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Orson can't find Rex, so he can only ask people to deal with the news, but of course, it isn't enough, the media must get an accurate reply.

Lily is extremely carefully when getting off work, she is afraid of encountering the paparazzi.

At the lunch time, she isn't in a mood to eat. She merely eats a bite of bread and lies on the desk to take a nap. For the last two days, she is so tense that couldn't sleep well at night. Suddenly, a heavy things weight on her shoulder, it is Crystal.

She has a coat on her hand and has just draped it on her.

Seeing her awake, Crystal feels guilty, "I think you're outfit is so thin....."

"Thank you."

In a silence, Crystal pulls the chair beside her and sits down. The people in the office went to lunch. She peers at the bread that is only bitten one bite on the table and feels sorry, "Lily, I only asked you as a friend. Are you really with Rex like what they said in the news?"

Lily looks deep in her eyes, no suspicion, no curiosity, but only an anxious look.

She lowers her eyes, doesn't know what to say and only replies a dull answer, "It's not what you think."

Those articles are very exquisite and bashful, which wasn't easy to find any flaw on it. Lily doesn't even know how to explain it.

"Then... are you really with Rex?"

Lily is silent for a moment before she speaks. "Yeah. But he's not here for the time being, please keep it secret."

Crystal is relieved. She are willing to tell her, which means that she regarded herself as a friend, all of those efforts that she made in the past was paid off.

Crystal pats on her shoulder, "I'm sorry, I was so shocked when the news came out. I really don't expect you and Rex... but since you've said it wasn't like that, I trust you."

Lily looks up at her sharply, "Crystal..."

Crystal smiles, "I trust your personality and moral. No matter what other says, I know you're not like that."

She then points to the bread on the table, "You ate this?"

"Yes, I don't have much appetite."

"Don't be like this, there's still some food at the cafeteria, why don't you go there?" Crystal says as she stands up and tries to pull her.

Lily is too lazy and shakes her head, "No, they'll say something about me again later."

Crystal stops, thinking that some people in the company had criticized and talked about her for the past two days. She couldn't even bear it, let alone Lily.

"I'll buy some for you; you can eat at the rooftop."

Lily is touched that makes her speechless. As she watches Crystal leaving, she takes out the phone from the pocket again. It is still empty, not even a text or call by him.

Rex, the man who had always appeared at her critical moment, has disappeared, where is he?


That night, Lily receives a call from Tim, who is showing off.

"How about it, Lily. Do you agree my request? You can see that Rex doesn't even care about you anymore. It's been two days and he still didn't make any announcement. I suggest you to agree with me before it's more serious."

Lily had been used to his shameless that doesn't feel strange about it. Even at this time, the remaining anger are gone. "It's been so serious, so I'm not afraid if you make it even more complicated."

Seems like he doesn't expect Lily to be so calm, he pauses to grit his teeth before saying, "Do you still want to wait for Rex to help you? Let me tell you something, you are just broken shoes that I abandoned, which man will cherish you? Rex might be afraid to be involved that he hasn't say a word. Are you still stupidly hoping for expectation?"

She has to admit it, even though there is no truth in Tim's words, Lily's heart is pierced when hearing him say so.

Not to mention others, the name Rex had enough to influence her mind, let alone the awkward situation right now.

About what Tim said, she had made an assumption before but doesn't want to admit it. She is so stupid to believe this man would never do such a thing like hiding.

"Tim, the more you push it, the worse you might fall. I won't agree with any of your condition." Lily is very calm, "You said that I was your broken shoes? No, I'm not, Jade is."

Tim is indignant, "You...!"

Lily hangs up and throws her phone and body to the bed. Her body curls up into an arch, both hands hugging her knees to protect herself.

The dark night filled in. Not even a light is turned on in the room, her tears gradually burst out.


However, Rex, who is far away in the State, has not idea everything that happened in the country. He follows George and Karl to the isolated treatment center.

At that time, he has no money to go to school. Besides the tuition fee, he is hardly to eat full. It is difficult for a foreign student who has just arrived to find a job. Discriminated and bullies is a routine. It is Marina's parents who subsidized him, so that he could complete his studies.

Rex thought that one day, he would definitely repay their kindness, but it didn't work out. Six years ago, her parents had a car accident right after leaving his graduation and left this world forever.

At that time, when they are in the ICU ward, their last wish is to let him take care of Marina.

Marina also suffers this strange disease because of the death of her parents. He blames himself for all of this. The responsibilities and guilt burdens on his shoulder that made him unable to refuse any request from Marina.

He owes too much to Marina's family that can't even be paid with his life.

After more than two days in the treatment center, the final result is very good. Marina's physical indicators have shown the best in the last five years. George even jokes, "If she continues in this state, who knows she'll be able to be discharged."

Karl is very pleased. Knowing how much guilt and pressed he had suffered over the years made him sincerely pleased for him.

The three of them return to the nursing home in New Zealand. They don't bring the phone when they left, since it had to be isolated anyway. After returning, Rex is tired and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

Without knowing how she knows his room, Marina hears the clatter of water in the bathroom and sees the faint figure on the frosted glass. A pale blush appears on her face. After so many years with him, she never takes that step.

She sits by the bed, nostalgic for the breath he left behind, but when she opens the quilt, she sees his phone on the corner.

Marina stops and glances at him, then takes the phone quickly to long-pressed until it is on.

The screen suddenly brightens and soon dims. It keeps on vibrating and prompting a forty-eight missed calls. Besides a few friends she usually heard, there is one to show the name of 'Stupid Girl'.

Stupid Girl?

Marina is stunned by staring at the screen deadly. A bad thought continues to grow in the bottom of her heart. The originally pale fingers become even paler.

A 'bang' sound is heard behind her, and she quickly reconcile her appearance, then gives the phone to him, "You haven't seen your phone for the last two days, I've turned it on for you, lots of people is looking for you."

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