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Looking up, both long figures come from the other end of the corridor, led by Rex, who wears a dark blue suit, giving a sense of dignity in his seriousness. He also wears the tie and cufflinks that she gave. His perfect figure proportion is just right for the suit, the natural coolness make people dare not to look at him. Joe follows Rex by his side, holding two folders on his hands. He wears a black suit that is unbuttoned, revealing a white shirt and tie that are matching. She doesn't really pay attention to him before, but now after carefully checking out, she found that Joe is also a talented person. His face is smaller than Rex. He has elongated eyes and his face is always plastered with a natural smile. With all of that soft appearance, it gives a harmony with wisdom and sharpness in his eyes. Rex walks in front of her as watching her observers his own secretary obsessively. With a little dissatisfied look, he says, "What are you looking at?" Crystal has already greeted to Rex when Lily has just recovers and follows her to greet, "President Rex." Rex answers them and stands still. For the first time, being so close with the president, Crystal is a little embarrasses and says in an enthusiasm, "Then I'll go back to the office first." Lily is embarrassed and pulls her, "Let's go together." "What? No no...." Crystal's vision circles around, she is a bit panic, "Don't you have something to say to President Rex, I won't bother anymore...." "Bother what? It's fine." Lily doesn't let her go. If she leaves now, it will be too eye-catching. Joe actually doesn't pay attention to Crystal. When he is distracted, he looks at the badge in front of her, not to mention, their surname is the same. Lily blinks at Rex, "Is there anything else? If no, we'll leave now." As seeing Rex stays still and continue to be cold, Joe reminds her, "Rex is here for meeting. He's worried about you, so simply stop by and take look." Lily nods, it really is a 'simply'. At this moment, Rex finally speaks, "Wait for me later. Let's go home together." "Don't you have a meeting?" "Wait for me till done." Rex has looked for quite some time, also had endured it for some time, but still failed in the end and raises his hand to tuck her messy hair behind her ears, "There is a resting room in my office." As the word pours out, not to mention Lily, even Crystal blushes. It's nothing else, but it is just too much to reverie..... "Ehm, you can go now." Lily with her unnatural look pulls Crystal's arm, "Let's go." Crystal has no choice but to leave with her quickly while lowering her head. Lily waits till she has turned around before she glares at Rex and hints him with her mouth, "Shameless." He raises his brows in disbelief and quickly grabs her neck with his arms then leans forwards to bit her lower lip. "Go." This is so embarrassing. ........ While Tim has been sitting comfortably in his office, waiting for Lily to surrender, he suddenly read the hot news of Rex's statement. In the basement parking lot, the two are surrounded in front of a car, the man completely wraps her body in his arms tightly, making in a protecting posture. Even the people who are standing at there could feel his power. However, the woman in his arms is not another woman; she is his ex-wife, Lily. The office door suddenly pushes open from the outside and Jade breaks in without knocking the door, "Tim, have you seen the news? Lily she...." Just half of it, she sees Tim's extremely indignant face. It depicts that he had seen it. The anger in Tim's body explodes in an instant. He kicks the office door violently and hit his fist hard on the wall. With a bang, the phone cracks and shatters instantly on the ground. Jade is frightened by his sudden outbreak and sits at the sofa in fear, "Tim, this is the company, calm down." "How can I calm down?" Tim yells at her. With Rex's silence for some time, he thought that he is about to give up Lily. Little did he expect that he will make such a response to the public? He snatches Jade's phone and clicks on the news to read the comments of the netizens at the bottom. It is obvious that they are still scolding Lily a few house ago, but now just half of it was, and many people have betrayed and started to scold him. 'It is after the divorce case, her ex-husband is so shameless that still wanted to influence the woman, how unlucky....' 'Look at it; Rex and Lily are true love. What is her ex-husband doing? Seeing that her woman has been treated well and feel unsatisfied?' 'Now I feel that his ex-husband is a bit dramatic. The two of them doesn't seem to do anything wrong. Oh right, does anyone know why did they divorced?' ....... After read through all of the comment one after another, Tim is mad and panicked, then curse angrily, "Sluts, she's a sluts!" Jade looks upset. She is afraid that he might will smash her phone in any time. Tim in front of her seems like a different person, no longer as funny and humorous as before, he is complete red-eyed by anger, like a violent man who could do anything to revenge. She even fears that Tim would bring his anger to her. Jade watches as he keeps on throwing a tantrum. After more than ten minutes, he finally calms down and she feels safe to speak, "Don't be mad, things have happened, just think how to solve it." "Solve it?!" Tim is now full of cruelty, "Rex has even made a statement, which means that he doesn't intended to look on coldly as a bystander. He will definitely do something to Buy U." After all, Tim had been in the market for so many years. He is not a fool, and about what Rex's position is in the market, he clearly knows it. He just doesn't expect that Rex doesn't care about his reputation for Lily's sake! "About what Rex did, isn't he afraid that he would be implicated with Lily?" Jade still couldn't believe that Lily had just won Rex! Tim smiles mockingly, "Do you think he is afraid? He is eagerly to break me into pieces with no residue left, helping Lily to revenge." Jade frowns, only feeling that things are more serious than she thought. This Rex.... She recalls the memory when she first met him at the police station, handsome, tall and strong. He even has the arrogant temperament that makes people dare not to close at him. He looks perfect, but there is a sharpness and composure hidden under it, very shrewd. If he really wanted to revenge on Tim, she can image what the result is. Tim is totally not his opponent. That man is too dreadful. But a man like him is willing to do everything for Lily. Jade clenches her fists, feeling an extreme imbalance once again. If she knows Rex first, he would not like Lily. What's the good about Lily? Lily isn't amorous or charming. Men would not like a wood and they only like a feminine like her. It is just because Lily knows him first. Thinking of this, she couldn't help but say viciously, "She is just a divorced woman. Even if Rex accepts her, his family will never accept her!" 
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