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At two thirty in the afternoon, Lily follows him to the airport. They are also accompanied by Karl. Wondering whether it is because he wants to meet Lily, after checking in, they are still waiting in the hall.

The three of them gather together. Lily is wearing a white floor-length dress and stands aside. Her face is clean with no makeup, which makes her totally look like an under twenty old little girl.

Karl's eyes lit up and whispers to Rex's ear, "She's beautiful--"

But Rex is a stingy man. He glares sharply, "Who told you to look at her?"

"...." Karl touches his nose and fells upset. It is more fun to chat with Lily, "You came to send him?"

Lily nods shyly, "Yes."

"Ah, it's too good. I don't have this kind of life. I need to catch the flight as soon as I finished a surgery, what a miserable life..."

"You're an excellent doctor, I'm sure you'll find someone who really loves you."

Karl basically just wanted to make a joke, but he doesn't expect that Lily will make such a decent persuasion, which make him embarrassed and be grieved, "I'll stop talking now."

Lily thinks that she has said something wrong and blinks innocently to Rex. The latter doesn't have any expression, "Let him be."

Karl feels his presence as a third wheeler and consciously goes to the waiting room by himself, leaving both of them a time to speak alone.

"It's about time, you need to go." Although she is unwilling, she has no choice.

Rex rubs her smooth side face. For many years, he has used to this kind of life, which is sleep on the plane for business. But at this moment, he is kind of unwilling.


This word is really new for him.

Since he has been all alone in the wind and rain for the year and he doesn't care about people. His home is cold. It actually is not a home, but is more like a long-term residence. Whether he went back or not, it is still the same.

But now that he has Lily, everything seems different. Knowing that someone is waiting for him to come back, knowing that someone is bored and dazed at home, he also wanted to stay at home for some time and doesn't want to leave.

For instance, now.

Rex looks at her for a while. The countless words that he wanted to say become a sentence at his mouth, "Wait for me to come home."

"I know, just relax." Lily has no idea why he always said it today and only made a grimace at him, cute and pleasing.

Rex is almost melted by her mimic. His faint temperature makes him reluctant to go and hugs her from the back, "I'll come back soon."

Lily nods in his arms, her eyes moist a little bit, "Okay, I'll wait for you."

For a moment, people around them are touched by this beautiful sight, but little did they know that a camera is capturing them from the corner of the airport. The black lens capturing the two matching figures and quickly disappear in the crowd.


The plane takes off and it finally lands on Auckland's airport early in the morning. When they can out from the VIP channel, a black Alphard has parked at the roadside.

The assistant pulls the door for Rex and Karl to get in. Their faces are full of exhaustion after a long journey.

Silence fills all the way. The car keeps on winding around and finally drives at a small town in the suburbs. The air in here is very fresh and not as cold as in the country. It suits well of cultivation and vacation. This is also one of the reason that Rex chooses this place.

Forty minutes later, they arrive at a nursing home. Dr. George and his assistant have already standing outside to greet them.

"Welcome, Rex." George, who is a tall fifty-year-old English man, greets him.

Rex holds onto the countless miraculous hand, "Hello, Rex."

"It's only half year past and you look stronger." George speaks in a fluent English and pats at Rex's shoulder jokingly, then turns to the side to look at Karl, "And you, my old rival, Karl."

Both are engaged in medical field, which to a certain extent, indeed is in an opponent relationship.

Karl smiles, "We've met again."

They enter the nursing home. Marina is still in the isolation ward, which George has prepared it intimately. Leaving Rex a time to speak alone with Marina, he calls Karl to his office.

Standing at the door of ward, Rex feels unprecedentedly dignified. Besides her unoptimistic condition, there seemed to be something bothering him.

A moment of silence, he finally knocks the door and gets in after a permission.

The room is not as bright as the outside. The thick curtains are pulled down, leaving only a white light on the roof that is specially made for her condition. Her body couldn't be exposed to the light, or else, it would fester.

Rex turns to close the door and even before he could turn back, a soft waist broke into his arms, "Rex, I miss you so much."

Her short hair swept over his arms, which makes his body stiff for a moment. After he coming back to his sense, he hugs her back gently, "How are you feeling?"

Hearing his words, Marina takes a step back to look at him. Her palm-sized face is pale, her eyes are large but have lost its radiance, "Dr. George said it's not bad, but just because I accidentally exposed to the sun this morning makes me a bit uncomfortable."

"Why are you so carless?"

Marina bits her lips. Not daring to tell him that it is because to see him. She stares at his face for a while. After half year, he seems more mature and masculine.

Rex notices her sight and stretches his hand in order to push her shoulders back to makes some distance, "Marina?"

Marina then recovers, "I just accidentally fall and pressed the curtain."

Rex sees her newly added fester on her arms and softens, "I'll let Dr. George check on you again so I can rest assured."

Marina knows that he is here because of her illness, but still hearing what he said made her disappointed rather than touched. After so many years of her illness, besides talking about it, there are no other topics between them.

When she was studying medical postgraduates, God send her a big joke, which is giving her a rare disease blood. From then on, she is sent to New Zealand for treatment. It has been five years since she came here. She changes from a goddess of medical student to a withered patient.

On the other hand, Rex, the boy who had nothing but poverty at that time, has reached the pinnacle of his glorious success. He is very excellent and respected, even the American lawyers regard him as their study case. Marina is proud of him but also uneasy at the same time.

In such a gap, she become self-abased and lack of confidence. She doesn't want to meet who keep on talking about her disease, but still can't do anything.

She has lost the opportunity to be socialized with outside world, which cause her has no life of her own. Apart from these, she has nothing else to talk about.

Marina secretly clenches her fist and only agrees, "Okay, I'll go."

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