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He moves extremely fast yet extremely refrained that doesn't make much sound.

The cold and bitter lake water soaks their clothes in a second. Lily couldn't swim, but also afraid of the gun on her waist thus she dares not to move. She is passively held in his arm, as rigid as an iron.

"Look if there is anyone over there!" A fierce voice ring into their ears. The man stands just right beside them, very close.

Lily speculates that he should be hiding from these people. A man with guns being chased is certainly not a good person, hence she choose not to scream.

The scuffling voice oozes out in the dark night. Half a minute later, the other man shouts out, "Mike, he's not here!"

"Damn it! How can you let him escape? You guys split up. I'll continue to search in front. Catch him alive, am I clear?"



A group of people pass by and walk farther and farther away. Lily is relived yet in exchange, she is being imprisoned stronger, "Don't move or I'll kill you."

Lily opens her mouth to bite his palm, it is obviously that his body has stiffened for a moment, but he doesn't let go yet points the gun towards her.

After not knowing how long, Lily's body is shaken by the late blister. Just when she thinks she is going to die in wilderness, the man behind her finally drags her ashore.

When her mouth regained a freedom, she inhales sharply for a few times and with the support of her hand and feet, she stands up and ready run.

With a soft bang sound, a tiny spark burst at her feet.

"Ah!" Lily immediately squats with both hands on her head, "Don't, don't shoot, I won't hurt you!"

Her trembling voice falls out. Without looking at her expression and just listen to it, he know she is helpless.

Ryan, whose finger is pulling the trigger, pauses and looks at her weak back. After checking out for a while, he finally says, "Come here."

Lily's heart beat fast, she is about to pass out. She feels dizzy and light-footed, even nausea and wanted to vomit. After climbing from the lake to the shore for a few minutes, she even had a cold sweat.

She doesn't even have a time to fear in this awful scene, which gives a chill.

After reaching the peak of her emotion, it calm down.

Lily puts her hand on both side of her head and turns steadily to surrender. She then meets an extremely pale yet handsome face. His complexion is perfect, with a brush cut hair that gives a vicious feeling, especially the exquisite and petite real gun on his hand.

The black gun points towards her head. Lily has no doubt if she flee, he would shoot immediately.

There no other choice but only to walk over.

The closer she is, the more she smells the bloody smell of him.

"Help me to the log house back there." He hints her while gesturing the gun to another direction.

Lily doesn't say anything and obediently follows him. With an effort, she supports the man, who was nearly one meter nine. Although he looks weak but support he is quite hard.

Finally, they arrive at the log house. When Lily is thinking how to open the lock, without a word, the man shot directly at the lock hole.

The silencer gun doesn't make much sound, but Lily is scared enough to choke.

It is a very old house, which is for tourist to rest by the lake. There is only a simple recliner.

Lily helps him to lay down and looks at his painful expression, then whispers, "Can I leave now?"

Ryan stares at the woman in front of him for a moment. Her palm-sized face is pale with terrifying look, her long black hair struck to her cheeks and shoulders because of soaking in the lake. Her body is really small that might only reached his chin. Her skin is very tender and her eyes are still full of tears, not aggressive at all.

The five fingers which is holding the gun moved slightly, "Take off my clothes."

Lily shocks, "What, What?"

Ryan frowns impatiently, "Can you understand human's language?"

Lily's hand tightens but says nothing. After an awkward silence, she stands still without moving, "Why should I take off your clothes?"

Ryan snorts, "For making love?"

Lily stares at him alertly, how he can talk like this.....

Lily grits her teeth and says in a heavy tone, "Do you have the strength now?"

Ryan scans through her small face calmly and points the gun to her, "You don't have to ask me."

With her hesitating attitude, the man has no patience left, "I'll count to three. If you're still there, I'll shoot you."

"One, two...."

Before the last one blurted out, she finally takes a small steps forwards. She endures it in order to stay alive.

In just a few steps, Lily feels like walking towards a guillotine. The closer she is, the more she smells the heavy blood smell.

There is a dark hole on the left side of his abdomen, in which a dark red blood is flowing out. The liquid is saturated to the shirt, leaving a dark brown mark.

Lily reaches out to him with her uncontrollable small trembling hand. When she touches the warm yet wet piece, she shivers and hears the man groans even before she started.

With a bang above their forehead, the gun shoots with an absolutely threatening force. "Are you fucking intentional?"

Lily doesn't dare to move, her neck is as stiff as a wood. She sees the dark hole squeezed out more blood. She barely shook it a little just now......

"Sorry, I didn't mean it." She speaks again with a nasal voice.

Ryan, enduring his pain, reaches out his hand to hold her cheeks. The blood on his hand contaminates the woman's white yet tender face, giving a strong contrast and taboo beauty.

Ryan fixes his gaze with her pale face, "Be quick."

Lily nods hurriedly, afraid that he might shot her head in another second.

The shirt is taken off and there is a bullet stuck in his abdomen. The end of bullet could be seen faintly, in which the entire bullet had been submerged in the flesh.

Lily endures her nausea and tore his clothes as instructed, then wraps it around his wounds, blocking the blood.

After that, Lily is forced to squat at the corner, the guns still pointed at her, "Who the hell are you?"

Ryan twists his eyebrows, "Curious?"

"No." She bits her lip and soon loosens up then lowers her eyes, "I'm just afraid that I save a criminal."

"Oh!" The man chuckles and moves his neck. There's a trace of weakness in his voice that could not be concealed, but still doesn't cut his danger, "Then do you know that your sentence might insult a criminal?"

Somehow, Lily suddenly doesn't as scared as she was just now, she feels that this man doesn't really wanted to kill her.

Besides staying alive, she is afraid that she would trouble herself for saving him.

An unknown man with a gunshot wound in his body, even so, he still hold her into the lake, which is not good.

"Are you a British?" Lily asks again, "I mean British nationality."

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