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Lily smells the familiar scent. The calm mint fragrance with his unique breath is reassuring and even the coldness in his body is banished a little bit.

Lily wanted to push him away to question him why did he suddenly appeared now, why did he hadn't contact her, why did he disappeared, but when she meet him, she couldn't say a word and only buries her head in his arms to cry fiercely.

After a few days, the depressed mood has finally released, it all scrambled out in tears.

The shirts on Rex' chest soon is wet. The warm liquid infiltrated to his skin, keep on burning till the bottom of his heart, ironing every corner of it.

Lily cries for a long time, it is so long that her eyes hurt before she could calm down. Her hand slightly presses against his bulky chest and looks at to the familiar face, "Why are you back suddenly?"

Rex says nothing but scans around to the surrounding environment, which can be sum up in three messy words. His eyebrows twist and hold her little hand, "Let's talk in the car."

Lily is reluctant. He comes without an explanation but just picking her up, however.... It is indeed inconvenient to speak here.

Lily is taken to the car by him and sits on the co-driver seat. Her sight unconsciously sweeps to the sturdy man besides her. She doesn't speak, but the intense heartbeat has tortured her enough.

Both hands on the legs gradually tightened. Her vision moves away and fell to the front, as if doesn't see anything but only waiting him to explain and answer.

Rex is in no rush, which can be seen by him taking a box of cigarettes from the dashboard and draws out a root. Even his smoke posture is also charming.

He also knows to qualm her and opens the windows on both side to expel the smell of smoke.

After a moment, he finally breaks the silence, a clear voice come over, "Fasten your seat belt."

Lily blinks her eyes and glances down without moving.

Feeling his sharp vision looking over, the kind of rushing pressure makes her stiff in her seat.

The atmosphere inside the car turns condensed instantly. The grievance feelings hit her once again, which make her throat quickly sore. She closes her eyes and moves her right hand slightly to open the door.

The strong and nice smell on her side presses towards her. When she is about to touch the doorknob, his harsh palm fell on the back of her hand.

Lily had no choice but raises her head to look at him. Both of them are so close that their breath is intertwined. By looking at his complexion, his lip moves and is about to say something, but his big hand suddenly grabs her wrists and kiss her slightly open lip.

There is a bang in her head. Her body subconsciously pushes back, but the man in front of her moves faster. The other hand wraps around her waists and hold firmly against her sweater.

Even though they aren't in a good term, the body is still familiar with the touch.

He kisses fiercely that the tangled voice echoes in their ear. Lily wanted to withdraw, but her hand doesn't cooperate and pinches the shirt on his chest.

All of the smell in her nose is his scent. The burning flames in her body slightly twitch. The difference between her body and heart is torturing her, letting her eyes moist.

His hand squeezes twice on her waist and soon lets her go, panting with unsteady breath as well then presses their forehead together, "Why are you running from me, huh?"

With a slap in her heart, while enduring the wetness in her eyes, she become tough, "Why are you looking for me?"

She doesn't want to go back with him without any explanation. Once there is a lump in her heart, it will not be easy to compromise.

Rex knows what she mind, and plans to explain it once they went home, but he unforeseen her persistence.

Thus, there is no choice but do it now.

"Why am I looking for you?" He repeats it with a heavy tone with one palm holding her face, letting her see his calmness and seriousness, "Because I only heard about the news before coming, because I get off the plane and couldn't reach you, because I didn't see your figure once I went home and only found a cold anklet left behind."

Lily has to make an effort for not making a strange noise from her lip. Suddenly, she is pulled into his arms by him.

His palm is pushing her head to his chest, "Because I'm worried about you, I miss you very much, because I wanted to hold you like this."

Lily listens clearly to every single words, her heart suddenly beat faster, gradually overlapped with the sound of his heartbeat beside his ear.

It is very strong and powerful, which make her shocked.

"Then why didn't you pick up my call, why did you disappear?"

Rex thinks of what had happened back in the States and twists his brows fiercely. After thinking for a moment, he still fails to tell her the truth, "I'm in a closed meeting, no one can contact the outsiders, it about company's secret."

It turns out to be like that....

The small lump that had existed in the heart is released. She is really a mollycoddle, she has vowed not to let him go easily, but only with a few words, she couldn't help but has forgiven him.

In the matter of love, she always has this weakness, as long as the other party is willing to give her a little response, she will hug him with the world.

Tears gradually formed in the corner of her eyes and slips down to her tender face, and then finally sink into the collar under the jaw.

She cries in a delicate and lovely way that Rex is heartbroken when he either sees or doesn't see it. He then uses the thumb to wipe her tears and says, "If I know what had happened, I won't leave you alone. It's my fault that you bear all of this alone."

Is this an apology?

Lily cries till her eyes red and says a sentence that doesn't even sound like a sentence, "Next, next time don't let, let me can't find you, okay?"

She is really afraid, afraid that every illusion she made come true, afraid that it will end up like her previous relationship, afraid that all of her effort is useless.

After his explanation, the petite woman in his arms doesn't calm down yet cried even more. His brows presses together, feeling distressed and anxious, and says in an impatient tone, "Why are you still crying?"

"I didn't cry....." Lily deceives him and raises her hand to wipe her tears, "It force to come out, I can't control it....."

"I'll kiss you if you cry again."

Lily blushes and looks away, her two small hand covers her cheeks, fearing that he would really kiss again thus doesn't want to be close to him. She is afraid that he will do it regardless any circumstances. They are still in the car......

After a few days, there must be a desire, just a glance might make him horn.

Rex lit another cigarette, "What does it mean that you almost couldn't see me?"

Lily is stunned by his question and gradually recalls what she said in the phone. She doesn't expect that he still remember it and flashes back Ryan's face. She then lowers her eyes to block the panic under her eyes, "No, I did it on purpose, to look serious you know, I want to make you sad...."

This reason is not trustable.

Rex doesn't continue to ask, he couldn't think about such a bizarre thing anyway.

Rex unlocks the car and makes a hint to Lily, "Seat at the back."

Before she could refute, he has already gotten out of the car and the driver outside came in immediately to take over his seat on the driver seat.

Lily looks back at the spacious back seat with a blushing face. She knows what it means and grits her teeth while getting off the car.

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