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Even when the male reporter hasn't recovered from the huge shock, he looks at the equipment that is not far away. His pupils are shaking like an earthquake, "You, why are you smashing my camera! You have no rights to do so!"

"You asked me why?" He looks at the numerous reporters around him, "Just because I didn't accept your interview and you hit my girl."

This sentence is undoubtedly a bomb. Just in a second, it explodes in everyone's eye.

What did Rex just said?

My girl!

Does that mean he admit the identity of Lily?!

In a flash, everyone secretly has a speculation, but no one dare to ask it like just now. After all, when it comes to Rex, provoking him might not be the best policy.

Rex takes a step forward and the person in front of him automatically gives him a way. He walks to Lily and reaches out his hand, "Get up."

Lily's shoulders slightly shaking, she is very ashamed of herself, in addition with the word he said just now, she is moved to tears.

She is never a weak person nor did she like to cry, but every time he is around, she will be extremely weak.

This man, at this moment, is all she depends on.

Lily puts her hand to his palm and the next second, he pulls her up and hugs her tightly. While pressing her head, he blocks all of the flashes and unimpressive sight, leaving her a warm embrace.

Just a simple action and no one dare to despise Lily anymore. The sight that looks at her is a little bit dreadful.

She is the first woman that Rex announces to the public.

However.... He just admitted it, isn't he afraid of making a fuss?

Obviously, Rex also knows what they are thinking and doesn't let them further speculate things, "I introduced Lily to Smith. We have been in a relationship after Lily submitted her divorce case, thus, there is nothing unreasonably, including what the news said is fake."

Rex takes the initiative to speak, which make everyone stunned. After a long silence, a reporters finally stumbles out a question, "You, did you said that it was just a normal relationship with Lily?"

He shifts his vision sharply, "What's wrong with the normal relationship of a boy and girl?"

It seems... nothing wrong.

The reporter refutes helplessly and nods, "... that's right."

Rex shifts his gaze, he doesn't even care what others thought or seen, "You can publish what I say. As long as it's true, I won't sue it."

After finishing the speech, he hugs Lily directly and walks to the elevator without looking back.

The elevator door has closed, yet the reporters that are still standing in the parking lot look at each other. After a few seconds, they recover and rush back to their cars to report hurriedly about what had just happened to the headquarters.

Such big news, which released it first, would be renowned.


At the same time, Lily is taken to the CEO's office by Rex. When she raises her head, there is still a trace of redness in the eyes, "About what you said just now, aren't you afraid of the bad influence on yourself?"

After all, she has been attacked fiercely on the Internet, sluts, bitches, etc. Various kind of unpleasant words about her, makes him undoubtedly mad.

However, he doesn't seem to care at all, "I don't care."

Lily twits her brows, "But I care."

The thing that she hates the most is to see a good lawyer like Rex, whom is admired by so many people, fell off the altar and into a dirty soil just because of her. She doesn't want him to be seen disgusted because of herself.

The gently woman turns into strong disturb Rex. "It's fine. I'm not Tim. Before saying things like this, I had made sure of everything and also had made me one-hundred percent protect you."

"What are you going to do?"

Rex raises his hand to caress her uneasy face, "You don't have to worry about it, I'll take care of it."

Others blame her because he doesn't make a response. Now that he had said it, the outsiders will not likely blame her as before. Besides, he also worried that those people who insulted Lily is the waterborne troops from Tim.

However, it is also quite a good idea for him to deal with it, hence, she doesn't have to defile her purity and cleanliness.

About the facts, Rex has done everything. After he overbearingly announced Lily's identity, the news is published on the headline within half an hour.

It instantly takes the top spot in the hot search, even some website break down by this news.

Lily has been staying in his office for the whole time, not because she doesn't want it, but she has no confidence to face the strange sight, especially after the news broke.

By looking at the man who is sitting behind the desk and dealing with business affairs in concentration, she walks slowly in two steps, "Rex, have you seen the news?"

"Hm." His nasal cavity make a sound and responses perfunctorily without looking up, his vision is still stick on the document.

Lily feels uneasy, "Do you just let them be?"

"The public relation department is handling it. Pehry has a connection and had been processing it too."

Lily unforeseen that Rex has already prepared it.

However, there is still a problem.

"Isn't it appropriate for me to work here?"

After her words, the man who had been indifferently all the time finally stops and slightly moves. He removes the cap of the pen gracefully and raises his pupils to meet hers, "Why is it inappropriate?"

"Aren't our relationship is a bit awkward?"

The handsome eyebrow slightly raises, "Are you embarrassed?"

"No, others."

"What's your relationship with me?" He is so impressed by Lily appearance that doesn't care about others.

Lily sighs and reminds him, "Others will talk about you from behind."

"Will they?" He pouts his lips and says with a complete confidence, "At least in front of me, you're still here, and they won't dare."


"Lily." Rex cuts her off, "Anything that is surprising will not be easily accepted, just like you and me. Although some people don't like it in the beginning, they still have to accept the reality. So this is only temporary, you have to personally face them."

If she wants to be together, she must have the courage to face all of this. Lily knows this is what he meant. She is only worried that he will be implicated by her.

Judging by his look, he doesn't seem to be afraid at all, thus, she shouldn't flinch.

Lily inhales deeply twice to gather her courage, "Then I'll go back to the office."

"Come here." Rex waves at her, "Come to me."

Without knowing his motive, but Lily's period is still here, she's not afraid of it and walks to his side, "What's wrong?"

He stands up and hooks her chin to kiss it, just like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water, just a short touch, "Go."

The warmth stayed on the lip for a second and Lily almost doesn't react, then reaches out to pushes him and says quickly, "Bye."

Rex locks his gaze at the petite figure until she is out of sight. The office door opens and closes, separating them. The old man sits back to the chair, reopened the document, but couldn't concentrate.

For so many years, this is the first time he couldn't concentrate.

His sexy thin lip mocks himself. In less than a minute, he is distracted again. Rex, he really falls in love with her but doesn't realize it.

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