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Seeing that Han Li became furious, Li Feiyu did not get angry. Instead, Li Feiyu remained indifferent.

He tilted his head, stuck his pinky into his ear, and concentrated on cleaning his ear. Han Li's reaction was an appropriate and expected one.

After Han Li had vented his anger, he saw that Li Feiyu remained as brazen as a city wall, almost as if he had not heard any of Han Li's remarks. Han Li calmed down, sensing that something was off.

"You are not a fool, nor are you an egomaniac. You wouldn't do anything that would get yourself killed. You must tell me what your reason was behind such a reckless action right now," Han Li gravely demanded.

Li Feiyu, seeing that Han Li's anger was quickly being replaced once again by reason, felt somewhat regretful. He assumed a wronged and pitiful appearance and repeatedly complained of this injustice by shouting, "Heavens! I'm being wrongly accused!"

"A moment ago, I was actually about to give you an explanation, but you didn't even give me a chance to open my mouth!"

"Now you're complaining about me, am I truly no longer a person in your eyes!?"

This kind of whining was obviously fake. Anyone who took a quick glance at this farce would feel annoyed after seeing through the act.

Han Li also could not help but think of taking advantage of the situation and stepped forward, fiercely kicking Li Feiyu, who was resembling a sh!t-eating dog.

"Give me less acting and more explaining. Quickly!"

"You scoundrel. If the junior disciples that admire you see your lazy appearance, your image as a powerful and confident fighter would be completely shattered." Han Li gave him a bit of a mocking expression.

Han Li currently had no time to vent his anger and argue with Li Feiyu. If this secret exchange was not handled well, the two of them would face enormous consequences.

Li Feiyu seemed to realize what Han Li was thinking at this moment and no longer ridiculed or denounced him. Rather, he lazily walked over to the bundle and picked up a rare book.

After standing up straight, his face had a mysterious radiance. With a smile that was simultaneously not a genuine smile, he handed the book over to Han Li. Afterwards, signalling with his eyes, Li Feiyu beckoned Han Li to look at the book's cover.

Han Li reached out with his hand to receive the very thin and rare book, giving Li Feiyu a look filled with doubt.

He was at a bit of a loss, not knowing what sort of crafty scheme Li Feiyu was plotting.

"Open it and take a look for yourself. If you do, you'll understand everything." Li Feiyu deliberately used a mysterious tone in order to coax Han Li into examining the book.

"What, you can't say it outright? What's the point of trying to keep it a mystery?"

Although hesitation was evident on Han Li's face, he flipped through the pages of the book.

He opened the cover, revealing the first page of the rare manual. The top of the page, neatly written in black and white, were three large words: "Blinking Sword Art".

"En!" Han Li was slightly astounded.

Han Li was astonished that the first book Li Feiyu had given to him was exactly what he desired.

"Don't lose your focus. Come and see the rest of the books." Li Feiyu tossed over a few nearby rare manuals in succession.

Han Li caught the books one by one and was completely stunned after quickly skimming through their entirety..

All of their titles were clearly written with black and white characters: "Blinking Sword Art".

Only after a long while had passed did Han Li lift his gaze from the books in his hands.

Pointing his finger at the large pile of secret manuals on the ground, Han Li asked stammeringly, "You... you cannot possibly tell me... that these.... these... these are all manuals for "Blinking Sword Art"!

"I am very sorry, Junior Disciple Han. You have indeed guessed correctly." Li Feiyu shrugged his shoulders and spread his hands; his face wearing an expression of helplessness.

Although Li Feiyu seemed apologetic, his feelings did not coincide with his words. The corner of his mouth rose faintly as he derived pleasure from Han Li's frustration.

"This is impossible! There are almost a hundred books here, so how could all of these possibly be manuals for Blinking Sword Art?" Unable to stomach Li Feiyu's cheap tricks, Han Li questioned Li Feiyu because he was filled with great doubt.

"You're asking me? Who was I even supposed ask in order to verify that they were the right manuals without getting caught?"

"I was at the corner of the Seven Supreme Division's library when I suddenly came upon so many rare manuals sharing the same name. I, too, was shocked!" Li Feiyu rolled his eyes and mumbled to himself, giving off the appearance of having lingering trauma.

Soon after, he saw Han Li's dumbfounded expression and couldn't help but laugh heartily.

Li Feiyu would later say that seeing Han Li suffer such a shock was indeed a rare and impressive sight.

Ordinarily, Han Li's face was always calm and composed, as if he always had a card up his sleeve. For Han Li to be shocked was near impossible.

At this moment, Han Li had such a numb, foolish look that made Li Feiyu feel that these past few days had been well worth the taxing effort.

After a moment, Han Li had at last cleared his mind.

He tightly grabbed several books with his hands and lowered his head, deep in thought. Then, with a thought, he looked up and asked neither slowly nor rushed, "Did you count how many manuals were in the bundle?"

"In total, how many manuals did you bring?" Han Li once again asked.

"Naturally, I counted the manuals multiple times. Altogether, there are seventy four books, all with the same name." Li Feiyu immediately replied, without any hesitation.

"If we don't know the exact quantity of manuals and fail to return one or two books, we might draw ourselves unwanted attention, which might prove troublesome," Han Li immediately explained.

He softly pinched the somewhat yellow pages, slowly turning them over as he carefully skimmed one of the secret manuals in his hand.

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