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The first serving of scallion pancakes was done very quickly and the aroma of it whetted everyone's appetite. "It's hot, be careful not to burn yourself." Lin Fan had never tried one of his own scallion pancakes. And inside, he was a little curious, wondering if it was really that delicious. The pretty lady in front of him looked like she hadn't eaten in days. She tore off a piece of scallion pancake. The pretty lady took a bite of the pancake and the heat from the pancake caused her face to turn red and burnt her tongue. Despite this, she could not resist that delicious piece of scallion pancake. "Wa, it's so delicious, I think I'm gonna cry!" The pretty lady took another bite. Her eyes opened up and she felt like she was on cloud nine. She let out a sigh of enjoyment. The people surrounding her couldn't help but drool. They urged Lin Fan, who was still in a daze. "Hurry up and serve the next piece, I can't wait any longer." "Zi Yun, go to the side and eat! Are you trying to tempt us by eating in front of us?" "Yeah! I can't resist this beautiful aroma." The person at the front of the queue was a girl named Zi Yun, she wasn't very tall, her figure was pretty good and she was considered pretty. Now that she had finally gotten to eat the scallion pancake, she was very satisfied inside. "This is too delicious. What if I never get to eat this again? No, I have to slowly savor and enjoy this." The surrounding people were dumbfounded. Her reaction was way too dramatic, wasn't this just a normal pancake? Did she really have to act like this? "Madam, is this scallion pancake really that good? Are the two of you accomplices?" All the surrounding men asked. "We are not accomplices, we are employees of Youth Arts Magazine and this pancake is really amazing. If you don't try it, you will regret it forever." Zi Yun slowly tasted her pancake after saying so. Everyone knew about Youth Arts Magazine. Their office was in the office building at the other side of the road and it was filled with pretty ladies. At this moment, the aroma diffused into the air and whetted everyone's appetite. They were all thinking the same thing. Is that scallion pancake really that good? At the front of the middle-aged lady's stall, a man caught a whiff the of the aroma. It caused his nose to jitter. "Alright, are you eating here or taking away?" "It's okay, I want to go and try the other stall." The man paid the money but did not take the scallion pancake as he was drawn in by the aroma. This smell was really too amazing. "Hey, young man, young man..." The female owner was dumbfounded after seeing such a scene. This situation had never happened before. She could not help but groan as she saw the people gathering around Lin Fan's stall. Diviner Tian stared blankly at Lin Fan and thought to himself. How lucky is this Lin Fan? The gods must definitely be looking after him. His business is booming, and he's suddenly making these delicious pancakes which he has never made before! "Wa, delicious. It's really too delicious." "I am satisfied, this scallion pancake is really the best in the world!" The ladies of the Youth Arts Magazine all felt extremely blessed to be able to taste something so delicious. The people who were standing around started getting curious. The looks on the ladies' faces as they ate the scallion pancakes were irresistible and not to mention the aroma of the scallion pancake in the air. As more scallion pancakes were made, the fragrance intensified. "Give me a piece, I must see how delicious it is." "Standing so close to this beautiful aroma, it's impossible to resist." "Sorry to trouble everyone, but can everyone queue up properly? Even a group of elderly men like you should still conduct yourselves properly." Upon hearing the pretty lady speak, all the old men immediately behaved themselves as they queued up in an orderly fashion. I'm going to be rich! Lin Fan thought gleefully as he made his pancakes. Lin Fan couldn't resist the smell of the pancakes. However, he was too busy to afford the time to try them. As time passed, the line in front of Lin Fan's store grew longer and longer. Despite never having tasted the scallion pancakes, people still queued up after smelling the aroma. The people were stunned as they took bites of Lin Fan's scallion pancake. It really was the most amazing taste in the world. "How in the world was this scallion pancake made? It's really too delicious." "Indeed. How have I never discovered this before? I walk past this area every single day and have never seen this before. If only I had discovered this earlier." "My brothers, is it really that delicious? It is just a scallion pancake, do we really have to act like this?" A curious passer-by said as he was impressed after seeing an old man's joyous expression from eating the scallion pancake. The old man looked at the passer-by and unwillingly pinched off a bit of the pancake. "Try it...." After trying the pancake, the passer-by's eyes lit up and without saying another word, queued up immediately. "Give me 10 of them." ... After a while. "I'm sorry everybody, I am out of dough." Lin Fan had no idea how many scallion pancakes he had sold and at the same time, he had no idea that today's business would have been this good. "What? It can't be. I've queued for 40 minutes already." "Boo hoo...I just tried someone's scallion pancake and the taste left me speechless. Now you're telling me that there's no more. Are you trying to kill me?" "Yes! Boss, you can't do this! How about you go back and get some more dough? We will all wait here. Otherwise, I won't be able to sleep tonight!" Lin Fan blinked his eyes and was stunned for a moment, not knowing what to do. Lin Fan just wanted to rush home immediately to figure out what was going on in his mind. He didn't want to be held up any longer. "I'm very sorry,;can you guys come back tomorrow? I do not have enough ingredients with me now and I need to go home to prepare them," Lin Fan apologized. "Damn, looks like I'll just have to come back tomorrow." "Boss, please bring more ingredients tomorrow. From now on, I'm going to eat this for breakfast every day." "Me too." After Lin Fan promised everyone that he would be more prepared tomorrow, everyone started to take their leave. Those who had already eaten the scallion pancake and still continued to queue were disappointed at not having the chance to eat another one of those scallion pancakes. Lin Fan thought Fraud Tian was still there, however, after turning around, he realized he had closed the store and left already. As he thought further, he figured this fraud must have gone back to the bridge to scam other people by now and those pretty ladies from the Youth Arts Magazine must have gone back to their office already. After he finished packing, Lin Fan pushed his cart away from the area and slowly made his way home. Lin Fan was in a daze as he sat on his bedside, thinking about the events of the day. Everything was so surreal. It was almost like a dream.

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