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There is no trace of confusion and strangeness in her expression, as if she is merely helping him to boot up.

Rex frowns lightly with an observation, and then glances at the phone to found that Lily had call him for more than twenty times. His complexion slightly changes but doesn't call her back directly and looks at Marina who is in front of him, "Why are you here?"

Marina bits her lips and walks to stand in front of him, "Rex, I've something to tell you."


"You've also seen the result of my examination. My body has no more major problem. The wound that did not heal before is because of the platelets and now it's all right. I think...." She suddenly pauses and looks up to face Rex, "I want to go home."

"No." Rex refuses almost without thinking.

"Rex, I...."

Without waiting for her to speak, Rex interrupts, "Marina, your condition is not stable yet."

"But I've been staying here for five years. Five years. All of my youth has been wasted in this sanitarium. I have no friends, no family and not even a people I can talk to. Besides of injection and taking medicine, there is no point in existence!" Marina checks on his expression and adds in, "If my parents are still alive, they wouldn't want to see me like this......."

Sure enough, the last sentence would make Rex' face changes. After hesitating for a long time, he raises his hand to put on her shoulders to consoler her, "Marina, I can't gamble your body."

"But George said that I'm okay now." Marina sees the struggles in his eyes, knowing that there will be no result in this debate and no longer forced him but only to grab his clothes tightly, "And I also want to be by your side. I'm scared that you'll leave me. I have nothing else besides you....."

Rex purses his lips and keeps silence. In the end, he still hugs her and caresses her dry hair. She used to have a beautiful long hair.

Rex slightly closes his eyes, "I won't leave you. I've promised your parents to take care of you till the end."

The tender words are a harsh one for her. Parents, he always talking about her parents! She doesn't want Rex to be with her just because of her parents!

"Rex, have I become a burden for you? If so, I might as well die...."

"Marina!" Rex yells softly, "What are you talking about! You know I'm not like that, don't think that way!"

If she said so, how can he face her deceased parents?

"If it wasn't for my parents, I bet you probably won't care for me. Rex, what exactly am I to you?"

Rex drops her arms and clenches his fists then stares at her full of expectation eyes. After all, he couldn't always make a beautiful lies, "You are my family. I am responsible to take care of you."

If the first half sentence is not mention, Marina will jump in happiness, but he is always like this, always add a premise before that.



She never wanted this.

Marina lowers her pupils to block the hatred in her eyes. For his feelings, she has struggles to keep it quiet for five years. She is afraid that her own words would make their relationship come to an end. But today, she can't hold it anymore, thinking of the 'stupid girl' on the phone just now, she feels that her nightmare will soon happen.

After a few seconds of silence, she raises her head and re-acts that fragile appearance again, "Rex, I've never regarded you as my family. You will always have a special spot in my heart, my love, can't you feel it?

It only takes a sentence to break the layer of a paper. Marina has done it, there's no way back now.

This is beyond Rex's expectation.

He looks at her calculation gaze and couldn't bear it. His emotion is very complicated that even after so many years with him, she wouldn't understand.

The only things that she understands is his displeasure.

Yes, her confession makes him displeased, which makes Marina almost unable to disguise herself.

After bearing it, she finally takes a step back, seems like a withdraw, but actually retreat for the sake of advancing, "Rex, I know my illness is a problem, but I never regret to like you, I even love you. We've been son many years together. Remember when the first time you arrived in the states, it's been a while now. I've never treated you as my elder brother. Maybe for my parents, you are a family, but for me, you're the only man in my eyes."

Rex listens, he knows that he need to interrupt her, but couldn't find a word and lets her speak first, "You don't have to worry about my feelings. I would rather get sicker than be perfunctory."

Just a sentence, all the refusal in Rex's mouth is concise.

He raises his eyebrows, thinking of George's previous request--

'Don't let her suffer too much emotional things, it will affect her body'

Marina watches him in silence, secretly relieved and pretend to be weak, shaking her body.

Rex steps forwards to support her and anxiously questions, "What's wrong?"

Marina uses a little efforts to sob, "I'm fine."

By looking at her like this, Rex also feels upset. Karl once said that he would draw the line as soon as possible, either agree or denied. Since he doesn't love her, it is cruel to hang on her.

Now, as he said, after so many years, he still needs to face it.

However, can he refuse now?

He doesn't dare to think of the impact that might hit her, afraid that her body would get worse because of it.

After considering for quite some time, Rex still chooses the one that he unwilling the most. He looks at her thin figure and inhales deeply, "Marina, I promise you. Once that you have gotten better, I'll bring you home."

He doesn't response to her confession, but for Marina, being able to return home is good enough. With Rex's guilt to her parents, she could use it to repel all women.

Marina's eyes flicker with a glorious gleam, but her voice is shaking, "Really?"

Rex grits his teeth, "Yeah."

She smiles, unable to restrain it, "Then I'll cooperate with the treatment and get better soon to go home with you."


Marina takes a rest in the room and Rex doesn't stay any longer and walks to the multi-function office with his phone. George is on duty, only Karl is inside.

He is holding a stack of documents when seeing him come in and glances a sight, "Why don't you sleep?"

Rex doesn't say anything about Marina, but just asks back, "You didn't sleep either."

They look at each other and hook their lower lips then look away.

"Have you contact Lily?" Karl asks again.

"Rex stuns for a while, "What?"

He put down the documents from his hand, "You haven't contacted her yet? Orson had just called me, he said Lily is about to be crazy trying to reach you."

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