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The words in the entire article is biased towards Tim, thus it is obviously him who ordered to take these photo.

She has known for a long time that he would not give up easily, but still, little did she expect that he will reverse right and wrong till this point.

Those helpless feelings turn into anger. She takes her phone to call Tim. The other party picks it up in a ring, "Tim, did you take the photo?"

"Yes, it's the good things that you did." Needless to say, the other party doesn't mean to hide at all.

Lily laughs, "Do you think that I have no other way since I've given the footage to you mom?"

Before Tim even speaks, Lily adds in, "I also have the recording of you and Jade have a sex in the car, what you guys did in the house, I have all of it. Do you think I have no way to revenge you?"

"You!" Tim's voice tightens, then pretends to smile easily, "Do you think I'll believe it!"

At that time, Lily had just being pushes out, how could she have time to prepare for these!

Lily has no idea, but Rex's here. If it wasn't for him at that time, she really doesn't know where else to cry now!

"Tim, falling for you is the most disgusting and regretful things that I've done in my life. How can I fall for you? You're not different than a beast!"

Lily usually doesn't curse, even when she got into a divorce, she doesn't even insult his personalities, but now, she really can't hold it anymore.

A man who has done something wrong but still doesn't know how to reflect, his entire mind is full of black and white things. He can even expose you to the public to let others who don't know the truth gesticulating.

Now, the despicable part of Lily has been exposed.

"Lily, you don't have to be mad. If you leave Rex now, I'll withdraw all of the news or renew your divorce request."

"Renew?" Lily laughs, which give people a goosebumps, "Even if you kneel down and beg me, I won't change. Tim, all of my patience and compassion has been drained by you. I'll make sure you'll left with nothing!"

Lily hangs up the phone directly after speaking and blocks Tim's number. Her movement is as quick as lightning, leaving no trace behind.

She soon calls Rex, but no one answered it even after a long ring, then heard a sound of a cold mechanical female voice 'sorry........'

Unwilling to listen any further, Lily locks her phone and throws it to the side. After a quick shower, she goes to the company by taxi.

From the entrance door, to the hallway, to the office, till the pantry, everyone looks at her in a various kind of sight, inquiries, trial, envy, sympathy, pity, full of malice, scorn and disdain.....

Every step that she takes is like walking on a knife.

Rex is not here, which means that she will bear all of the sight alone.

After sitting in the office, Crystal doesn't come over to talk to her as usual. She barely greets her with a nod and head to work.

The remaining expectation in Lily's eyes has also dimmed. After those articles are published, the impact is far more serious than she thought.

When her head is in a state of chaos, she keeps on sending message to Rex but gets no response.

What the hell is he doing?

Without cooling down, she finds Joe, but only to receive a pale and weak answer.

'Rex is on business trip. He doesn't tell me specifically, so I'm no very clear."

Lily lives like a headless chicken for the whole day, being controversial and attack by criticism. She eats alone, studies the file alone and when she goes to the printing room, she encounters Carlos.

Both are stunned. Carlos breaks the silence, "What a coincidence."

"Well, I'm taking the printed file." Lily goes to the printer and picks the file up. When she passes by, she slightly greets by nodding her head.

When she walks to the door, Carlos calls her from behind, "Lily, are you really in that relationship with Rex?"

Hearing those words, Lily subconsciously pauses. After hearing his subtle words, she bits her lips and soon let's goes. How should she answer?

Should she say it wasn't like that, but they're a lover?

But now that Rex is not here, and yet can't be reached. Is it appropriate for her to unilaterally say these?

And now that he had suddenly disappeared, will it be related to the report? Did he avoid the highlight? Did he doesn't want to admit her existence?

Lily's thinking wildly now, but dare to say nothing, even the truth.

After almost half a minute, she opens her mouth and soon closes it again. She only says a vague answer in the end. "We're not like what you think."

Carlos watches as she leave, leaving him in a complex look. Not 'that kind' of relationship, then what is it?

It's impossible that they're lover. A man like Rex would never like Lily, even if he likes, it might be only for entertainment. Not that he belittle Lily, but their gap is too big, it's unbelievable.


After the hot news, not only Lily who is looking for Rex, but also Orson, he is unable to contact him. When he learns that he went on a business trip with Karl, he calls Karl. But the latter is also the same.

It happens so sudden that no one prepared. And yet, the only person who might prepare isn't around.

After a full consideration, Orson finds Lily.

In the office, Lily is fully down. She is sitting in a daze when Orson pours a cup of tea for her, "Drink it to calm down."

Lily comes back to her sense and shakes her head, "I'm fine, Orson."

In the company, rather than a brother, Lily treats him as a superior. She clearly doesn't want to make any trouble anymore, which makes him feels lovely.

"There too many things happen and yet Rex couldn't be reach. I know you're very stress, so today I came to see whether you have any idea."

"I've no idea. Everything has to wait Rex to decide. After all, this involves him too." Lily still has no confidence in herself. She is afraid that if she unauthorized, that man would be mad.

Moreover, this is not fair for him.

Orson looks at her with the navy eyes, "Look, what if you take a break, I'll make a suspension for you, you can take it as a vacation. We can wait till Rex come back for you to work normally."

Lily frowns, "Orson, I didn't want to be suspended. I did nothing wrong, so I have no reason to leave at this time."

There is no resentment in her decisive refusal voice. Orson aware that she is out of control and pretends to be okay against people who are watching her.

Orson doesn't insist, knowing that it is useless to persuade her in this kind of state. He simply says a few words, "I'll try to contact Rex again. If you have any problem at work, you can always contact me."

Lily blinks and says thank you while sending him off. After putting her hands on and off for several times, she couldn't help but asks, "Orson, why did Rex suddenly disappear?"

"I have no idea."

"Is it related to this issue?" Lily's finger tightens, she throws the question nervously.

Orson observes her apparently stiff body and sighs silently, "Not likely, don't think too much."

Lily says nothing and turns away.

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