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Han Li's face started to turn green as he helplessly stared at Doctor Mo lifting the sinister-looking blade high up in the air. Under the beams of sunlight, the edge of the blade sparkled intensely, showing it's sharpness conspicuously. His heart involuntarily began to panic, but his intellect told him that Doctor Mo was only intimidating him. Since Doctor Mo had expended so much effort to capture Han Li alive, he definitely wouldn't kill Han Li off so easily.

As the sharp blade was seen descending slowly from the sky, targeting to pierce through his body, Han Li still remained silent, forcefully maintaining an expression of resoluteness.

Just when the strange sinister blade was half an inch away from splitting his head that even the tip of his hair could feel the waves of coldness generated by the sinister blade, Han Li slowly closed his eyes as a hint of regret flashed through his mind.

"Could it be that Doctor Mo is really going to kill me? If I had known earlier, I would have begged for mercy, there might have been a sliver of hope for me to survive. I am still very young; I really don't want to die like this. If the news of my death reached my parents, would they feel sad? Would they regret sending me to the Seven Mysteries Sect?"

At that fine line between life and death, all kinds of distracting thoughts arose in Han Li's mind, threatening to overwhelm him. All of a sudden, Han Li's seemed to have experienced all the joys and sorrows of life at this instant, gaining enlightenment regarding the matters of life and death.

Ka cha! The sound of the sinister blade piercing a human body sounded out.

Han Li's body shuddered slightly, but surprisingly, he did not feel any pain from that.

"What is happening?" Han Li opened his eyes in surprise.

The moment Han Li opened his eyes, he was shocked.

Unexpectedly, he saw that the sinister blade was lodged in between Doctor Mo's shoulder blades and penetrated deeply into his body to the extent that only the handle of the blade remained on the outside, trembling slightly. There was no blood despite the grievous wound, revealing that the edge of the blade was exceptionally sharp While Han Li remained bewildered by the sight, Doctor Mo, against all sanity and reason, actually started to praise Han Li.

"Excellent! you little brat. You do have some guts indeed! Not crying out for mercy even when you were half an inch from death. Excellent! Hahaha"

"When i was out journeying in Jiang Hu in the recent past, I met plenty of heroes who claimed that they were not afraid of death. But the moment they landed in my hands, just under the slightest bit of pressure, they instantly turned from a proclaimed hero into a coward, falling to their knees and begging for their lives.

Han Li froze. He stuttered incoherently, unsure of what to reply.

Previously, he almost gave in to the pressure and soiled in his pants. Only by gritting his teeth and forcibly enduring it did he manage to not to cried out. It was also because in his heart he believed that Doctor Mo would not have killed him just like that and thus he luckily passed this "test". Moreover, Han Li also has his pride as a man and he was unwilling to change his stance to beg Doctor Mo for mercy.

Facing the praises from Doctor Mo, Han Li of course would not correct him. But countless contradictions arose in his heart, uncertain whether should he be happy or disappointed.

Just as a multitude of thoughts swam around in Han Li's mind, Doctor Mo swiftly grabbed the rest of the sinister blades and proceeded to impale every part of his body deeply, only leaving the demonic heads of the sinister blades exposed.

After Han Li recovered from his state of shock, he realised that there was a total of 7 sharp blades impaled in Doctor Mo's body. The blades are inserted in both of his shoulders, both of his legs, his lower abdomen and rest of the blades were embedded in front of his chest. When looked at from afar, Doctor Mo gave off the impression that his body was hacked apart and dismembered in the midst of chaos.

Han Li didn't know whether he should he be happy or terrified by Doctor Mo's self mutilation. Could it be that method was a prelude to a very powerful martial art? Could Doctor Mo be using the powerful martial art to deal with Han Li?

After Doctor Mo finished impaling himself, he entered into a state of meditation, no longer speaking a word and ignoring all distractions.

Han Li's heart shuddered slightly. He felt that this was a divine opportunity to escape. Just when he wanted to make a move, however, he abruptly stopped, appearing to have realised something.

Han Li smile bitterly. How could he have forgotten the giant fellow not far from Doctor Mo's side? That giant fellow had always been observing Han Li's movements, how could he have the chance to escape!

It appeared that before entering his meditative state, Doctor Mo had already planned out everything meticulously. He was unafraid of any tricks that Han Li might have up his sleeves. This strange giant fellow named "Iron Slave" seem to have originated from some place mysterious. His body was the same as Doctor's Mo "Demonic Silver Hands", the toughness of his body was such that even the fatal weakness of the male species (groin area) was impenetrable by sword or spears. All of Han Li's plans to escape was destroyed by the mere presence of this man.

As Han Li was silently cursing the giant fellow in his heart, a change that seemed demonic in nature occurred in front of him.

Doctor Mo's facial features started to twitched, followed by violent trembling of his whole body. His facial features contorted grotesquely, as if he was bearing tremendous pain. Along with the sinister blades impaled in his body, people observing would not help but be terror-stricken, as if that they could feel that there was an emergence of a extremely chilled air rising in the room Doctor Mo was in.

All of a sudden, Doctor Mo stopped trembling. However an extremely weird low-toned roaring noise emitted from deep inside his throat. This sound has the feel of a savage primal beastiliy. At that instant, Doctor Mo appears to be no longer an old man but rather a terrifying primordial beast from the wilds!

Following which, a even more horrifying thing happened. The ghostly mist that appeared on Doctor Mo's face a year ago, materialized again.

Compared to a year ago, the ghostly mist that appeared now was distinctly different. Other an increase in the volume, the colour of the mist now was blacker than black. When it appeared on Doctor Mo's face, it was akin to him wearing a pitch-black mask obscuring his original features.

Shadowy tentacles also started to emerge from the ghostly mist. In addition to this, the ghostly mist underwent a earthshaking change. Amidst the shadowy tentacles, the black fog seemed to have gained texture, becoming shiny and velvety. It seemed to have a will of its own, expanding and contracting uncontrollably, giving the appearance of it dancing madly on Doctor Mo's face.

Both hands of Doctor Mo assumed the lotus hand gesture, contorting into a strange position. His lips were moving slightly, as if he were muttering some spell incantations, only that his voice was too low that Han Li could not catch what he said.

Alongside of Doctor Mo's strange gesture, the ghostly mist on his face seemed to be extremely agitated. Just like pouring ice cold water on a boiling hot pan, the ghostly mist started to surge and seeth, creating a lot of small tentacles that were writhing threateningly in the air. It seemed that they wanted to stop Doctor Mo from doing something..

Just as the black fog was at its most saturated point, Doctor Mo suddenly opened his eyes. Despite the intense blanket of black fog, Han Li could still see Doctor Mo's eyes were full of vitality and concentration.

"Seven Ghost Devouring the Soul!"

Doctor Mo roared out the name of the secret art that he is planning to use on Han Li.

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