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After half a year of relentless cultivation, Han Li was finally going to take Doctor Mo's test.

Zhang Tie was fidgeting as he stood close to Han Li. His behavior was nothing strange. Zhang Tie had told Han Li that for the past six months, he had made no progress on the oracular chant given to them by Doctor Mo.

Han Li knew that Zhang Tie's efforts in cultivating the oracular chant were no less intense than his own. Although Zhang Tie was unlike Han Li, who practiced like a madman, the efforts he expended could still be considered conscientious and diligent!

Strangely, the oracular chant seemed to be useless to Zhang Tie. No matter how much effort he put in, he wasn't able to produce even the slightest amount of effects. It seems like Zhang Tie would never successfully cultivate the oracular chant.

Han Li's mind was unsettled. He knew that Zhang Tie would probably fail the test. Even though Han Li was slightly successful in learning the oracular chant, he was not stronger than Zhang Tie in any way, so there was a high chance of both of them failing Doctor Mo's test.

Fearing the worst, Han Li assiduously cultivated. By the time of the exam, the strange energy flowing in his body had increased by a little. If the energy was as thin as a strand of hair in the past, it was now slightly thicker, resembling a thread of cotton. Even so, this did not reassure Han Li, who feared he might not pass Doctor Mo's test.

"Are you guys prepared? Let me take a look at the fruits of your cultivation." Doctor Mo squinted his eyes as he sat and coldly stared at the two of them.

"We are ready!" Han Li and Zhang Tie could only put forth a bold face and agree.

Doctor Mo, slowly rose from his chair and stood up. He put the book that always seemed to be nearby down on the table.

"Extend your hand"

"Circulate your Qi for me to see."

Doctor Mo held Zhang Tie's right wrist with one hand and placed his other hand on top of Zhang Tie's Dantian.

After the time it took to brew a cup of tea, Doctor Mo retracted his hands and closely evaluated Zhang Tie.

Zhang Tie's face was flushed as he nervously put his hands behind his back, lowering his head and not daring to look Doctor Mo in the eye. He knew Doctor Mo had most certainly discovered that he made no progress in the oracular chant and would probably punish him to teach the two of them a lesson.

"It's your turn."

To their surprise, Doctor Mo didn't even show the slightest indication that he would punish Zhang Tie. Some slight hints of disappointment flashing past Doctor Mo's eyes were the only reactions Doctor Mo had. After examining Zhang Tie, he turned to Han Li and motioned for him to come closer. He then held Han Li's wrist and began the inspection.

"His touch feels just like ice. It doesn't feel like the touch of a living human," Han Li mused in his mind.

The skin on Doctor Mo's hand was dried and full of calluses. As he held Han Li's hand, Han Li could feel slight waves of sharp pain.

Perhaps it was because the external interference agitated the energy within Han Li's body, but the strange flow of energy actually started to circulate by itself. It flowed through his meridians and energy channels, passed all his acupoints from his Dantian to his head, and flowed to his four limbs. It completed a full cycle before flowing back to his Dantian. The moment the strange flow of energy circulated throughout his entire body, Han Li's pain from Doctor Mo's touch immediately dissipated.

"Ai!" Doctor Mo involuntarily let out a sound of surprise; it appeared that he had discovered the strange flow of energy in Han Li's body.

"Quick, circulate your energy according to that chant that I taught you once again." Although Doctor Mo tried his best to suppressed his elation, traces of madness and excitement still flashed through his eyes, causing Han Li to be secretly alarmed.

"Slowly, slowly...let me take a good look." Doctor Mo added as his usually cold tone of voice became rushed, placing his other hand on Han Li's Dantian.

Han Li could feel both of Doctor Mo's hand tremble slightly. As Han Li circulated the strange energy, Doctor Mo became quite agitated.

"Not bad! Not bad! This feeling...this is the feeling that I wanted. I'm not wrong, I'm not mistaken! Hahaha!"

Doctor Mo, after a thorough examination, could no longer hold back and started laughing maniacally, both his hands tightly clutched on Han Li's shoulder. Even his normally squinty eyes enlarged as they intensely stared at Han Li. It was as if he had seen a rare and valuable treasure, his eyes flashing with faint traces of madness.

Han Li's ears were ringing from Doctor Mo's unceasing laughter and he felt slight pain on his shoulder. Seeing the madness in Doctor Mo's eyes, Han Li could not help but feel terror in his heart.

"Good, very good." From the expression on Han Li's face, Doctor Mo could tell that he was terrified. Only then did Doctor Mo realize;that he had been overeager; thus, he controlled himself and regained his composure.

"In the future, you must work as hard as you're working right now. From this day onwards, you will be promoted to my personal disciple." After saying that, Doctor Mo released his tight grip on Han Li's shoulder and proceeded to pat him in encouragement.

Doctor Mo regained his usual calm look almost as if his loss of control had never happened. But from his occasional glances at Han Li, one could tell that he was still tremendously excited.

"As for you..." Doctor Mo finally shifted his gaze onto Zhang Tie.

Zhang Tie was thunderstruck by the events that unfolded earlier. Seeing that Doctor Mo shifted the topic of conversation to him, Zhang Tie awoke from his daze with a start.

Just thinking that he failed the assessment and would be asked to leave the mountain caused traces of bitterness to appear on Zhang Tie's face as he looked at Doctor Mo.

"Your talent is questionable. Despite such a long period of time, you still could not produce even a small trace of energy. Accepting you as my personal disciple would be too much of a stretch." Doctor Mo repeatedly shook his head.

Zhang Tie's heart fell down to the bottom of an abyss after seeing Doctor Mo shaking his head.

But suddenly, Doctor Mo seemed to have thought of something interesting, as he gazed at Zhang Tie with a bizarre expression in his eyes.

"Looking at your bone structure, I may have a suitable technique for you. I just wonder if you are willing to learn from me..." Doctor Mo's sudden shift in conversation caught everyone by surprise. It was as if Doctor Mo wanted to allow Zhang Tie to pass the test.

The moment Zhang Tie heard Doctor Mo, how could he reject the offer? He immediately gave his consent and said that he would be willing to learn from Doctor Mo.

"Excellent! The two of you can depart first. Tomorrow, I will hand you both new cultivation techniques." It could be seen that Doctor Mo's current spirits were excellent!

Han Li and Zhang Tie both looked at each other and felt that today's test had been full of twists and turns. After all, both of them actually passed, leaving them both;satisfied and pleased.

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