knowledge. "These scallion pancakes originated from Taiwan and I have improved the recipe on my own..." Lin Fan tried to explain as clearly as he could. After he was done explaining, Lin Fan spotted the old men in front staring at the scallion pancakes intently. They were not interested in anything Lin Fan had said which made him feel a little disappointed. "Hey, hey! Little Boss, I didn't understand a single thing you were saying but as long as you're here, it's all good," the old men laughed and said. "Alright," Lin Fan was a little disappointed. It was exactly what he had thought. If the other party did not understand what Lin Fan was explaining, he wouldn't be able to obtain Encyclopedic Points. Looks like it's not that easy after all. ;"Oh right, the price for each scallion pancake is now $20." Lin Fan said. He almost forgot to mention the increase in price. "No problem, it's just $20. Even if they were $100 each, I would still buy them. It just tastes like heaven on earth! Besides your stall, I wouldn't want to buy scallion pancakes from any other stall." "Look at this scallion pancake! It has such defined layers, just like a work of art. Now I can't even bear to eat it." *crunch* The old man took a huge bite, his face instantly lit up in ecstasy. Lin Fan did not say much. He continued to hustle and make more scallion pancakes. Although it was rather tough, it was good money. As for the mission that required Lin Fan to gain a little reputation, the current situation made it seem like Lin Fan would be able to complete it without a problem. Back at the Youth Arts Magazine Publishing Company. "Ah, the handsome chap has finally set up his stall!" exclaimed the ladies in the office. Their eyes gleamed at the sight of the scallion pancakes and Lin Fan's stall at the school opposite their office. "Why are there so many people? How long do we have to queue?!" "Baby, I'm about to starve to death! Qing Yi, please save me. Put your beauty to good use. Capture the handsome chap and force him to make scallion pancakes for us." Huo Han laid there motionlessly as if she did not have any energy left in her. "Go, go... If someone is to use her beauty for something like this, it would have to be you. Since you like the scallion pancakes so much and have so much admiration for his scallion pancake making skills, you are a perfect match for him!" Zhong Qing Yi said as she smiled. Then, she licked her lips as she thought of the heavenly taste of the scallion pancakes. "So who's going later? The boss is here, if all of us go, it would definitely attract his attention," one of the ladies said. "It's so crowded now, we wouldn't be able to make it if we were to go now. We have to observe the situation first. Once the crowd dies down, we will charge towards the stall immediately." Thereafter, everyone was too focused on observing and analyzing the situation at Lin Fan's stall. Nobody could focus on their work anymore. "Ah, it tastes so delicious. It is indeed a pleasure!" said an old man as he ate three pancakes in one go. He couldn't fit any more scallion pancakes in his stomach. The people in the queue behind were drooling at the sight of these men enjoying their delicious scallion pancakes. Along with the aroma, it was just too difficult to handle. Lin Fan's speed was improving tremendously as he took out the piping hot scallion pancakes out from the pot one by one. People who walked past the stall witnessed how good the business was and it piqued their interest. The other vendors in the vicinity were both in admiration and jealousy. If only their businesses were as good as Lin Fan's. It wouldn't have been a problem for them to earn a few thousand dollars a day if they had such great business. "This is heaven on earth! I feel so energized after finishing all of my scallion pancakes." "I used to go to work exhausted. After I eat these scallion pancakes, I feel as strong as a bull. If I have one every day, going to work would be a joy!" "Little Boss, you can't just disappear. If you change your location, you have to inform us at the very least!" "I have to bring some for my boss to try! Maybe I could use them as a reason to go to work late in future." ... These people made exaggerated expressions as they were eating the scallion pancakes, which caused others to feel envious of them. "Do these scallion pancakes really taste that good?" "Is there a problem with these guys? It's just a simple scallion pancake. How can one be so happy by eating it?" "I don't believe it, I have to buy one to try." These people did not believe that the scallion pancakes really tasted that good. They wanted to try it for themselves. In the end, they joined the rest in praising Lin Fan as they ate the pancakes. They hadn't expected that such a delicious scallion pancake existed. It cheered them up and made them feel as if their problems vanished into thin air. On the other hand, Lin Fan was becoming more confident in himself. He felt that his life had really changed for the better. He had become famous just by making scallion pancakes and it was at that moment that Lin Fan entered his world of fantasy. In a grand marketplace, there was a middle-aged man wearing a tuxedo who was holding a bidding hammer, auctioning things. "The starting bid for Lin Fan's scallion pancakes is $1000." The people in the crowd were going crazy. "$10,000." "$100,000." $1,000,000" "The city enforcement officers are here! Quick, run!" Suddenly, a loud roar could be heard, causing Lin Fan to tremble. City enforcement officers? D*mn, it's time to go! Undoubtedly, 'city enforcement officers' had the ability to affect Lin Fan the most. Those in the same line of work as his were all afraid of this phrase the most. This was the strongest team. Lin Fan had been caught by them before. Xiao Feng had also been forced to leave for Dongguan because of them. Now, nobody knew how Xiao Feng was doing. Then, Lin Fan turned around. There were a few trucks which had "City Enforcement" written on them. They stopped and a group of uniformed personnel rushed out of the vehicles. The other vendors in the vicinity fled quickly as they did not have much business anyway. Lin Fan packed up his stuff immediately and prepared to run away. If he got caught, his money-making business would be gone just like that. "Little Boss, what's wrong with you?" "Yeah, our scallion pancakes aren't ready yet!" "Little Boss, don't be anxious. Please at least complete my scallion pancakes first." Lin Fan broke out in cold sweat. The city enforcement officers were already here and all they cared about were the scallion pancakes. "Guys, the city enforcement officers are here. There's always a next time! Let me escape first." "No, Little Boss, you can't run away today. If we don't taste the scallion pancakes today, we can't survive until tomorrow." "That's right. I would be lethargic everyday if I don't have your scallion pancakes." The crowd held on firmly to Lin Fan's stall, preventing him from escaping. "I... I..." Lin Fan had previously felt that it was awesome that he had so many customers. However, he realized that it was actually a burden. "Guys, please just let me escape. I promise to punctual tomorrow noon." Lin Fan begged the crowd. But what happened next left Lin Fan speechless. "Little Boss, please... Just make the scallion pancakes for us, we will definitely let you go off in the future." The crowd kept begging and pestering Lin Fan. All of them couldn't handle the pain of not being able to taste the scallion pancakes. "I... I..." Suddenly, Lin Fan let go of his stall and threw it aside before running away. If he really got caught at that point, he would have to receive formal punishment. "Little Boss, you can't run." The large group of people soon caught up with Lin Fan and hugged him to prevent him from leaving. "You can't go..." "That's right, you can't leave us!" The city enforcement officers saw this and all they did was look at each other before bursting out in laughter. "Not bad. Not bad at all. The citizens of today are becoming more morally upright. Now, they even help to restrain these illegal hawkers." The team leader of the city enforcement team was Chief Liu Xiao Tian. Then, he gave a thumbs up to the citizens and complimented some of them for their good work. As for Lin Fan, it was the complete opposite. He looked towards the sky and cried.

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