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Lily ducks her heard, "Be more serious!"

"I'm serious." Rex recalls the memory when they first met, his sexy lip form into an arc in evil spirits, "I've been hunting you since the beginning."

It is just that he ignored it until one day, she greatly influence him and made him reconsider.

A lonely man and a widow, whom haven't seen each other for a few days, fell in love at each other, which make it easy to rub a sparks in the bed. Lily thinks about it and decides to find something else to distract her.

Thinking of the home theater back in the house that had never been used, she proposes, "if you have nothing to do, let's watch some movie."

"Watch movie?"

Lily points beside, "Isn't there is home theater?"

As the matter of a fact, Rex doesn't like to watch movie. After the theater is installed, he almost never used it. For him, this kind of thing is a waste of time and feelings. It takes two or three hours just to watch a movie, really imprudent.

However, if it is with Lily, it doesn't seem so difficult to accept it.

"I'll support you."

"No need." Lily straightens up and smiles slyly at him, "Do you really think I'm a patient? Every woman have a menstrual cramp, it's not a big deal."

As watching her persistence, Rex doesn't care but only slowed his pace and walks beside her, he doesn't go straight as usual.

Such a small details, Lily observes and appreciates it. An arrogant man like him will always attract people. If she doesn't personally experience it, she would not believe it.

They go into the home theater side by side. Although they hadn't seen it before, the equipment is very new. There is a row of discs on the shelf, all of which are collection and limited editions. She is left speechless, "Did you buy all of this?"

"No, Pehry gave it to me." Rex walks over, his long arms passes over the side of her face to randomly pick one up, "What do you want to watch?"

She peeks at the one that he took, 'Beautiful Life', which she has watched, it was a movie from the late nineties, about the life of Nazi and Jew with a strength and greatness of being a father in that era, "Let's watch this."

It fully describes the warmest side of human nature, very vivid and touching.

Rex has no objection and turns around to insert the discs to the projector, then randomly takes a blanket and covers Lily. He sits beside her and holds her cold hands that cause by pain.

Unlike movie theater, the two rely together that their breath lingers with each other's breath, which makes people inexplicably calm and enjoy the pure experience and feeling brought by the movie.

Lily is very enthusiastic, and Rex is also gradually immersed by the plot. In the middle of a crisis, the male protagonist pretends to be a wooden toy to make his son happy, and even doesn't hesitate to speak German to console his son.

In the end, the Soviet Red Army enters the camp, which his son still lived in the 'happiness' created by his father. Lily is touches that couldn't help crying, even after she wipes it, it keep on falling down.

Rex couldn't concentrate anymore. His vision sweeps to the woman beside her. Under the flickering light, the side of her face is pale. But the paleness still couldn't hide her meek beauty. She is really fascinating and attractive.

Rex looks at the woman in his arm silently. She is really like a drug for him, even if she did nothing, he can be cured.

When the music at the end of the movie comes out, Lily eases away from the plot. She actually feels embarrasses after crying for so long, but her eyes fall into his deep eyes.

The light of the room is only from the screen. The refection of the eyes is each other's shadows. Rex couldn't help but touch her cheeks, the light and shadow on her eyes is like a torch in the deep sea, very stunning.

He leans closer steadily, as if dragging but also approaching tentatively at the same time. Both of them circling ambiguously until his lip touch hers. From shallow to deep, patiently and gently guided his girl.

The melodious ending of the movie has not end yet. It haunts the room with aftertaste. The atmosphere is too good that it is so intoxicating.

Before losing control, he lets her go. A frost seems to be flowing in his pupils, which makes his word unreasonable, "Wrong timing...."

Lily blushes and dares not to look at him. For the first time, her period come at a wrong timing, "The, the film has end."

Rex takes a deep breath and tries to restrain the horn in his body. Then, he puts on his clothes and sits upright. The aftertaste is still there, filling the air with their hearts.

Lily doesn't dare to breath. It is already hard enough to get to the end of the movie. When she is about to get out of the room, she is pushed against the wall and hears a sound right next to her round earlobes, "Run now, let's come back when you feel better."


After resting for a night, her stomach feels much better the next day. It is always uncomfortable for the first day and will be fine after that.

Rex lets her rest, but she insisted to go to the company, thinking that she had taken permission from Orson the day before yesterday. After leaving so much work behind, she feels sorry, hence she insists to go.

Rex couldn't block her but only agrees, "Come with me."

"No way!" Lily refuses without thinking, "There are a lot of paparazzi outside the company. What if they found out...."

"What about it?" Rex clenches her little soft hand and says with a serious tone, "If I dare to take you, means I afraid of nothing."


"No but. If you don't want to come with me, then don't go."

As expected, Lily doesn't refute anymore. Knowing that refuting is useless, so she dutifully follows him to the car.

She sits in the co-driver seat and pulling the seat belt aside when his vision sweeps over, "I always have to use this method to deal with you."

Never listen properly, she is stubborn, therefore he can only be more stubborn.

Lily pouted, says nothing.

All the way through, the car finally drives into the basement parking lot of the Han Yu's building. When the two had just got out of the car and are walking towards the elevator, suddenly, out of nowhere, a group of paparazzi rushes towards them. Numerous black microphones pass over her face, which make her shocks and subconsciously covers her face.

"Don't shoot, don't shoot...." She pulls her clothes to block her face, the voice is almost audible.

Rex is soon surrounded by reporters. All of them rushed to him, forcing the two to be separated.

In the mess, without clearly known, someone slams Lily's shoulders hardly. It should be a camera or other equipment that cause a sharp pain in her shoulder. She couldn't hold and takes a few step back to maintain the balance, but because of the strong force, she still fall to the ground.

With both knees and shoulders in pain, Lily can't stand up in a hurry, but bows her head in a self-protection posture to prevent others from seeing her face.

The incident that happened in the past few days make her lose the confidence to face it, she just wanted to hide herself.

Rex looks at the little woman who was sitting on the ground. Although he couldn't see her expression, he feels the bitterness and heartbreak.

The bloodthirsty factor in the bone sober a little bit, but the stupid reporters around him don't notice it. Rex stretches his neck. People who know him well will fully acknowledge that this is the sign before he become angry.

"Rex, what's your relationship with Lily? It has been almost a week since the news, but you still don't have any response, can you explain it?"

Among them, a middle-aged male reporter holds a microphone with the company's logo in it and hands to him. Behind the black glasses is a pair of eyes with a strong selfish desire.

Rex suddenly smiles, which is creepy.

Rex looks at the reporter who asked the question. If he remembers it correctly, it is the man that hit Lily just now, but he doesn't look back at all.

His gaze falls on the cameraman who held the camera in front of him, and the next second, he throws the expensive equipment ten meters away.

In the exclamation of everyone, he looks as if nothing had happened. His terrifying eyes fix its gaze on the male reporters, "You, apologize to her."

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