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"Do you truly plan to surrender?" Jia Tianlong felt somewhat surprised.

"To surrender is to surrender. However, which side will surrender to whom? That has not yet been decided!" Saying this slowly, Sect Leader Wang narrowed his eyes and consciously brought his hand to the longsword's hilt.

"What is the meaning behind your words?" Jia Tianlong's face sank, but soon after, he waved his hand, signaling his men to surround Sect Leader Wang.

Immediately, his Iron Guards rushed forth from behind him and surrounded Wang Juechu in a semicircle. At the same time, they took out powerful crossbows. With flashes of green light, the Iron Guards pointed their crossbow bolts at him.

It seemed that with a single command from Jia Tianlong, they would indiscriminately release a barrage of arrows without hesitation, immediately shooting at Wang Juechu on the spot.

"You believe that just because we moved the sect's lower ranked disciples to Setting Sun Summit, we had never thought of an external enemy invasion and thus were incapable of resisting?" Sect Leader Wang's voice contained a somewhat menacing and sinister tone as he seemed to have turned a blind eye to the crossbow bolts.

Hearing these words, Jia Tianlong's heart slightly sunk. His mind felt a trace of obscure foreboding. He didn't interrupt the Sect Leader Wang's words and instead continued to have a gloomy expression on his face. Jia Tianlong wanted to hear what his enemy ultimately had to say.

"The one who migrated the sect to this location was the seventh generation Sect Leader, Sect Leader Li. Not only did that person have great skill and strategies, he was also an expert in construction and machinery. He was named the top genius of his generation." With this said, Sect Leader Wang shortly paused, expressing a hint of admiration.

He opened his mouth and continued: "Sect Leader Li selected Setting Sun Summit as the sect's main hall. There were two reasons for this. One reason is that the mountain peak is dangerous. Because it is easy to guard and hard to attack, it is an exceptional defensive location strategically. The second reason is that within the center of this mountain peak lies a vast natural stalactite cave. This cave is wonderful beyond compare. It occupies nearly two-thirds of the Setting Sun Summit. Seeing this marvel, Sect Leader Li made plans in his mind to integrate of all the construction techniques he possessed with the terrain of the stalactite cave, and he turned the entire mountain peak into a huge natural pitfall. So long as there were people to activate the mechanism, the entire mountain peak would immediately collapse, burying all the people on the summit."

After Sect Leader Wang finished talking, he stayed silent. He swept his eyes over the crowd before him with a cold gaze that one would use on a corpse.

After Jia Tianlong finished hearing this, he stood in amazement. He naturally did not believe the opposition's words, but after a few moments, he did not know how he would refute Sect Leader Wang's menacing words.

The others on the mountain clearly heard these words. They all couldn't help but become restless and talk about it softly. A few of the somewhat clever ones had even begun to slowly draw closer to the only road off the mountain. They were prepared to wildly rush off the mountain the moment something went wrong.

"Silence! Those clamoring or flailing about will be killed mercilessly!"

Jia Tianlong quickly regained his calm. Seeing his own men turn disorderly on just a bluff, he couldn't help but become irritated. He knew that if he did not immediately put a stop to their restlessness, the situation would become a lot harder to control. He soon acted without thinking and loudly issued a stern command.

Jia Tianlong's order was well executed by his loyal subordinates. After they beheaded a few of the cowards that had attempted to escape, the rest were intimidated and quelled, their roars suppressed.

However, Jia Tianlong understood that this suppression was only superficial and temporary. If he could not confirm what the opponent had said were lies, regardless of what gang or faction the men belonged to, they would all be unable to stay here at ease. He feared that this rumor would spread and cause all of them to flee.

"You can't convince us that your words are true on the mere basis that you said them!" Jia Tianlong strongly restrained the anger in his heart, intending to personally expose Sect Leader Wang's fabrication.

"Of course not. I have plenty of proof. Just stay here and see it for yourself. Regardless of whether or not you heard properly, if someone were to see my proof and intends to escape or possibly continue their assault, I would activate the entire mechanism and end us all." Wang Juechu's words were filled with desire to kill as his menacing intentions were undoubtedly revealed.

Jia Tianlong carefully examined his enemy's expression, trying to find some mistake or gap in his state of mind. Unfortunately, Wang Juechu's face was ice cold through and through. No indication of falsehood had appeared, nor was the slightest degree of false confidence shown.

Jia Tianlong couldn't help but murmur to himself, "Don't tell me that Sect Leader Wang's words were not a deception, but rather an actual scheme to destroy anyone on the summit, including the sect?"

"Activate the second mechanism!" Wang Juechu suddenly turned his head to the sect hall and loudly commanded.

He then turned his head to the side and began staring at the comparatively small stone hall, no longer paying attention to Jia Tianlong.

Seeing his opponent look down on him in such way, Jia Tianlong couldn't help but be angry. With great difficulty, he resisted the anger in his heart and inwardly resolved himself. So long as the opponent's evidence did not satisfy him, he would immediately give the order to turn this Sect Leader Wang into a human-shaped hedgehog. ;

However, Wang Juechu's strange stare towards the stone hall had aroused the attention of the Feral Wolf Gang members. They couldn't help but turn their gazes as well, wanting to see if anything strange would occur.

The Feral Wolf Gang members were all restless. None of them took notice of two people wearing Broken Water Sect clothing lowering their heads and whispering.

"Han Li, do you think what our Sect Leader said was true? Don't tell me that this huge Setting Sun Summit is truly hollow? I have come here several times before and never felt anything amiss in this place."

"Could it be that Sect Leader Wang is trying to deceive them in order to stall for time?"


A young man was talking to a taciturn youth in the midst of the crowd, discussing the offensive. It seemed that they had great doubts regarding Wang Juechu's explanation.

These two people were not bystanders, but were in fact Han Li and Li Feiyu, who had rushed to Elder Li's residence in disguise.

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