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Lily is thrown by him to the bed which makes her body bounced twice on the soft mattress before stabilized. And before she even gets a chance to sit, she has completely pressed by him. He kisses all over her body, completely indulgent and wanton.

Lily becomes dizzy with his kiss. When she sobers, her pajamas are gone.

The vision that come into his bottomless black eyes are her white lace explicit bra, which makes the color of his eyes deeper and fixes the gaze, as if he couldn't move at all.

Lily is shy with it and reaches out to block it. Before she has a chance to block it, he intercepts on the half way and moves her wrists to the side of her head. His eyes are explicit, rather than looking, it is more like appreciating an extremely longing thing.

Lily undeniably feels the yearning in his eyes, as if there is a flame in the sight, which make her almost burned.

This sight is not quite enough for him. He apparently pick up her bra strap down and leans closer to her ears to said, "Is this also a gift?"

This is what Lily hates the most from him, he had known she wouldn't answer it, but still insist to ask, what should she say?

On the contrary, he seems very delighted, which make his chest vibrated with a pleasant laugh, "Next time, tie you with a bowtie so that the so called 'gift' is perfect."

At this point, Lily just realizes that no gift is more important than this thing.


Once the erotic desire is fulfilled, the night is full of indulgence which causes it difficult to end. The result on the next day is sourness till couldn't get out of bed.

The matter of couldn't get out of bed doesn't exist in Lily's life for twenty-four years, but now that she had met Rex, it has become a routine.

At first, she tries hard to escape it every day, but gradually, she miraculously gets used to it.

As a human, we are indeed a habitual creature. She can even adapt to such a beast.

Lily is very emotional. She opens her eyes and stares the ceiling above in a daze. Her heart beats faster when flashing back through some children prohibited pictures from last night.

Suddenly, the man besides her rolled over, his long arms wraps around her shoulders and pulls her into his arms. After a night, the beard on his chin grows a little bit. It tickles Lily's cheeks.

Lily caresses her neck, "Very itchy...."

"Are you awake?" Hearing her voice makes him let her go and looks at her blushing face, "it's only eight o'clock, why don't you sleep more."

Lily sighs with an uncomfortable face, "I feel so tired..."

Rex suggests, "Do you want me to massage it?"

Lily immediately glares him and says three times in a row, "No no no."

Rex doesn't insist. After all, he caused it and the one that suffers is her. With her appearance now, he also doesn't want her to suffer more.

It is rare for not having a morning shift on the weekend. The warm from last night is still there that make the two still embrace each other and lay in bed in silence. The atmosphere is so good that they might want to stop the time.

After a while, when Lily is about to sleep again, the phone on the bedpost vibrates. She opens her eyes to see Rex taking the phone and glances at the screen, then slightly raises his eyebrows, "I'll pick up the call."

He walks to the balcony with his phone and when he is out there, he doesn't forget to close to sliding door in order to isolate the sounds.

Lily is lying on the bed but her vision follows the man on the balcony. In the early morning, plenty of fiber fell on his shoulder, making the whole person seems to be coated with a golden light. His back is facing her, but she occasionally could vaguely hear what he is talking about.

Some of Lily's pajamas are left behind. She couldn't help but wonder who the caller is that made him frown suddenly and turns his back to her.

On the balcony, after confirming that Lily couldn't hear his conversation, Rex picks up the call, "George?"

"Rex, this is the case, earlier this morning on the routine examination, Marina's condition is not very optimistic. The test result is a bit complicated. I hope you and Karl can come here." A fluent English voice comes from the microphone.

The words pass through ear which is enough to make him bad mood, "How's she?"

"She's fine for now. In the morning, Marina accidentally burns her skin with the sun. Now the wound has not healed and for the further result, we'll have to continue to wait for the test, since such a situation has never happened before. As you known Rex, her immune system is one of a kind that we can't afford...."

He frowns, "How can she burn herself?"

"It is unclear, but Marina said that she accidentally open the curtain."

When George voice pours out, the warm sunshine from just now suddenly becomes cold. Rex's face is tense and after a while, he finally agrees, "Okay, I'll catch the earliest flight today with Karl. If there's any further situation, feel free to contact me any time."


Ten minutes later, he enters the room and meets the little woman's gaze in a glance.

With a calm and collected expression, he looks away and walks to the bed to tell her the bad news, "I'm going to the States for a few days."

Lily is stunned and sits upright, "Why so sudden?"

"Yes." His eyes are deep and doesn't say much, "It's urgent."

Lily observes his expression, he is obviously soft just now, but suddenly become tense, thus she couldn't help but asks curiously, "Is it... a business trip?"

Rex looks at her but says nothing, still considering it. After a while, he finally nods, "Yes."

"When are you leaving?"

"This afternoon."

"What?" Lily's mouth slightly opens and couldn't help but surprised. There is a trace of disappointment in her voice, "This is too soon....."

She asks again, "How long are you going?"

"Not sure. I'll go there and decide."

Lily nods. After all, it is an emergency and it must be quite bad. However, going to work right after his birthday leaves her a little discouraged.

Rex hangs on his head and blames himself when looking at her unhappy face. These emotions are like a big net wraps around him. Because he lies to her, so he doesn't dare to look at her.

He suddenly feels a little scared. If someday Lily finds out about Marina's existence, what would she do, proud of her? Well, no matter what the result is, he will definitely unable to bear.

Therefore, he must definitely not let Lily know all of this. He can't afford to gamble, at least for now, he isn't ready to lose her.

Rex leans over a bit to lift her cheeks and presses their forehead together. With a light tone, he says, "Wait for me, and don't go anywhere."

Lily is a little puzzled, but still consoles him, "Besides here, where else can I go? I don't even have a house to stay and you know it, so relax."

Rex says nothing, but the strength of embracing her is getting stronger and stronger, hoping, hoping that she really do as she promise, going nowhere but stays besides him.

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