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"Hey, your change, Sir..."

The clerk chases out, but unfortunately, there is only a bunch of car exhaust. The SUV Bentayga has rushed out and disappeared from the sight.

The clerk looks at the eighty-one change on her hand, her heart beats fast. A man like him, who wears elegantly and drives a luxury car with a perfect face, run out in the middle off the night only to buy a sanitary pads.

It is hard to imagine what kind of woman can make him willing to do so.


Rex drives all the way back to the Villa. Either sit or lies is better for Lily. She is standing in the living room when he comes back. She then quickly snatches the black plastic bag and run to the toilet.

Five minutes later, she comes out of the bathroom. The world seems brighter.

However, she doesn't feel happy for that long and gets sharp cramps in her abdomen till unable to get out of bed. Since young, she is intolerance in pain and every first day of her menstrual period, it will be very painful, in severe case, dizziness and nausea might occur.

Rex comes out of the bathroom after taking a shower. He hasn't been slept well for the past few day because of jet lag. And today, he just wanted to have a good sleep while hugging her, but who knows, when he opens the quilt, he sees Lily's body curving uncomfortably.

Rex has no idea about woman's period problem and has asked but got no answer. With some irritability, he calls Karl. "Lily's belly is extremely painful, is there any way to relieve it?"

A dizzy doctor who has just done a surgery and hasn't eat yet is stuffed with a lot of bullshit, he finally burst out, "I'm a surgeon not gynecologist. A dysmenorrhea in menstrual period is normal as long as she doesn't vomit; only dizzy is fine!"

Rex treats him as a menopausal old man and ignores his yell, "I'm asking how to ease it."

With his anger, Karl takes off the surgical mask and throws it to the trash can. When it comes to the terms of professional ethics, he still replies, "Painkillers would be effective, but it has some side effect, or just drink some warm brown sugar and ginger, it is somewhat effective too."

"Brown sugar and ginger cooked together?" Rex has never done this kind of things, it is quite frustrating for him, thus, he asks detailly.

"Yes." Karl mouth twitches, "Rex, you're too exaggerated. It is only a menstrual pain, it's not a big deal and you even call me, are you still sane?"

"She's mine so what, do you mind?"

After speaking, without waiting for Karl to reply, he hangs up.

Karl puts his phone back to his pocket, finding him both funny and annoying, "I'm just saying."

Sally has just come out of the operating room when he said those words. She looks at her dean and happened to meet his sight, then act dumb, "Karl, what's wrong?"

"Oh, nothing." Karl responses casually. When he found out it is Sally, he adds another sentence, "Just like you, always making me worry and upset."

"...." Sally is very innocent, why involved her?

"Why are you still standing, go to my office to pack things up." Karl waves his hand, full of leadership posture.

Sally grimaces. She has just stood on the operating table for three hours and before waiting her to catch a breath. She is enslaved by Karl again. A lot of students in the same period envied her to be Karl's apprentice, only ghost knows what she has experienced.

Karl looks at her frustrated face and raises his brows, "Why, unwilling? Well, I'll ask someone....."

"No, no!" Sally jumps hurriedly in front of him, "I'll go, I'll go..."

For last sentence, she silently adds in her heart, no daring to speak out.

Karl bows slightly and hooks his lips, then pushes her shoulder blades to push her forward, "Quickly."


After hanging up, Rex goes straight to the kitchen. He finds a soup pot that has never been used before, cut the ginger into slices, then takes the brown sugar from the freezer and put in inside. The ginger water is poured in a cup ten minutes later.

A dense smell of brown sugar and ginger come into the bedroom. His vision locks on the small ball on the bed, "Get up and drink this."

Lily is very unwell. She stretches out and sees a glass on the bedpost, her brain still couldn't proceed, "What's this?"

His wrist slightly moves, "Brown sugar and ginger water."

Lily is startled and gets up to take a look. The dark brown liquid smells really like a ginger. She then teases the person besides him, "Di you cooked it?"

By looking that he is going to lose his temper, she blows it and takes a sip quickly. The warm heat flows across her throat into the stomach, it even warms her heart.

To be honest, Lily doesn't like ginger, but watching him prepared it for her, she forces herself to drink it, not willing him to waste his effort.

"Is it better?" Rex sees her drink it obediently and soften up.

Lily couldn't help but laugh, "How can it have such a quick result."

"Karl said it worked."

She opens her mouth in surprise, "Why are you bothered to ask him about this thing?"

"I look you're in an extreme pain." Rex helps her to lie down and suddenly lifts up her sweater.

Lily is shocked that she can only whispers, "What are you doing!"

He pauses his palm and understands why she responses badly. Wearing a displeased look, he asks in a bad tone, "I'm massaging your tummy, what else can I do?"

Lily knows she is overthinking and touches her nose awkwardly, "Sorry, it's my reflex."

Who let him so.... unscrupulous just now. She is quite overwhelmed before overreacted.

Rex knows she is ill and doesn't fret back. His palm keeps on massaging her soft belly with no other movements. He rubs it earnestly.

His big yet warm palms is a little dry, with a thin cocoon on his fingertips, which clung to her skin with an unusual touch, as if it penetrated the skin to give a constant warmth.

Lily peers at his serious yet handsome face, which gives her a burst of sweetness in the heart. This is her first time seeing him like this, it's unbelievable, "Do you know what my first impression to you?"


"A refined rascal and beast in human form with soft heart."

Rex's eyes flicks, the strength in his hand increased a bit, "You want to mess with me?"

"Really, it turn out that my first impression is really accurate." Lily knows he is helpless now and adds in a few words to take more advantage, "Isn't it?"

Rex observes her small inch face and replies back, "Then do you know what my first impression for you is?"

Speaking of which, Lily is really curious, "What?"

"White skin, small face, big eyes, slender waist, warped butt...."

Without waiting for him to finish, Lily couldn't help it anymore and cuts him off, "What are you talking about! Do you see this as your first impression?"

"There are only two thoughts when a man sees a woman." Rex's eyes unconsciously fell on her body, "either feelings or....."

He leans closer to Lily's ear to leave the rest of the word that could make people embarrassed. The thin breath is all over her neck, tickle and hot, like a small hand scratching.

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