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They stare at each other. Lily doesn't hide. The panic under her eyes has calmed down a bit, and looks at the man on the reclining chair not far away.

Ryan raises his eyebrows, obviously unexpected it. Even though the blood is still flowing, there is a bloodthirsty smile on the corner of his mouth, "No."

Lily sighs in relief. Fortunately, in some countries, carrying a gun is still legal.

After asking that question, she keeps quiet. The more she knows, the more dangerous it is for here. Leaving here alive is enough for her.

Time pass minute by minute, Lily has squatted for a long time until her legs are numbs and anesthetizes. Just when she is about to collapse, she suddenly heard a light footstep outside the log house.

She subconsciously looks up and before she could see who was coming, someone throws an oval smoke bomb from the window.

A sizzle sound fills in the log house. Just in a second, the white smile covers the whole house, nothing could be seen.

While covering her mouth, Lily retreats to the corner and walks along the wall towards the doorway. When she finally touches the doorknob, she pushes it without hesitation and run out but freezes at the moment she turned around.

That man.....

After standing in the same place and struggling for a while, she couldn't see someone in mortal danger but leaving them behind. Hence, she runs back to the house but that man on the recliner is no longer there, leaving only a glowing silver ring.

There is a flame sign on it, just like him, mysterious yet dazzling.

Lily has not time to think about it and runs out with the ring. In just a few steps away, someone suddenly strangles her neck.


"Don't shout." Ryan holds the gun on his hand but also doesn't feel confident, "Since you've come in to save me, I might as well send you a gift. This time you save my life, I, Ryan will definitely return it to you, and you can find me at any time with this ring."

Hearing his voice, Lily wanted to turn back but is resisted by the gun, "Don't look!"

She spontaneously stands motionless.

About half a minute after the gun is removed, Lily asks tactfully, "Can I go now?"

No one answers her. After she repeats it again, there is only a cold response.

Lily uses her foresight to look back. Sure enough, there is nothing behind her. The man who just threatened her has disappeared long ago.

Lily looks at the ring on her hand. There is no trace of temperature in the icy ring, just like that man. She wears the ring on her middle finger and after it stabilized, she feels something uneven in the ring's line.

With a closer look, it turns out to be a row of Arabic numerals, which should be a series of phone number.

Lily is stunned. It turns out that he left the ring for a purpose.

Is it because she came in to find him again?

Lily intuitively feels that he is a dangerous man, and about to throw the ring away. But the moment she takes it off, she wears it again. Thinking, it might be dangerous if it is picked up by others.


After leaving the log house, Lily takes off her coat and puts it in her bag. She finds a motel nearby with a cheap price, in which the complimentary is real bad, it is so humid with a mildew in the room.

After washing and drying her clothes, Lily takes a long bath. She is sleepless by that man and turns on the phone again. She just wanted to disperse her energy, but before she switches it to the airplane mode to play a game, Joe has called in.

Lily hesitates for a second before picking it up, "Hello?"

"Lily?" Joe shouts uncertainly.

"It's me."

"It's really you! Lily, you've finally answered your phone. Where are you now? Rex is about to be crazy to find you!" Joe is extremely excited yet anxious at the same time.

Lily is stunned, "Rex?"

"Yes, Rex came back today and goes to find you right after he landed. But you weren't at home and can't be reached too. If you still didn't answer your phone, he will probably turn the city upside down!"

Joe weeps without tears. If she still couldn't be reach, Rex has asked him to call her for 24 hours a day. This has been more than a hundred attempts which his finger is already hurt.......

Lily doesn't expect Rex will come back so sudden, let alone finding her. Her brain still couldn't keep up, "Isn't he is on a business trip in the States?"

"He'd come back earlier." Joe is really anxious, "Lily, where are you?"

Lily scans around and takes the card on the table, which has a specific location on it, she shows it out, "It's here."

"Okay, don't hang up, let me tell Rex."

It takes a few minutes before Joe picks up the phone again, "Lily, Rex is on the way. He might call you any time, I'll hang up first."

Lily looks at the screen, still dumbfounded.

Why... did he suddenly come back?

Within half minute, Rex calls and she picks it up. The familiar yet cold voice come in before she even speaks, "Do you take my words as a passing wind?"

The blaming words break her tense spirits. She is even left speechless with her grievance, afraid that she might cried any time.

He is the one who disappeared in the State. He is also the one who break the contact. Now that he suddenly returns, he also blames her for disappearing.

Lily is angry and upset, which make her speechless, and doesn't know what to say.

On the other side, without hearing any voice, Rex twists his eyebrows, "Lily?"

Lily sniffs her nose, doesn't want him to notice any strangeness, but failed, "I......"

She couldn't say anything else after a word. Lily tightens her hand, her knuckle whitens and after a long delay, she finally finds her voice again, "I almost can't meet you."

Rex's tense up, "What happened?"

Lily hesitates for a moment and still doesn't tell him what had just happened. She has no idea what he would do, also afraid that she would be trouble, hence she shakes her head even though he couldn't see her, "No, I thought you've dump me...."

Her low yet trembling voice come from the speaker. As listen to it, Rex feels like a blade had stabbed in his heart, wishing that he could appear right beside her now, "Are you... crying?"

She doesn't speak, which has given the best answer.

From the moment he is born, Rex has never regretted even once, but now he is tenser than ever, "Don't cry, I'll be there soon."

Once she cried, he will lose his temper.

In a fully one hour road trip, Rex lets the driver steps on the accelerator fully, regardless of the danger. He finally arrived half an hour later, and found the motel according to the location sent by Joe.

The motel is located in a small shop of the town. The billboard is barely a red and green light board. Even the bodyguard couldn't help but change his face, but such a cleanliness man like Rex doesn't care and burst in.

The party is so mighty. The owner, who basically is still dozing, stands up in a shock, "Hello, you are...."

"Someone's here." With a few words, the atmosphere is fully oppressed.

The owner dares not to stop him. With a trembling hand, he brings him in and gives the key without saying a word.

After finding the room where Lily is, he lets the bodyguard stay outside and gets in by himself.

When the door is pushed open, Lily watches as the long body stepping inside the low ceiling room. He is like an elite man who has entered a slum by mistake, doesn't fit here at all.

Rex, who wears dark suit and straight trousers, walks straight to her. His expensive handmade leather shoes step on the cheap stall and reached her directly.

He looks at the petite woman whose shoulders are trembling in front of him, her eyes are red and full of tears, then pulls her into his arms, "Stop crying."

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