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When Lily returns to the office, as expected, she receives the baptism sight. Although they are deliberately covering it up, she can still sense those burning eyes. Lily had just walked to the seat when Kinsey suddenly comes out of the office to call her, "Lily, come here." Her pulling chair movement pauses and turns to walk over. Inside the office, Kinsey doesn't beat around the bush and straight to the point, "I've seen the news about you and Rex. I wanted to know some of your personal thoughts." Putting aside those hypocrite methods, such frankness make Lily feels at ease, "Kinsey, I have no other thoughts. I just wanted to do my job and work hard." Kinsey looks at her with a polite smile, doesn't express too much but only question her, "Then have you ever thought about your relationship with Rex might affect others colleagues?" They announce their relationship and some colleagues might have some concern. It will surely have a lot of impact on the work. Lily ponders for a moment and repeats Rex's words, "There will surely be an impact, but it is only temporary and I think these impacts are more from their own speculation. As long as I strictly control myself, I believe this will pass and everyone will work more seriously." "It's good if you think that way, but I will always pay attention to your working condition, if something occurs, I will propose to make other arrangement for you." After that, Kinsey adds, "Of course, you might not be necessarily afraid. I hope you can understand. I just do what I should do." Lily nods recklessly. "I understand." Compared with Julia, she prefers a leader like Kinsey, she will directly tell her what she need to pay attention to or what deficiencies she have to improve her work, rather than trying to make things difficult. She is very objection and fair. Just like her words from just now, there is no word that makes her feel unfair, but only to inspire her to work harder. Seeing her magnificent manner, Kinsey nods appreciatively, "Okay then, you may leave. If you have any problem, just contact me any time." Lily walks out from her office and sits in her own desk. The desk beside hers belongs to Crystal. It is only separated by a barrier and every word could be heard. Lily opens the company's internal communication software and sent her a message, after quite some time, the other party finally replies back. There is only a solitary question mark. Lily: I don't know how to explain it to you. I wasn't sure about some things before, thus I couldn't tell you. I hope you don't blame me, I didn't intend to lie to you, sorry. For a while, the other party keeps on indicating 'the other party is typing', she could tell that she hesitates about what to say. Finally, Crystal only sent a few words: Why didn't you tell me when I asked you? Lily bits her lip: I wasn't sure back then. Crystal's hand that is hanging above the keyboard, curls up and then utters a sentence: You are Rex's girlfriend. In the eyes of others at this time, I have become a person who fawns on you. At the time when Lily was said she had backer and when Lily was excluded, she is the only one that willing to get along with her, because she feels that Lily has a good personalities and her morals are very good, but now she has been said to fawn on her. Up to this day, Rex has acknowledged Lily's identity. All the people in the company who aware of this matter are surprised that the two people who have a very different background, are actually together. She is not the so-called mistress, but they really are lovers. When Crystal read the news, the white porridge in her mouth is almost spewed out. Besides surprises, she is more disappointed. She has asked Lily more than once, but she always denied it either directly or indirectly. Although it is her personal matter, still she couldn't help but be disappointed. Did she consider herself as a friend? Seeing her text message, Lily feels guilty for a while and stop chatting from the computer but directly pulls her to the pantry. The two fight side by side. The atmosphere becomes so awkward for the first time. Lily takes the initiative to speak, "Crystal, it's not like what you think. Although I've known Rex for quite some time, our relationship is not official. When you asked me about it, I also don't know what our relationship is. It was only today, he clearly admitted me." "Then you guys are together when it is still unclear?" Speaking of which, Lily's face is somewhat hot, then nods embarrassedly, "Right." Their start is indeed not good and can even be said that the reality is terrible. If she wasn't falling in love with him, she wouldn't dare to imagine what she would experience. Crystal looks at Lily, who gradually lowers her head. She feels wrong and uneasy. In fact, what is wrong with her? There is not absolute thing about feelings, only the parties know what happened. As an outsider, she doesn't have rights to comment or even angered by her concealment. What she cared the most is actually Lily, as her friend. Thinking of it, Crystal looks at her and asks seriously, "Lily, do you treat me as a friend?" Because of her words, Lily raises her head in shock, her big eyes is about to stare out, "What are you saying, how can I not treat you as a friend!" In her heart, Crystal is her best colleagues in Han Yu, and also is her friend outside the company. How can she have such doubts? Crystal is also still young. She is in the same age as Lily. Many small problems are still sentimental for them. The two face each other and can be seen from the eyes that they are telling truth. Her eyes gradually redden, "Why you make such a big event without saying a word? I though you were Cinderella, who knows it was the princess from the Ivory tower..." Hearing her jokes, Lily is relieved and shakes her head, "Are you kidding me?" Crystal chokes her with anger, "You're Rex's girlfriend, and you don't need anything else." "That's what you thought of him." Lily is helpless and shakes her hand then looks at her sincerely, "Crystal. It's not that I didn't treat you as a friend. Deep in my heart, you were more than a colleague for me, you are my friend. Even outside of the company, you are still my friend. As for my own hardships before, I hope you don't get me wrong. I never tell you because I just don't know what to say..." Hearing her words, Crystal's eyes even more redden. She stares her for a few second before burst into tears and laughs. She couldn't help but is amused by her sadness, "You are so lucky. When you didn't come to the office this morning, lots of people envied you. You have no idea what they are talking about. But still, I don't think they will dare to trouble you anymore in the future." Before, Lily is miserably bullied, but now, the fortune is on her side. Although Lily's mouth denied it, her body is still very honest. She feels a sense of pride when hearing someone admired Rex. The person she likes should be excellent. The misunderstanding is unraveled and the two reconcile as before. As the matter of fact, it isn't a quarrel. It is merely a little misunderstanding but Lily has untie it in time thus it would not be more tightened. All has been solved, Crystal is also unscrupulous anymore, and then whisper in her ear, "Don't forget me when you become the CEO's wife. Remember that your friend is still single and introduce a few excellent men to me." Hearing it, Lily reminds of a people at the same time and thinks serious, then looks at Crystal again, "If you really want it, there is a person." Crystal is basically just saying, but who knows, Lily really has a connection and nods immediately, "Well, okay, are there any photos, let me see." "No need." Lily looks at her teasingly, "We recognize him." "What?" Crystal is dumbfounded, "Who?" "Joe." Lily lowers her voice. When she walked out of the pantry, she saw a person and elbowed her, "He's coming." 
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