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Han Li removed all kinds of weird oddities one by one from Mo Juren's body. Some were items that he recognized while others were foreign to him. He sorted these objects in two piles that he placed next to him.

While sorting out all the objects, Han Li had a fair share of surprises, causing him to exclaim a few times. The amount of objects Mo Juren carried on his self was not small, and some were even dangerous and life threatening objects.

A tube of some mysterious poison

A bag of sand dipped in lethal snake venom.

Ten or so incredibly sharp boomerangs.

As the number of items on the floor increased, the more panicked and unsettled Han Li became. He realized how lucky he had been when battling against Mo Juren. If the other had not wanted to capture him alive, Han Li would have most likely died.

After wiping away the cold sweat from his face, Han Li laughed mockingly to himself: "Me, a living man, is afraid of a dead man's possessions".

After removing all the items from Mo Juren's body he started to carefully sift through all the suspicious looking items.

"This small bottle is so foul-smelling, but it must be some kind of antidote, so it should be okay."

"This weird looking weapon looks oddly similar to a wheel, and even though I don't know what it's used for, it shouldn't be related to the Iron Slave, so I'll first put it to the side."

"As for this spice bag..."

Han Li continued to fiddle and inspect each item while talking aloud to himself, making it seem as if he was in high spirits when suddenly he found himself holding a small bag.

WIthin his hands was a normal looking spice bag that, under normal circumstances, would not catch the eyes of others. However, Han Li knew that since it was on Mo Juren's body, it would not be anything but simple.

Han Li weighed the small spice bag in his hands in hopes of gaining insight on its contents but he only noticed that the bag was exceedingly light and could not possibly contain anything heavy. After weighing it for a second time, he felt that that there might be a paper-like object, or something similar, hidden within the small bag.

Han Li prepared himself mentally before opening the bag, and just as he expected, he saw several sheets of paper tucked inside.

He glanced at the paper and noticed that it was written in Mo Juren's handwriting, which caused a heavy feeling to weigh down his heart. After briefly skimming the paper, he did a double take as he re-read the note and realized that it was Mo Juren's personal will.

Han Li felt bewildered, and due to his curiosity, he carefully read the contents on the few pieces of paper.

After he finished reading, Han Li lifted his head upward and stared for a long time before releasing a heavy sigh. Furrowing his brows, he felt an extremely heavy weight descend over his heart.

With his hands clasped together on the back of his head, he looked like an old man as he paced aimlessly. He would first walk two steps then stop and ponder upon something. After realizing he couldn't fully grasp his thought, he would continue to pace a few steps before stopping once again to think.

Just like this, Han Li continued to pace around, mimicking a donkey circling around Mo Juren's body. His face became unsettled; one moment it was bright red, and the next it would turn white, showing the raging emotions he felt within himself, unable to be pacified.

If Li Feiyu saw Han Li's unstable mindset, he would probably mock him with loud ridicule.

The reason for Han Li's change was Mo Juren's will, which left behind some extremely terrible news that left him with one of two difficult choices. Within the antidote for Insect Corpse Pill that Mo Juren had previously given him was a rare type of poison that could only be removed by his family's Precious;Warm Yang Jade. Apart from this treasure, even legendary antidotes could not save him.

Written on the few sheets of paper, Mu Juren's will clearly stated that the poison he used on Han Li was for the worse case scenario that Mo Juren would die from failing to possess Han Li. So, in preparation of any unsettled business he might have after his death, he decided to include one final, simple exchange with Han Li in his will, allowing Han Li and the deceased doctor to benefit greatly. Mo Juren would be able to take care of any unsettled business while Han Li would be able to gain a large amount of wealth and an indescribable amount of benefits.

As for whether Yu Zhitong would be the last one alive, Mo Juren did not give it a second thought. He only briefly mentioned him in his will, saying that Yu Zhitong was weak by nature and afraid of death, and although he was a bit smart, that was the extent of his current capabilities. Mo Juren also mentioned that even though Yu Zhitong was an immortal cultivator, he would never become anything great, and for this reason he was quickly disregarded as being the last person alive.

Once Han Li saw this, he laughed bitterly in his heart at how Mo Juren did not predict that in the end, he would fall into the trap of the innocent looking Yu Zhitong. If Han Li had not hid his real Eternal Spring Arts cultivation level, he would most likely have ended up like Mo Juren, allowing Yu Zhitong to receive all the benefits. Of course, Mo Juren had also planned to achieve his fantasies of becoming an immortal cultivator by taking over Han Li's body. It seemed like no matter what kind of cultivator one became, one must not underestimate others.

In his will, the trade Mo Juren proposed was very simple. He wrote that in a year or two, the poison would become effective. To remove this poison, Han Li must make a trip to Mo Juren's home. Mo Juren had wives and daughters, along with a decently sized business. He had made arrangements for them before he left, but he feared that if he were absent for an extended period of time, his enemies would have evil intent against his family. For this reason, Han Li must rush to protect his wives and family members before the situation escalated and preferably help them escape from the bloody world that is Jiang Hu so that they can live a normal life without want.

As a way of compensating and removing any of Han Li's suspicions, Mo Juren's will betrothed one of his daughters to him and gave him a dowry of one half of all his assets along with the Yang Jaded Treasure.

Before Mo Juren left, he had given the precious jade to his wives for safekeeping and also explicitly told them;that it was to be used as part of their daughter's dowry, so even if Han Li did not want to wed his daughter, he would be forced to.

Of course, Mo Juren clearly pointed out that his enemies' clans were very large and influential. They also contained many cultivators. The sheer number of members made it hard for the clans to supervise and control all of their members, and with Han Li's current abilities, he wouldn't be capable of dealing with them head on. For this reason, he specifically prepared two false identities for Han Li and carefully hid them in a secret location unknown to anyone besides Mo Juren. Furthermore, he even left behind a token belonging to Mo Juren and a handwritten letter. At the same time, he also left a list of names that clearly stated his trusted aides, those he suspected of plotting against him, and the names of his enemy clans within his letter. He also wrote out several things Han Li must take note of.

Finally, to express the sincerity of his will, he even left behind how to control and summon the Iron Slave and the Cloud Winged Bird.

What caught Han Li's attention was how Mo Juren vaguely pointed out the fact that the Iron Slave was actually a soulless corpse whose soul has already;entered the cycle of reincarnation, as if to make him not feel unwell.;These words caused Han Li to be at a loss. Did he really seem to be of the overly;emotional sort?

However, even without mentioning the poison within his body, when Han Li was faced with such great riches, he had felt rather tempted. Han Li had always been sensitive to money and was therefore very interested in Mo Juren's proposal. As for the betrothal to Mo Juren's daughter, Han Li felt an odd feeling well up within himself. He was around the age when he would experience his first set of romantic thoughts. Furthermore, he knew from Mo Juren's original appearance that his daughter could not be anything but beautiful.

But the risk he faced was no small matter. If he was not careful, he might end up having to pay with his life. Mo Juren's enemies are not simple characters!

Mo Juren had carefully constructed a watertight plan to take care of any unsettled business, using the chance to start a new life filled with beautiful women and immense wealth as a collective incentive in order to tie Han Li to Mo Juren's family, effectively mixing safety and danger together by;forcing Han Li to swallow this honey-wrapped poison pill. (TL: "Honey-wrapped poison pill" means a situation that looks appealing but contains many hidden dangers)

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