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Han Li locked his eyebrows and remained quiet.

He had just finished taking Elder Li's pulse and examining his tongue and pupils. He made a cursory decision that this poison was a blend of different poisons, the same as the Aromatic Coiling Silk he had used before. Han Li didn't have the ability to remove the poison by targeting one type of poison at a time. He could only try to use the Pure Spirit Powder and other unorthodox methods.

Thinking about this, Han Li secretly cursed the other doctors who didn't have the courage to remove the poison and pretended to look like they were investigating, thus leaving him with this difficult problem.

After a moment, Elder Zhao could not hold back anymore and asked:

"You small child! Can you save Elder Li or not? Say something!"

"Elder Zhao, you are too impatient. Can't you see that Doctor Han is trying to think of a solution? Be more patient!" Before Han Li answered, Sect Leader Ma, who was standing nearby, once again pretended to be Han Li's ally and taunted Elder Zhao.

Elder Zhao stared and opened his mouth as if to say something, but Han Li didn't wait for him to start talking. He gave a slight cough, halting further conversation.

Han Li's cough raised a surprised look from the people inside the house. At this moment, Han Li remembered that he was only slightly over ten years old, but he, albeit somewhat comically, coughed like a old man. The irony of the situation, however, didn't matter. He had completed his goal and didn't want to listen to the pair's argument anymore.

"This is a blend of different poison, which makes it very troublesome to remove. I can't promise that I can completely remove this poison, but I can try. The process of removing the poison is risky, and it may even hasten Elder Li's death. Do you still want me to proceed?" Han Li pretended to be awkward and finished his statement.

For him, it was better to not take the effort to remove the poison seeing that his chances of succeeding were not very favorable.

Han Li's words made the family members look at each other. No one dared to agree and let him immediately start removing the poison, but they knew that other than Han Li, no other doctor would be capable of curing Elder Li.

After a while, Elder Li's wife, Lady Li, suddenly asked:

"Doctor Han, what is your rate of success for saving my husband?"

"Fifty percent," Han Li said without hesitating.

"Very well. Doctor Han, please do your best to save him. If anything happens to my husband, it will be because of the will of Heaven. I will never resent you, Doctor Han." Lady Li showed no hesitation, making up her mind so decisively in a manner that Han Li didn't expect.

"Sister, you're not going to reconsider?I think it's incredibly risky considering that this doctor is very young!" Elder Zhao grew slightly anxious and wanted to dissuade Lady Li from being overly impulsive.

"I've considered it thoroughly. If Doctor Han doesn't remove the poison, my husband will not live past tonight. Why not take the risk and try even if there's only a fifty percent chance of success?" Lady Li put her head down and said softly.

"This....." Elder Zhao could not reply with even a single word.

Han Li briefly glanced at the other individuals and seeing how they did not oppose Lady Li's decision, he removed a green porcelain bottle from his medicinal bag. From within the bottle, he took out a red medicinal pill.

"Someone bring a bowl of warm water, dissolve this pill within the water, and have Elder Li drink it."

"I'll go." A clear and melodious voice rang out before Han Li finished speaking.

Right after answering, the red-eyed Zhang Xiuer, who had been previously standing to the side, started walking out.

Li Feiyu stared distractedly before following her out. This caused Han Li to not help but feel unbridled disdain towards Li Feiyu.

A moment later, Zhang Xiuer walked in with a helpless face, both hands empty. Li Feiyu followed closely behind, carefully holding a small white porcelain bowl.

The crowd within the room, upon watching this scene, couldn't help but feel a bit of a smile within their hearts. Their faces revealed the happiness of watching a good show, making Zhang Xiuer's face blush and give forth a rosy red halo. Her hands rubbed against each other, revealing the appearance of a helpless and humble daughter.

Zhang Xiuer's reactions lowered the nervous atmosphere in the room, easing the tension within their hearts.

Li Feiyu straightforwardly gave the bowl to Lady Li.

"Doctor Han, please verify whether this bowl of water will suffice." Lady Li turned her head to ask for Han Li's opinion.

"It will do."

Han Li swept his eyes over the white bowl. He then took the bowl with a single hand and threw the medicinal pill into the water. In a blink of an eye, the entire bowl of water was dyed with a red color.

"Have Elder Li drink this immediately. Women are more careful, so it will be better if you accept the task." Han Li stretched out his hand and the bowl towards Lady Li.

Lady Li hurriedly agreed, not daring to decline Han Li's request.

To her, every single one of Han Li's words affect her husband's life, so how could she not listen attentively?

"Just what is this medicine?" The wide eyed Elder Zhao asked with trepidation, voicing the question everyone in the room wanted to know as he looked at Lady Li pour the big bowl of medicinal water into Elder Li's mouth.

"This is a type of antidote that I personally concocted. Hopefully, it will be effective against the poison within Elder Li's body," answered Han Li, downplaying his profound medicine.

He did not want other people to know of the Pure Spirit Powder's existence. It would be better for him to keep a low profile so that this spiritual elixir;would not bring him a headache.

After the time it takes to eat a meal, the veil of dark air covering Elder Li's face began to recede, gradually turning light. The spots of poison on his body turned from dark to light and started to shrink.

With these obvious changes, even an outsider would be able to tell that the poison in Elder Li's body was progressively being eliminated, pushing Elder Li on the path of recovery.

After seeing this, the people within this room couldn't help but feel their faces beam with happiness as they looked at Han Li in a whole new light. Only Elder Zhao was unable to completely wipe away his view towards Han Li, using his nose to make a soft "heng" noise, but his expression had softened quite a bit.

Seeing how he had not taken any other steps to alleviate the poison and yet it was already vanishing, even Han Li was startled.

The effectiveness of the Pure Spirit Powder completely exceeded his expectations. His next thought was that perhaps the poison afflicting Elder Li had not been as impressive as he thought it was.

Seeing these positive developments, Han Li had some concerns, and there were two reasons why.

The first reason was that he had just said that the process of counteracting the poison would contain some risks, but the poison ended up easily dispelled. The others might think that he had intentionally tricked them. Wouldn't that be the same as slapping himself on the face?

Secondly, if the Pure Spirit Powder was so effective in dispelling poison, how come it couldn't treat the poison within his own body? This made him feel even more anger and concern regarding the poison within his body.

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