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When the voice fell, and even before Rex could think properly, the phone in his hand vibrates, he looks down to found that it is Orson.

He picks it up and hears Orson anxious voice, which is rare, "Where are you? I've called you 800 times and no one answered. I thought you had dissected by Karl! Did you know something big had happened?"

After so many years befriend with him, he only sees Orson anxious for several times, which make Rex realized that this matter is serious, but his tone stays still, "What's the matter?"

"The picture of you and Lily had been captured by someone at the airport. When you had just left, the latter had published in the headlines. The entire front page of the news is you and Lily. Now there are tons of people at the company that wanted to meet you and Lily. Since you're not here, I didn't know what to do, Lily also can't make decision, she is about to be crazy."

Orson's voice rings intermittently in his ear, only the word 'Lily' is on his mind. Even though he hadn't read the new, he knows how helpless she is now.

When she needs him the most, he was not there!

His heart seem to be held tightly by an invisible hand, it is sore and stuffy, even the breathing is oppressive.

Thinking of what she might encounters or encountering, Rex feels regret for the first time. If he knew that Tim has this method, he would not let her alone!

Thinking of Tim, his eyes flashes fiercely, "Got it, I'll go back now."

When Rex is about to hang up, Orson shouts at him, "You will take more than ten hours to come back, tell me how to handle it, I'll let the company issue a statement."

"What to handle? Just do as it goes." Rex says in his poor tone, his face is somber that it might drip water. "Tell them, Lily is mine, whoever wanted to hurt her has to face me first."

Karl who is still looking at the information just now, by hearing this, he couldn't help but look at him. He raises his brows and couldn't help but smile while shaking his head. Rex sometimes is either good or bad. When she is in trouble, he could fight against the world for her, but he is too arbitrary.

"What about her?"

"I don't know, she didn't come to work today. I guess there are some paparazzi on your house."


After hanging up the phone with Orson, Rex immediately calls Lily. Her sweet and soft voice is not heard but is replaced by a cold female voice--

"Sorry, the user you dialed is not available--"

Rex's face freezes instantly, the whole person exuded a terrifying cold atmosphere. She doesn't answer her phone, nor can be reached, and he, who is in the States, feels helpless.

"Damn it!"

Karl looks at his about to murdered people face and stands up. "What happened?"

Rex says vaguely, "I'll let them prepare a plane, we're going back."

Karl blinks as watching the man walks out the office quickly, even the hatred is leaving with him. The only person that could make Rex anxious is only Lily.

What happened to that little girl?

Even without typing Lily's name, it is appeared on today's headline news. One article, two articles, three articles, all of which are her and those comments and statements are quite harsh.

The smile on Karl's face also dissipated. He had a hunch that when Rex goes back, Tim might be a corpse.


After Orson reached Rex, he immediately asks Joe to navigate Lily's position, it displays the Villa, which put him at ease.

Orson instructs the company's public relation department to publish an official statement. Every word is carefully chosen. After all, all of the decisive statements still have to wait till Rex come back.

After being silence for some time, the attention hit the top once again. Besides the eye-catching divorce case, the existence of Rex is also influential.

Getting any information about Rex is almost impossible. Thus, with a statement from him, people are eager to find out more.

Lily doesn't go to the company and also is not at the Villa. She puts the anklet in the house and drives a black Mercedes-Benz from the garage to the lake in the suburbs.

There is a natural lake here. When she was young, she came here occasionally with her parents. When Harry was younger, he highly liked fishing. She vaguely remembers that he said fishing could calm people and make them focus.

Lily realizes that what she needs the most right now is a peaceful moment.

After renting a fishing rod and some equipment from the owner, Lily sits on a chair by the lake. Although the wind is cold, a hat and mask makes her better.

Even after the people who come to fish during the day leave one after another, and more people come for the night, Lily is still there.

At first, Lily plans to leave early, but when she is about to pack up, the rod moves.

Once, twice, it is getting faster and heavier.....

She immediately pulls the rod and turns the handle, but when the rod comes up, it disappoint her. It turns out to be algae from the bottom of the lake.

Such an experience, Lily also has experienced it for countless time with Harry when she was young. However, it particularly feels uneasy today. The feeling of anticipation but being wild-goose chase makes her think of her marriage with Tim and the relationship with Rex.

Where the hell did he go?

From keep on thinking about it to dare not to think about it. Lily is really panicked.

She puts down the fishing rod and crouches on the ground to wail. The night breeze sweeps across the lake, giving her a sense of coolness in her teary face. When the tear dries, it is covered again, making her face dense.

After refraining from crying for so many days, she finally couldn't bear it anymore. The tears flow uncontrollably, falling into her hair, her collar and even the mud under her feet.

The wind is gradually getting stronger. The branches and leaves from the behind rustling around. It seems to be mixed with something else, but Lily doesn't care all at.

She has constrained her crying, but since it's the outskirt of a lake, it is still so obvious.

Suddenly, a huge big force presses against her from the back. She loses her balance and falls to the ground. When she is about to scream, it is tightly covered with a hand.

"Hmmmm!" Lily is shocked. Her back is pressed against a person, who has a long hand and feet, which is undoubtedly a man.

"Shut up!" His voice is weak. Whiling speaking, he presses something on her waist.

Even though she is wearing a coat, she still feels it is round with a hard shape. She racks her brain and suddenly thinks of something that makes her pale.

It's a gun!

In a peaceful era with a gun prohibited country, he insanely had a gun!

Lily secretly widens her eyes and keep back all of her voice immediately. The atmosphere is so tense that she had to breathe carefully, and also at this time, she smells the obviously bloody smell in the air.

He is bleeding in a rapid speed.

Not far away, there come messy trailing footsteps out of the blue. A dazzling light swept over the head of the two, the man curses and drown to the lake with her.

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