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Finally, Rex sees a small ball curled up on the sofa in the living room.

He changes his shoes and tiptoes to where she is. The moonlight shines through the window and fell right on her face. The posture is a little awkward. She must have sleep uncomfortably with a phone in her hand. It is unlock, the screen is still on.

Rex pulls the phone away from her palm slowly, thinking that he just wanted to put it aside, but he accidentally looks at the screen and it transpire to be his name.

He pauses his movements and observes it closely. It is an unsent message: When are you home? I have something to show you.

The dialog box is ready, but she doesn't send it. Did she afraid that he might notice her surprise, or did she afraid to spill the beans? Hence, she hesitates till fallen asleep and end up didn't send it.

Picturing that image, his eyes soften instantly and half-squats to stretch out his hand to wake her up. The moment when he touches her, he suddenly changes his mind and bows to kiss her.

Even though he has done his best to be as gentle as possible, Lily still realized it. When she finds it is difficult to breath, she gradually opens her eyes to see an extremely familiar face.

Lily is startled and pushes him away, "You, are you back?"

His eyes are very deep, like obsidian shining brightly, "Yes."

Lily is still half asleep. When she rubs her eyes, she soon realizes the balloons in the room....


How can she forget it!

Rex observes her increasingly unnatural movements and asks, "Why didn't you tell me?"

Lily blinks embarrassedly, "I just wanted to give you a surprise....."

But it end up in a mess.

"Other's surprises have a backup plan, what about yours?" He is talking about the point that he didn't go home for dinner tonight.

Speaking of which, Lily is embarrassed, "How can I know that you won't come back."

Otherwise, she will make a hint in advance, and find an excuse to bring him back. The significant point is, he is back now, which makes her even more embarrass.

Looking at mixture of her expression and with most of the dissipation from the old house has digested, he raises her hand to touch the top of her head, his vision is gently yet charming, "Better late than never."

Thus, Lily watches as he walks to the dining room and sits on the seat to cut the steak that has been completely cold and put it into his mouth.

Lily follows him, "Don't eat it, it's too cold."

"Hungry." After a bowl of rice from just now, he lies without blushing.

Lily trusts him, "Then let me warm them up."

With that, she reaches out but is blocked by Rex, "No need. It's good."

"You sure?"

The steak was cooked for at least two hours ago. It wasn't only cool, but also a bit firm.

Rex nods, "Yes."

He couldn't bear to trouble her at this hour.

Lily, who looks at him eating willingly, doesn't say anything. When she is blinking her eyes, she suddenly thought of the birthday gift and runs out of the kitchen just to take the box and mysteriously hands it to him, "This.... This is for you. I don't know what you like, you don't seem to lack of anything so I bought this, take a look at it."

Rex looks at the big festive red packaging in front of him. After hesitating for a second, he opens it layer by layer and finally sees a pair of exquisite crystal cuff and tie.

It is the style he usually wears, and also his favorite brand. However, he usually buys the limited edition product, not the display one.

But this is a gift from her, it is more be beautiful than anything.

"When did you buy it?" He remembers that this brand is made to be pre-order, which means that she has prepared it from the beginning. He just simply hides it.

Speaking of which, Lily is a little speechless, "It's the same day with that accident."

Rex apparently unforeseen it and gives her a playful glance, "it must be hard for you."

".... It is just a coincidence."

Rex knows that her skin is as thin as a paper and doesn't say much. He then removes the cuff and put on the new one then reaches out to place it in front of her, "Happy now?"

Lily is flushes with shame and whispers, ".... Isn't it supposed to be what I ask?"

He withdrew his arms and stares her with his torch-liked eyes, "As long as it is from you, I will satisfy."

Her heartbeat soared to the top. Maybe every cold man is like this, once they say something cheesy, it will have more impact than any other people.

"I'm glad if you like." In contrast, Lily is much more nervous and even stumbled in saying the blessing words, "Ha, Happy birthday."

Under the bright yellowish lighting of the dining room, her face is warmer. She stands slim and gracefully beside the table and smiles, which will always give people a good feeling.

This is his thirty-three years old birthday. Since he was sixteen years old, he has never celebrated nor receives any birthday gift.

Cakes, balloons and a feast have nothing to do with him. The only activity is to go back to his grandparent house for a dinner, but he still needs to pretend to be happy, which is tiresome.

All of this happening now is beyond his expectation. He thinks she had really forgotten that she doesn't prepare anything, but little did he thought that she has made a lot of effort.

"Beside the birthday gift, I still wanted something." His voice is hoarse and low, which is like a whisper in her ears.

Lily leans closer to listen, "What?"


Lily spontaneously straightened up, "I suddenly remembered that there are still some files to organized, wait till......"

Before she finished, she is stopped by Rex's terrifying eyes.

Talking about work at this moment, well, it's a bit disappointing.

However, she is really stunned. She fully understands the energy of this man. Come to think about it, this might be her other sleepless night.

More importantly, she has bought a pair of underwear that was more 'sexy'. Even though she has worn it now, she might have not retreated in this situation.

When thinking wildly, Rex has already stood up from the seat. In order to match her height, his tall posture bent a little and one hand supported on the table with suffocation, "In order to repay what you have prepared heartily, I will try my best tonight."

Lily waves her hand hurriedly, "No, you are too polite...."

Rex takes off his coat and put it on the chair, then glances at the second floor, "Have you taken a bath?"

"No, no yet.... Ah!" When Lily is trying to make an excuse, she has been hugged horizontally. She is scared which makes her neck tighten, "What are you doing?"

"What do you think I'm going to 'do', huh?"


"You have taken a bath, you body smell like my shower gel."

Lily is startled and mumbles, "Are you a dog, how can you smell it."

Rex is in a good mood and doesn't bother to fight with her, but hooks his lips, "You can say as much as you can, I bet you won't speak much later in the bed."

As she is ashamed, she couldn't lift her head. Her whole face is buried in his chest, which makes a butterfly in her stomach.

At this time, Rex is the most barbarous, which is also the best man....

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